Happy Friday: BEST Version Of Juke Box Hero

I loved Foreigner as a kid. I listened to them all the time. BUT, this is the level best version of Juke Box Hero. I still like listening to classic Rock on occasion.

Have a great wknd. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy Friday: BEST Version Of Juke Box Hero

  1. Juke Box Hero was a great song. On a side note, one of the best things to happen to Foreigner was Lou Graham coming to know Jesus Christ as his personal savior, along with other members of Foreigner. One of my favorites is “I Want To Know What Love Is.” I believe Mick Jones wrote that song. I think both Juke Box Hero and I Want To Know What Love Is came out around the same time, one after another. I’ll need to look it up to be sure. Foreigner’s songs’ moods were changing from being risque to being cleaner at the time.

  2. I just did some fact checking: it turns out that Juke Box Hero is on the 4 album, while I Want To Know What Love Is came out on Agent Provacateur in 1984, the follow up album to 4. Lou Gramm (correct spelling of his last name) played a big part in cowriting I Want To Know What Love Is, but did not get any credit when he got angry with Mick Jones over what Mick thought was the ratio of due credit for the song (95%/5% Mick Jones/Lou Gramm vs 65%35% Mick Jones/Lou Gramm). Gramm angrily replied to Mick that he might as well just take full credit if he really felt that way when he saw what Mick thought.

    I also read when they were doing several takes of I Want To Know What Love Is, just before they did their third take, the band said The Lord’s Prayer. God worked the miracle and that is the version we hear.

    You can hear the changes starting on 4 as their music starts becoming cleaner than their previous albums Foreigner, Double Vision And Head Games. Juke Box Hero is one of the better songs on 4. Compare the change of Juke Box Hero to Dirty White Boy or Head Games and notice the difference. The songs on 4 and Agent Provacateur are a stark contrast to the title cuts of Head Games and Double Vision. Lou Gramm’s solo songs after leaving Foreigner show even more changes for the better.

  3. Thats so interesting, Fox.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    I loved many of Foreigner’s songs but their later songs really were well thought out and beautiful. Now we know why!

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