DC Mayor Wants Nat Guard To Deal With The Illegal Invaders In Washington: RACIST! BIGOT!

DC Mayor Wants Nat Guard To Deal With The Illegal Invaders In Washington: RACIST! BIGOT!

The reprobate, DC Mayor is crying for the release of the Nat. Guard to help with the influx of Illegal, occupying, criminal invaders. I thought that was racist. She must be a bigot.


Interesting that she was ‘all’ for helping her illegals in 2019:

King James Bible
The heathen are sunk down in the pitย thatย they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.
Psalms 9:15

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  1. I thought Taco Jill was going to hire them to make and sell her infamous breakfast tacos and the Bidet Breakfast Burritos.

  2. Pauli: Here is an excellent interview with John McTernan and Christopher McDonald on Israel and the United States:

    John McTernan – As America Has Done to Israel

  3. Looks like YahooTube (what a bunch of weaselly yahoos) took down the video. McTernan and McDonald were telling too much truth for the leftwing snowflakes at KarlMarxTube.

  4. I hope Texas keeps flooding DC and NYC with illegal aliens. If they send illegal aliens to Florida, Governor DeSantis should put them all on boats headed for Mariel, Cuba. We could call it the Mariel Boatlift 2.0; I am sure that Cuba will receive them with open arms.

  5. The Fifth ืคืจืง of Parshat ืืžื•ืจ

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    Hence the Torah refers to Goyim barbarian enemies:
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    In all Israeli modern wars European states, the first to condemn the success of the IDF during any and all conflicts with Arab countries. Loser of WWII โ€“ France โ€“ wrote UN Resolution 242! As if Europe determines, and not Israel, its own international borders and Capital City! Europe, the same as the precious gold placed on idol gods.

    A slightly distant precedent: ื™ื: ื›ื‘ โ€“ ื›ื—. The blessing of the Torah, the Goyim hold Israelis in awe, fear, and dread. The curse of the Torah, that Jews hold Goyim in awe, fear and dread. The latter plague, commonly referred to as Antisemitism. Comes as the direct result of Jewish assimilation to foreign cultures, customs, manners, ways, and behaviors practiced by all civilizations which never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.

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    The ืžืฉื ื” ืชื•ืจื” concludes with an exact precise precedent: ืœื’: ื™ื’ โ€“ ื›ื˜. The blessings unto Yosef through Asher, these blessings most essentially define the scales of judgment which all generations of Israel, which HaShem sits in judgment on Rosh HaShanna and Yom Kippor.
    The mussar kabbalah of the prophet ื™ื—ื–ืงืืœ. A slightly distant precedent: ื•: ื โ€“ ื™. The vision of a Torah curse placed upon the tumah land filled with assimilationist ื—ืžืฅ avodah zarah. The vision of the crushing slaughter of our people whose remnant refugee populations go unto gโ€™lut as despised slaves.

    Another slightly distant precedent: ื™: ื โ€“ ื™ื: ื. The mystic vision of the Divine Chariot โ€“ the blessing/curse judgment by which HaShem judges all generations of the chosen Cohen nationโ€ฆthe metal of our oath, to keep and honor the Torah commandments ืœืฉืžื”. The four ื”ื›ืจื•ื‘ื™ื being postive, negative, tohor partnership, and tumah partnership time oriented commandmentsโ€ฆ does my generation and all others sanctify the Shabbos table, as holy to HaShem Yes or No?

    Herein defines the sanctity of Chag Pesach

  6. How very ironic. When the criminal border jumpers are in her area it is a crisis. But when they are in Texas, “Let them eat cake”.

  7. Oh the rank, skank hypocrisy of Bowser. NOW she wants the NG. DC is a sanctuary city. What? She suddenly doesn’t like DIVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRSITY? Typical lib.

  8. Someone should put up a big sign on the southern border which reads: “Welcome to the United States. Please go directly to Washington, DC and New York City where you will receive FREE food, shelter and clothing and get paid for doing absolutely nothing.”

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