The Reason I Don’t Think Jan 6th Was Anything Big

The Reason I Don’t Think Jan 6th Was Anything Big

The Commie-Demons act like Jan 6th was a huge event. It really wasn’t. It’s natural for people who are tired of their government to get angry & even more natural for them to protest when an election is stolen.

What is NOT natural was the summer of 2020.

(Short but to the point:)


Ask me if I care. I don’t. These violent psycho’s can burn their cities to the ground for all I care anymore.

I pray that the people in prison who were protesting become free expeditiously.


4 thoughts on “The Reason I Don’t Think Jan 6th Was Anything Big

  1. All that really matters is the ongoing round up of jan 6 political prisoners in style of commie/fascist police states and no high up on any side cares.

  2. I still believe the riot was planned by the democrats. They WANTED it to happen. They hired a bunch of BLM creeps to wear trump caps and make sure it DID get our of hand so they COULD blame Trump and trump supporters. However not all there were trump supporters! Thats why Pelosi turned down Trumps request for national guard forces present in case of trouble! They turned that down cuz they wanted the riot so they could GET TRUMP

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