My Tiktok today. I’m SO sick of women disrespecting men.

Monitored on both YT and tiktok 😦

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  1. The LGBT and modern “freed” women are the same suffragettes that wanted to close down bars and ban prostitution. They work with the Catholic priests. The only difference is now they work with the mosques.
    Look at this: the West is doing Russia’s job for it. Every gun supplied by the USA empowers Russia because it says it was forced by the West to crush the last standing people in Ukraine to smithereens.
    Russia broadens territorial goals after Ukraine army gets long-range US arms
    21/07/2022 00:47:55 · by elpadre ·
    debka.com ^ | July 20, 2022
    “Russia’s geographic goals in Ukraine have changed,” said Foreign Minister Sergei Lavorv at a news conference on Wednesday, July 20. “Now [our] geography is different. It is not only the DNR and LNR, it is also the Kherson region, the Zaporizhzhia region and a number of other territories,” he said and explained that this change was due to “weapons that will pose a direct threat to our territory and the territory of those [eastern Ukrainian] republics that have announced their independence.” FM Lavrov added: “If Western countries supply long-range weapons to Ukraine, [these goals] will move even further.”

    The Russian foreign minister was referring to the US-made HIMARS medium-range rocket systems supplied to Ukraine’s army and the F-15 and F-16 fighter jets that Washington was considering sending over to its air force.


  2. The Virgin’s Shrine goes up in smoke. They’ll say it’s not the Muslims nor Zelensky nor the CIA.
    They say it’s “the wind”.

    They’ll always fond excuses for the mobsters.
    When the Hoover Dam blew up, it was because of a fuse.
    And that’s coming form the same cowards that can’t even have the guts to pronounce Obama’s name. Pauli, you’re a real man. You’re not like them. But the cowards have overstepped themselves and the weapons they sent to Zelensky are now the excuse Putin needed to blow Ukraine out of the water.
    Putin’s got seven times the man-power and fire-power the Ukrainians have. And the Ukrainians were totally wasted during the first weeks of the war. Now mopping up will mean mopping up the Muslims of the world. Open big vacation camps in Africa for them. Build swimming pools for the blacks in Africa lol! hahaha!

    Fire destroys half of the Chapels of Light at Lourdes shrine

  3. If you want to know the countdown to the Apocalypse TMJ, this is it: pass this on to the others here.

    1. First there’s War the first horseman of the Apocalypse: the Ukraine War.
    2. Second, there’s Pestilence, when we have prices easing up like frogs being slow-boiled on a slow fire.
    3. Third, we have Famine with that same war preventing wheat from reaching our supermarkets.
    4. Fourth, we have Death, which is that same war lasting over six months, winter setting in, and the governments buckling under the prices crushing them under. (Mario Draghi in Italy just was kicked out of power, Macron’s in free fall and Germany’s Ursula Van des Leyen’s facing massive bankruptcies because the gas from Russia’s being delivered to slowly for the German factories to keep their production going, Boris Johnson, got booted right when things were getting ugly in Ukraine (due to the Russian pressure).

    So I tell you it’s an eight-month countdown to the Apocalypse that the world’s economies can’t go beyond because they’ll fall upon their own shortfalls which will be to run out of cash during the winter. Hitler and Napoleon both died politically when their troops froze to death in the Russian Winter and lost their best troops there. We’re in July, and everything’s still beautiful and some crazies are still ranting about defeating Russia on TV, but wait til the first snows in the north come. Those same crazies will start flaking out and running for warmth in the south. They’ll talk about leaving Russia and Ukraine far behind them suddenly.

  4. I got the truth from the “horse’s mouth” here: it’s from Russia itself. No fake news from the Leftist MSM.
    HIMARS used by Kiev is not ‘panacea’, Russia can counteract, senior legislator says
    It is added that Russian air defense facilities are a countermeasure to the system
    MOSCOW, July 21. /TASS/. The HIMARS multiple launch rocket system is serious weapons, but the Russian Armed Forces can counter it, Andrei Kartapolov, head of the State Duma Defense Committee, told TASS on Thursday.

    “One should not be afraid [of HIMARS], one should fight it, it is not a panacea, it is one of the weapons that the enemy uses now,” the legislator said.

    “At the same time I want to emphasize that it is foreign specialists, that is to say mercenaries, who steer it at a target. I don’t rule out American servicemen working there,” he said. “The system is serious, but there is a countermeasure – our air defense facilities. Yesterday, they shot down all 12 missiles over the Antonovsky bridge [in the Kherson region],” he added.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special operation on February 24 in response to a request for help from leaders of the Donbass republics. In response to Russia’s decision, the West began to gradually impose large-scale sanctions against it. At the same time, Western states began to supply Kiev with weapons and military equipment worth billions of dollars at the current stage. A number of Western politicians have admitted that this is essentially an economic war against Russia.


  5. My late mother had daddy issues that I now realize after years of her being gone. My grandmother had returned to Japan to take care of the family farm while my grandfather stayed behind in California to provide for the family back in 1928. My mother was a baby, less than a year old when she went with my grandmother, my uncle and aunt to Japan to be raised there. My grandmother was pregnant with my mom’s younger brother when she took them back to Japan. My mother’s older brother and sister came back to the US to help my grandfather back around 1940, and were glad to be reunited with him, as they had a few years as young children to spend time with him before they went to Japan to be educated. When World War 2 ended, my grandfather, uncle and aunt returned to Japan in 1946. My mother had preconceived notions of what men were supposed to be like and had a hard time grasping the truth when she finally spent time with her dad for 6 years. My dad, on the other hand, had both parents with him when he and his family went back to Japan when he was 4 years old. His mother told him and his #2 older brother who was also born in the US that they had a better chance of life if they returned to the US and took advantage of their US birthright as a US Citizen. I could see what not having a dad could do to a person. While my mother knew about how important family is, knowing that her dad stayed in the US to provide financial stability for everyone, she missed out in knowing how men really think and understanding how different men and women are.

    These women who have no respect for men have a distorted view of men. They hang onto their distorted view stubbornly, and don’t realize how they are destroying themselves with it.

  6. ‘These women who have no respect for men have a distorted view of men. They hang onto their distorted view stubbornly, and don’t realize how they are destroying themselves with it.’


    AMEN 1000X!

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