Leftist Freak Went After The Wrong Conservative Dude: Gets Slapped Around

Leftist Freak Went After The Wrong Conservative Dude: Gets Slapped Around

Sorry….but this made me lol. If the little metro, she-male freaks are going to fight the Conservative men, they’ll probably lose in fist-fights. Sorry, but a screaming Karen Soy-boy is really NO match for an Alpha. I am a firm believer of a little azz-kicking when necessary.

Of course, Twitter has it monitored because it doesn’t show their little love bro’s in a good light:

22 thoughts on “Leftist Freak Went After The Wrong Conservative Dude: Gets Slapped Around

  1. That’s crazy! I am glad I moved back from Puerto Rico over three years ago. I have lived longer in the states than Puerto Rico. I felt uncomfortable living there.

  2. Its all starting. How long it will take for God to knock out all of the islands and mountains is beyond me but its in the BIBLE!

  3. One day the islands might be swept away! That’s how I felt when I was there. When I moved back into the same state I used to live in I felt safe.

  4. Yes, all swept away and gone.
    I am up in the mountain also. And its much safer here. Much more.

    I would rather be in a log cabin, 5-7 miles deep in the woods.
    Thats how bad I feel its all going to get.

  5. Im so glad you’re on the same page. Its really great when brothers/sister are on the same, exact page

  6. Amen to that. I would say, stay vigilant and continue to use your spiritual eyes just like you have been. Like you said and I agreed, it is going to get ugly. When? Don’t know, but at least we are mentally prepared physically and spiritually.

  7. Ive been getting attacked from stupid satan: “You’re not prepared, you’re not even on fire for God, your testimony is weak, you’re nothing, just a zero”

    Righteo, we dont know when! I wish I did.

  8. Tonight I had evil spirits coming into the house and I casted them out into the abyss in the name of Jesus. It started to happen when I started to listen Glenda Lomax latest video and they started to come in. I casted them out but I had to get out of bed to face them. Our Lord had prepared me for this occasion 😊🙌. I do not fear any of them. Remain strong 💪 sister. Fight that fight spiritual warfare.

  9. Just found out by our Heavenly Father that He was testing me on casting out evil spirits into the abyss.

  10. Amen sister! Our Father continue to train me and shape me as He is our potter and we are the clay.

  11. I also believe that our Lord had made me more sensitive to spirits. I can’t actually see them clearly, but they appear fuzzy not quite clear and I rather not to see them clearly anyway because probably they maybe horrific to look at them. Anyway, ttyl.

  12. Love this. SO FUNNY ! I was impressed he acted being alone. Usually the COWARDS need LOT more backuop. Just like BLM asssholes. Alone they are cowards. Big mouths and brave in numbers only.

  13. Russia to Cut off Germany from Gas Thanks to Zelensky
    Posted Jul 18, 2022 by Martin Armstrong
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    It is very interesting how Volodymyr Zelensky is doing whatever he can, not merely to destroy all of Europe, but to push the world into World War III because of his and Ukraine’s inherent hatred of Russians. He has told Justin Trudeau that Ukrainians would never accept Canada’s decision to return a gas turbine intended for a Russian pipeline because it would encourage more sanctions violations. Meanwhile, Gazprom has come out and stated that it could no longer guarantee its “good functioning” pipeline to Germany due to crucial turbines that are being held up in Canada because of sanctions.

    Gazprom has declared extraordinary circumstances to void itself from all contractual obligations to Germany, whereby the gas flow to Europe will stop flowing indefinitely. Reuters reported a letter dated July 14, 2022. Zelensky thinks cutting gas supplies to Germany will force NATO to invade Russia. Kyiv will be the first to go before Zelensky can make it to his private jet to run off to enjoy the hundreds of millions he is stashing offshore.

    Perhaps Germany should now invade Ukraine. It seems to be the only way to save Europe. (that’s Armstrong’s opinion not mine: Geir. Interesting tho. Crimea might get bombed this week via US HIMARS rockets in Ukraine and that’ll be WWIII right then and there if it happens.)


  14. Wow, how blessed you are to see that! I pray we all would be able to see that more!

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