3 Young Dr’s From The SAME Hospital All DIE After Their 4th Jab

3 Young Dr’s From The SAME Hospital All DIE After Their 4th Jab

This poison shot is MURDERING humans all over the world. Yet, we hear nothing on the lying, beast media outlets. What a dammed tragedy: Three young doctors are dead… All from the same hospital days after receiving their 4th Clotshot…

And, some of you must’ve seen this!! LOCK HER UP! Dr. Birx Admits She Knew the Dangerous Experimental mRNA Vaccines Would Not Work – Half of the People Who Died Were Vaccinated (VIDEO)

10 thoughts on “3 Young Dr’s From The SAME Hospital All DIE After Their 4th Jab

  1. Birx is evil. Right up there with Fauci. This is just the beginning of the great die off. We tried to warn them. Heartbreaking because so many took the shot under duress.

  2. Insane that half the world is like sgt schultz from hogans heroes and have 3 monkeys on their shoulders.

  3. Am trully sad many good people took the toxon. God had been trying to leed them to him. Many believed in God but not do anything with that belief. We all are allotted x time unique to what given each one. Their time ran out to respond affirmative to Christ do to strong delusion they went. We are not so smart but blessed as God kept our minds open. We are unfinished works but have more time as our potential still open before God.
    The conflict between our eternal soul and the now things of this life is how most fall. Some sadly did not heed to choose wisely. Thank God that those fortunate to have lost everything at least once in life, it seemed horrid, but was good training for now.

  4. Biden Loses Sense Of Smell During Covid, Can’t Sniff Kids Anymore, Crew Mocks Him Relentlessly

  5. Pauli: Here is a video you gotta see and the comments are great:

    Karma: Vax pushing “beauty artist” suddenly dead


    This comment is pretty funny:

    “let all the idiots kill each other off
    i started a new home based business as a grave digger. last month i made $ 3,258,213.09 by digging holes and stuffing them full of dead idiots.
    call 1-900-got-jabs for details NOW ~ hurry before all the idiots are dead”

  6. The Lord is using the Death Injection to kill off the wicked.

    Psalm 94:23: “And he shall bring upon them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; yea, the LORD our God shall cut them off.”

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