I was listening to the 1st song below and just felt so sad. All the music. The good times. Everything just gone with the wind in a Communist, psychological juggernaut. No hope of recovery. I realize that we all have to look to the Lord… Still, this is not ‘the norm’. The EVIL Leftists don’t seem to mind this present satanic snafu, though.

Anyway…moving on from the rant… I just wanted to give ya’all some memories:

Have a nice weekend.

Shabbat Shalom.

Happy Church day.

7 thoughts on “CHICAGO Break

  1. Great treat. Sad that the best music is from dead people and not those here now. Happy sabbath and great weekend.

  2. I remember watching that ABC TV special back in 1973. Al Green and Chicago were doing the special together and jamming at a park. It was an ABC summer fill in show, so my parents allowed us to watch TV that night it was on. I remember watching Al Green performing his song You Ought To Be With Me in one of the segments before Chicago did Saturday In The Park and Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is. I was surprised to hear Bobby Lamb singing the live vocals on Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is rather than Terry Kath. I think they might have done Feeling Stronger Every Day as the last segment of that one time show. It was fun watching Al Green hanging out with Chicago, having fun doing a barbecue together with great music. You can see Al Green just having fun in that first clip, lending his backing vocals in the live concert at the park.

  3. TMJ, you’ve got the only world blog that says Obama’s the Antichrist and has someone on it (me) bringing the proof of heaven’s sent number 666. I’m your only Warrior of the Apocalypse here. Because I’m willing to say Obama’s the Antichrist and not use fake names like Obummer to protect Obama with.
    You hit gold with me. We’re the components, the parts that make this blog work, we’re the Warriors of the Apocalypse. The others aren’t making the blog function as a beacon of light.

  4. Dmitri Medvedev: If Ukraine attacks Crimea, it will be the APOCALYPSE.
    WORLDMarkham World 6 days ago
    Dmitri Medvedev: If Ukraine attacks Crimea, the end will come
    TRIBUNNEWS.COM, MOSCOW – Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, warned that if Ukraine attacked Crimea, the apocalypse would come.

    “If something happens, the day of judgment will come to them (Ukraine),” Medvedev was quoted as saying by the channel. Sputnik TelegramSunday (17/7/2022).

    Medvedev’s strong statement was in response to the threat that Ukraine has the right to attack Crimea, using lethal weapons supplied by the US and its allies.

    Previously, no less harsh response came from a member of the Russian parliament from Crimea, Mikhail Sheremet.

    He said the Russian response would be so harsh that the Kiev authorities would never be able to recover it.

  5. They’ll find out soon enuf!
    Look at that vid I showed you! He is as mad as a hornet! HAHAHAHAH

  6. Great music. It is ok to be sad. We are all grieving the country we grew up in. The times we grew up in were good. They were doing evil back that we weren’t aware of. It was in secret and quiet. We didn’t have the internet and ways to find out some of their dirty deeds.

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