My Friend Had A Dream That Biden Died &The Dems Used His Body Double

My Friend Had A Dream That Biden Died & The Dems Used His Body Double

My 2 cents: As with all dreams, take heed, listen and then discern. Who knows anymore with these reprobate Commie-Crats?? I wouldnt put anything past them. The Bible also talks about TWO false ‘prophets’ (marionette’s) that the anti Christ (OBAMA) uses as his mouthpieces/puppet.

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Joel 2:28:

I wanted to tell Paulette about a dream that I had last night…...

I dreamed that Biden was really sick and that he died and the Democrats were scrambling to try to get a replacement as Kamala Harris would not qualify since she wasn’t a natural born citizen and Hillary wasn’t ready yet and Pelosi was going to have to come in being speaker of the House. They didn’t seem like they were expecting this so soon.

Anyway, they found Biden’s body double and said that they would have to let him pretend that he is the real Biden from here on out this was all very hush-hush & they wanted to cover up his death and completely put in an imposter who looked and sounded like him in there (like the one that they’ve been using on certain occasions) but now he would be doing it full time and they thought that they could pull this over on the American people and then I woke up.

I know that she posts some of her dreams on her blog and I thought she might find this interesting…….shelly

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  1. That could explain how brain dead biden at times is totally coherent. The double actor only has to act biden like to convince its biden. A good actor can do that and enjoy it. As far as natural born, kamel cant be pres but also cant be v.p. either. That didnt stop obama nor will that stop the kamel.

  2. Timothy Dixon’s casket in the White House dream fits with the prophetic dream. In the first dream, he saw the carcass of Bidet in the casket. In that dream, he saw Kackling Kami angrily storming around the White House, looking for Joey The Dead Rooster Bidet, not knowing he took his dirt nap. KooKooByrd found out that she got used and was being tossed under the bus. And House Drinker Nanshee did not become President either.

    Prophet Robin D. Bullock had a word during one of the Eleventh Hour Telecasts, saying Kamala will never become President.

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  4. One of the big booboos the party made was using a brown eyed double for Bidet. The Alexa post might be referring to that Brown eyed fake Bidet dying. That guy may have been Pelosicided.

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