John MacArthur: “AMERICA WILL FALL”…. (It Is Falling)

John MacArthur: “AMERICA WILL FALL”…. (It Is Falling)

The only people who will survive are God’s chosen remnant:

Warning: These things are NOT going away. They will get worse and even more worse. Change your minds, break up the hardness in your hearts. Ask the Lord Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth INTO your heart & soul. Read the bible: The King James Bible, daily.

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  1. Sister, if I sent you a dream from a sister, would you watch it? It is about the rapture and of course noone knows the date or the hour. Please let me know either way and it will be through email.

  2. I tried to posted right here and you warned me that it may go to the trash bin. Let me send it to your email.

  3. A warning. John macarthur is one of the greatest preachers. He is very eloquent and smart. He dont put you to sleep. Hundreds of his sermons will bless. He fought church closures and masks bravely. But i have a big beef. A big big one. He shockingly and wrongly says if you take the mark of the beast that you can be forgiven. He said the mark no matter what it is. Liar liar pants on fire!!! So he is very valuable but as Jesus said, discern all things.

  4. Once you get that mark, its over. Youve sold out and succumbed to the beast.
    That being said: I do not believe a swab up the nose is the ‘mark of the beast’ – MANY do

  5. The Fourth פרק of Parshat אמור: כג: א – ג.

    Only three p’sukim necessary to instruct a complete and whole mussar idea which connects a relationship between the tohor middah of חנון with the blessing רפאנו ה’ ונרפא. The 5th דאורייתא middah amplifies the 4th דאורייתא middah.

    But before jumping into the waters of Oral Torah faith, an introduction seems in order. The subject: Torah Commandments as opposed by Torah Common Law. What fundamentally separates and distinguishes Torah commandments from Torah as law/halachot? A similar question separates קידושין from Civil marriages. A Torah commandment does not qualify as law. Law learns by way of bringing comparative precedents, משנה תורה. This comparison by way of similar precedents defines Torah Law: המשפט המקובל – otherwise known as Common law. המשפט המקובל stands separate and apart from simple Torah commandments.

    Torah law and Torah commandments, two completely distinct and separate types of mitzvot. The Torah, for example, commands the negative commandment not to do work on shabbot. Halachah defines this simple negative commandment through המשפט המקובל and learns the labors required to build the Mishkan as the avot work actions which define this simple negative commandment. The brush required to paint on canvas, human facial expressions — completely and totally different from the brush used to white-wash a picket fence. The prophet ישעיה cursed persons who called day night and night day.

    The term Kabbalah most essentially learns from common law. To study the Torah oblivious of common law precedent learning, most essentially separates the Torah from the fraudulent counterfeit books: new testament and koran. These latter tumah replacement theologies base themselves upon a sham supposition premise which announces the false claim, that they base themselves upon the T’NaCH prophets.

    All Torah commandments stand upon a mussar יסוד. This יסוד defines all T’NaCH prophecy. Neither JeZeus or Mohammad understood — their followers how much more so — this most basic fundamental. The apostle Paul for example: proclaimed that Goyim have no obligation to obey the law. Common law or Roman Statute-law he failed to differentiate; a day and night distinction separates the two. Consequently this failure to discern the basic fundamentals of Torah faith, relegates all his letters to gross religious rants, nothing more than rhetoric propaganda.

    None of the new testament writers, nor the koran “dictation by an Angel”, teaches Torah faith – המשפט המקובל\משנה תורה. Consequently both this and that define the worship of avodah zarah, the belief in foreign alien Gods. Gods totally unknown by the Avot/Fathers and Moshe.

    The Torah commands a negative commandment: do not to recognize faces in judgment. Do not show pity to the poor or deference to the rich.

    The Roman statute law “assimilation” practiced by the Rambam’s code, by the Tur’s code, and by the Shulkan Aruch code places them all upon the bar of judgment. Did their actions i.e. writing these assimilated Roman law codes of law, they all violate the negative commandment not to pursue the manners and customs practiced by foreign peoples who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev?

    Torah Law rejects cults of personality. Despite the fact that most Frumm Yidden respect and adore these halachic authorities. But my mother used to say this to me as a child … “If Joe jumps off the roof and breaks his leg, does that mean that you too should jump of the roof and break your leg?” Torah faith, not a popularity contest even less so a democracy.

    The negative commandment not to pursue or follow the customs of people who reject the Torah revelation – this Case – has its common law Rule. Specifically, the 2nd Commandment of the Torah revelation @ Sinai. Torah common law/משנה תורה\המשפט המקובל — Torah law/RULE judges all the 613 CASE COMMANDMENTS.

