Oy Vey, SMH: “The Covid19 Test Is The Mark Of The Beast” Huh? ‘Powers-That-Be’ Not Interested In “SWAB Status”

Oy Vey, SMH: “The Covid19 Test Is The Mark Of The Beast” Huh? ‘Powers-That-Be’ Not Interested In “SWAB Status”

I see this a lot online: “The CV19 test is the MOTB”. What? Getting a swab up your nose to test to see if you HAVE CV19 is the “MOTB?” How so? I don’t get it.

MANY health care workers & other workers have absolutely rejected the vaccine and ONLY get a swab – daily. They’re not sick, nothing has happened to them but they refuse the vaccine. They have endured unfounded persecution because of their “NO VAX” choice. Many have been fired. David and I lost our WHOLE business because we refuse the vaccine and now refuse the swab.

I have chosen to reject any swab tests because I am sick and tired of people telling me I have to get a test to to make sure I’m not sick when I KNOW I’m not sick & have NO symptoms! I absolutely reject the shot because it changes ones genetic makeup. How could I stand before God telling him that the DNA/genes HE gave me are not ‘good enough’? That’s too much for me to bear. I caution anyone against getting the vaccine. It could kill you. It has killed so many.

About the Swab test… The ‘powers that be‘ are not interested in your ‘swab status’. Anyone, anywhere can go get a swab test. Nothing is required with the exception of your mucus.

Here is what the test looks like when going thru ones nose:

Ive had this test even BEFORE CV19 happened. These swab tests have been around for almost 100 years: It began quite simply, chronicled in 1923 as the inspiration of a Polish-American named Leo Gerstanzang. Today, the swab, no longer a simple tool but rather a broad range of tipped applicators, is used for everything from patient care and microbiology to forensics and manufacturing.

With the “Mark of the beast”, you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark. The mark of the beast, I believe – is a ‘process’. Many believe that the actual mark on one’s right hand or forehead will be a type of quantum dot tattoo/chip which will hold all of your information about you, for eg: Your SS#, your health, your vaccination status, etc. If you get this quantum dot or chip, you are no longer property of yourself. You will be property of nation/state/system. This ‘mark’ will be REQUIRED. Right now, swabs are not ‘required’ in many places. Vaccines, however, ARE required in many anti freedom places of employ.


Bill Summary, HR6666

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

The CDC receives ‘awards’ thru this tracing bill, above which, ironically is called the HR6666 bill…

So, I believe we are still in ‘process’ mode. But, I also believe that the ‘mark’ is already here in parts of the world.

There is nothing in the swab with the exception of a sterilizer called: Ethylene oxide. It sterilizes the swab so the test can post an accurate assessment. Many are allergic to this chemical. So, in that event, stay away.

‘They’ (the monsters) ARE interested in your vaccination status. So, I believe the vaccine IS part of the mark of the beast system & process. Because they ARE interested in your vaccination status – this has caused many people to wonder just what is IN the vaccine. Not to mention how many people are dropping dead from the Vaccine.

I do, however believe that the swab is dangerous. Why?

  • Dangerous to your freedom. (Slippery slope)
  • Dangerous if you have an allergic reaction to Ethylene oxide .

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  1. I agree whole heartedly. The swab does nothing to your forehead or hand. It is not required to buy or sell. It doesn’t not make us chose between HaShem and Satan/Beast. There is no “swab status” or “swab card”, unlike the health cards showing proof of jab status being required in places. I believe the jab will lead to the eventual true MOTB. It is part of the process and training us to be subservient to the powers that be. And being used for divisiveness to cause us to turn on each other and rat one another out.

  2. I remember seeing vids on Rumble and (AGGGHH! I can’t think of the name of the other video platform – DUH) early on in the swab days. The swabs aren’t sterile, some contained microworms and others claimed swabs as the delivery method for nano bots. All of this info is still on line, just search for it. It’s so “contagious” a swab has to be shoved 12″ into your nose? UH – No. If it were as contagious as they want us to believe, a spit sample would suffice.

  3. Swabs arent the ‘mark of the beast’.
    Thats my point.

    I didnt have any issues with the swab that I had about a year ago.

  4. TMJ, I agree, the swabs aren’t the mark of the beast. The swabs are the delivery mech for…”something”.

    First link is a story, others vids, fast forward thru the if you want, but the swabs are…insidious.






  5. The swabs and vaccines are part of Obama’s plan to wipe out everybody on earth. He’s the Devil. Let’s take him to task. It’s our duty: we’ve got to rule the world from now on and we have to care from now on, for the poor people that got tricked into getting the swab and the JAB and will get sicker and sicker as time goes by.

    Let’s get Trump back and have the birth certificate exposed by The Don. Put Biden and Co.in jail.

  6. A swab is just a swab. Theyve been around since 1923.
    The swab is not the mark of the beast. Its just a long Q tip that goes thru the nose to collect a sample of snot.

    Nobody checks peoples ‘swab tests’.
    They want us to take the VACCINE.

    Come on already. I dont want people thinking we’re friggin nuts.

    People have said that there is some kind of dust on the swab. Thats what the Ethelene Oxide is for. To sterilize the swab.

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