More Mad Jewess Gustav Klimt Inspired Digital’s

“Captured Bird”, TMJ 2022

I had fun mixing these! Although I know Klimt was a loser leftist, who can deny his talent? God gives talents, even to the most wretched. Ive said before, Klimt is one of my favorites because of his choice of color and his shapes — not necessarily his subjects.

, “Dreaming of the kiss” TMJ, 2022
“70’s”, TMJ 2022
Supermodel geometrics”, TMJ 2022

I just have fun at times mixing these & posting them for viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy them. I entered one of my paintings into an art contest here in town. But, I believe I didnt win. Oh well, boo hoo. Not everyone likes the same type art as I do!

Here is a CHOPIN for you to enjoy. Its wonderful:

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