Producer Of Cinema/Music, X-Writer For Leftist Publications “Chuxarin” On Tiktok Apologizes For Shoving Leftism On America For 40+ Years:

Producer Of Cinema/Music, X-Writer For Leftist Publications “Chuxarin” Apologizes For Shoving Leftism On America For 40+ Years

Here is his apology & I really thank this man for doing this. He looks so familiar to me but I can’t recall his name at all. Hopefully, he will share this information with us.

Side note.. I really did not want to go on Tiktok but the spirit of the Lord impressed it on my heart. (Yeah, really) Now I know why. You cannot believe all of these types of videos coming out on Tiktok. IF you sign up, use a different email that you normally do not use or you will get spammed.

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  1. Update: today it has been a way better day. Today as I was rebuking our enemy in the name of Jesus, satan said to me in so many words; I would have you been taken out and killed, but you are under the protection of “your Jesus”. I said to him, of course I am under protection because I am His son.
    I believe in my heart the way things are going to be for now is battling against evil spirits, principalities and powers according to Eph 6: 10-18. I feel so much better now. I also heard that the light from inside me (just like you and everyone else) emanate light as we are the children of light they said is emanating so bring that they are curious and want me (evil) but because Jesus is protecting me they can’t get to me. I heard all this today. I knew about the light from us.
    I feel this time is going to be ungoing maybe until we leave this place who knows, but I just wanted to share it with you. If I hear anything else I will let you know. Later and take care.

  2. I doubt his sincerity. I think he’s being blackmailed for something sinister.

  3. You’re walking right thru this! Me TOO! We’re getting thru this! satan is a LIAR!

  4. That’s right! You know exactly what I am talking about. We will endure until the end. We are God’s children and He is always with us!

  5. Exactly. We have a LOT in common as bro/sister. you ALSO believe Obama is the anti christ. Hardly anyone sees this.

    At any rate, we’ll get thru this in Jesus mighty name.
    Im so happy youre here

  6. RogueChristian: Here is another great testimony of God’s protection:

    This is from What Saith the Scripture?:

    The current fighting in Central Africa is a regional war which now involves eight African countries. Last summer it spilled over into Congo where American Baptist Missionaries have remained. The genocide and senseless killings in some areas have occurred so often that many in the Western world have become immune to the tragedy in this part of Africa. But God’s people have been praying and He responds in sometimes miraculous ways. The following story did not make the evening news.

    Tutsi soldiers had broken down the door of a young pastor’s house and stood poised to slaughter by machine gun fire, him and his entire family right where they sat. Their intent was to massacre the civilians in this Hutu village. “Wait! the young man implored, would you not allow my family and I a moment to pray before we die?” I can almost picture the sneers on the face of these soldiers as they watched this family, an African couple and their young children soberly kneel, arm in arm, in a circle on the floor and pray to God for mercy. The remarkable thing is that the expected shots never came. After praying, the family slowly stood up and saw that the soldiers were gone, not only out of their house but away from their village as well. It was not until several months later they found out just what had happened.

    At a church meeting in another town where Christians from both sides had gathered to pray, this young pastor told his story and the seemingly miraculous way in which the soldiers “just disappeared from his house and village.”

    “I think I can explain,” came a quiet voice from the back of the room… spoken by one of the Tutsi soldiers who had been there that fateful day. “You see,” said the soldier, “I was there when we broke into your house. I was one who had your children lined up in my rifle site as you kneeled and prayed… when suddenly a wall of fire, fierce and ferocious, jumped up and surrounded the lot of you. We couldn’t even see beyond the flames. Due to the intense heat and fire, we knew the house would burn down so we fled. When we went outside and saw your home consumed by fire and yet not destroyed, we fled the village as well. Later I realized that this was not the type of fire we are familiar with but a fire sent by God. If this is how your God responds, I want to know Him too! I am tired of the fighting and the killing… this is why I came tonight.”

    Miracles abound in war torn Central Africa. Prayer is, and will always be, the only response to the tragedies and crises in our lives.
    A mighty fortress is our God…

    “For I, saith the LORD, will be unto her a Wall Of Fire round about, and will be the Glory in the midst of her” (Zechariah 2:5).

  7. Perhaps someone in the industry connected to Epstein and that vile fat blob Harvey Weinerstein

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