My Video: Medvedev, #Russia & GOD

My Video: Medvedev, #Russia & GOD

The west is evil and WRONG and God AINT on our side. End.

If my video is not embedding correct: Medvedev, #Russia & GOD

18 thoughts on “My Video: Medvedev, #Russia & GOD

  1. Cant disagree but only add more detail. Painful from inside israel. Israelis are still more wholesome than most in the west but its not good enough as still too many are pagans. Israels problem is it disobeyed Gods command to be ye separate and instead married western decadent culture and all its institutions. Russia did not interfere with israels strikes on evil iran & hezbolla but its all changed now. since the west poked the bear, war is coming with the west. As israel is married to the west, russia is now at war with israel too. Russia just shut down the jewish agency offices in russia whose purpose is to help russian jews get to israel. I will defend against russians in my city but this is still Gods judgement not on everyone but the majority. And it dont even matter if russia is good or not as God has picked russia for judgement on a reprobate sick west. End of story.

  2. Our GOVERNMENTS are evil.
    Lots of people here and IN EU are not evil – BUT, the world sees evil in the people when our governments are wicked 😦

  3. $1 million reward for TMJ.
    So little?
    $50 million? hahaha!

    You’re the best Pauli priceless.

    Tell the truth! BO’s the Antichrist. Don’t let them shut us up. They’re still working for BO’s service 24 /7/ 365.

  4. Trump just painted a US Flag on his plane’s tail fin. Now he’ll reveal the God-Damned Antichrist Barack Obama, aka Satan-in-Person. The Don’s not really jabbed and will rise back from his grave again in order to ride again like a Horseman of the Apocalypse and spread the good news of Jesus’ Second Coming.

  5. We’re the ones that know Pauli, coz we can speak and we got the power. We’re revealing the Apocalypse. God speaks thru us. We’re the Messengers of the Apocalypse and the Chosen Ones who will rule this world for the next few centuries.

    Those who can’t say it will not be saved;, It means making a “cut and paste” of this and not changing the following words or replacing Obama’s name even by one comma (no “Obummer” or such similar cop-outs which are nothing less than just calling Obama affectionate nicknames.):

    “Obama’s ***the God Damned*** Antichrist and Devil”

  6. I will agree to a point. Russia is there to put a stop to the Deep State Cabal. Putin wants no part of the Cabal dictating to Russia what it can do. The wrong Prime Minister in Israel has aggravated the problems in Israel, putting them into the Deep State. If Netanyahu gets put back into his rightful seat, the chances for Israel not getting judged as severely will improve. And last, the USA has jackals and weasels who need to be taken out and executed for their crime of treason against We The People.

    Since you mentioned the Russia-Iran-China Alliance doing drills in South America, I am getting a sense that Argentina is the nation they are practicing their drills in. Argentina has a chip on their shoulders over the Faulklands war from back in the early 80s. The US taking sides with the British never sat well with Argentina.

  7. I hope Israel gets a better leader. Just recently (because of our Roe/Wade) SCOTUS ruling, they laxed their abortion laws.
    This is serious chit!!!

  8. Trump explains why he’s careful on the road with what he orders to eat. He’s got to watch out for the Antichrist Obama and his cohorts of Devil’s Minions wrecking his food.

    ““I eat it a little bit when we’re traveling,” says Trump. “They have a name, whether it’s McDonald’s or Wendy’s or any of them, and at least you know what you’re getting.”

    However, it’s more likely that his staff members get his hamburgers, as there are issues with your servers knowing who the burger is for. “I don’t know what they’re going to do to that hamburger,” says Trump. “If they like me, I’m happy. If they don’t like me…”

    Trump didn’t finish the sentence, but you can use your imagination.”

  9. Our mission is so high and pure.
    We have to reveal the Apocalypse.
    We have to announce the Coming of Jesus.
    Turn away from this world Pauli and “Don’t Turn Back” it’s all over now, we’ve seen the end of it all.

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