Have To Get A Tooth Pulled :( Some Music For You In My Absence

I have to get a molar pulled. I have REAL issues with this back tooth. My Dentist wanted to send me to a Dental surgeon but this one tooth alone would have cost about $5K. So, I chose to just have the sucker pulled. OW.

I have really been going thru a time of severe trials with my health lately. Relentless attacks. BUT, the LORD says that the ‘end of the world’ IS the time of great testing that will come on the earth. So, God…Help me get thru all of these attacks in Yeshua/Jesus name. Thank you, Lord.

Some EAGLE songs for you – my favorite ones. I never really cared for Don Henley the Lefty moonbat but I did like the musicians and thought that Timothy B Schmit was a really good singer. Glen Frey was really good, also. The Eagles were SOME band with so many hits. Nice, easy rock.. Stories of real life. I am VERY picky about classic rock. I do NOT like lyrics that are sleazy, drug-encouraging or reeking in sexual innuendos.

“I can’t tell you why”

“Love will keep us alive”

“Witchy Woman” (Most any female today, LOL)

“Take it easy”

One of my all-time favorite songs. I can remember skating at the Roller Rink to this song:

The best version LIVE of “Hotel California” (Watch the guitars in harmony near the end. Its fantastic)

I really tried to choose the best versions for ya all!

See ya late tomorrow OR Thursday.

11 thoughts on “Have To Get A Tooth Pulled :( Some Music For You In My Absence

  1. Praying for you and that everything goes well. Sending you love and hugs. May you feel His wonderful shalom that only Yeshua can give. ❤

  2. Ive been under a serious time of testing for 3 mons. I think its at the end.
    I appreciate your prayers.

  3. LOVE the Eagles. Saw them in concert once. Praying for a quick recovery and speedy return to good oral health.

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