    Herein separates and distinguishes Torah commandments: CASES from Torah law: משנה תורה/המשפט המקובל – DIN\RULE. All Torah law bases itself upon the common law Oral Torah logic format by which the Torah reaches a din/rule conclusion. Torah common law stands upon the יסוד of learning instruction from similar precedents.

    Roman Statute Law, the law practiced by the 3 famous Codifications of Halachah questioned, these latter 3 codes base their legal rulings NOT upon common law Jewish logic but rather Roman statute law Greek logic! Therefore these codes of Halachah exist, in my opinion, on the exact same plane of tumah as an idol that people bow down and worship as cults of personality. The foreign God JeZeus, too, worshiped as a historic Cult of Personality – a direct violation of Torah Law.

    This forth פרק of Parshat אמור addresses the crown worn by the 6 other Yom Tov chaggagim – the crown of Shabbat. This משל\נמשל mussar links these 7 great moments to the 7 branches of light – the Menorah within the Mishkan.

    Let’s Learn. An exact precise משנה תורה precedent: ב: ח – טז. Despite that מואב behaved with disgrace and dishonor, the prophet Moshe commands Israel not to make war upon Moav. Israel has no State interests in conquering the lands of Moav. Israel has no shalom with מואב, that people, after Bil’am, forever, like Europe, beneath our contempt.

    All males of the Wilderness generation, after 38 years of g’lut have died. That generation compares to the manners and bad faith shown by Moav and Esau towards Israel. Rabbi Akiva teaches that the Wilderness generation has no portion in the world to come.

    Another exact precise precedent: טז: יח – כב. As shabbot stands alone from the 6 days of Chol, so too the chosen Cohen nation in matters of courtroom justice. Justice: defined as fair compensation for damages inflicted by another or others. Judicial or State injustice directly compares to the worship of avodah zarah. A disgrace which defines the whole of European nation state(s) history. Post Shoah, European nation states have no moral mandate to judge other peoples or nations.

    The tohor middah of חנון recognizes that certain behaviors cross the line, as did the destruction of 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years. This barbaric behavior did not just suddenly happen as an impulsive act of passion. 2000+ years of racial hatred culminated in the Shoah War Crime.

    A distant precedent: יז: יד – יח: – ב. The Jewish state, like all other nations, requires government. The specific language of מלכות, the Torah speaks in the language of Man, לאו דווקא. Today most nations’ — kings do not govern.

    The Torah does not favor a strong Central government which dominates the autonomy of the Tribal States forming the Republic. A famous dispute which forever separates Jeffersonian from Hamiltonian democracy. A division which fundamentally explains the American Civil War.

    Specifically how the Southern slave States interpreted the intent of the Commerce Clause within the Constitution. As opposed to how Lincoln (whose sexual modesty came into question when Lincoln decided to share his bed with a certain Captain Derickson, during his wife’s repeated absences), and the anti-slave states interpreted that same Constitutional clause; how that Constitutional Clause applied to the Continental territories, not yet part of the Union.

    The territories of present day Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Oklahoma. Could Southern slave states trade with these territories without Federal intervention? Herein defines the prime cause for States Rights. An argument that exploded into the American Civil War.

    By comparison the Jewish Rambam Civil War divided Jewry over the issue of whether Torah law exists strictly as משנה תורה Common Law interpretations of the Written Torah — as implied by the mitzva of Chanukah. Or whether permission includes using Roman Statute Law and Greek schools of logic as a valid sh’ittah to correctly derive the k’vanna of the Written Torah and halachot?

    Naturally, representing the Southern State Confederacy, as a born Texan – my opinion strongly condemns the Rambam, Tur, and Shulkan Aruch – Roman statutory and ancient Greek logic philosophies – which resulted in the publication of these tumah codes of halacha.

    Viewed, from my skewed perspective, the Torah perceives both avodah zara, caused primarily from assimilation and homosexuality, both this and that, a Torah abomination. Based upon the general rule: מצוות לא בא על ידי עברות.

    The Torah specifically commands the Head of State to obey the משנה תורה. A commandment which Rabbi Yechudah fulfilled, for example, when he published his Six Orders of the Mishnah – the 613th commandment according to some obtuse Reshon authorities.

    The Torah specifically commands two clear commandments. That the Central government should not lord its power over the People as “Big Brother”; and that the Tribe of Levi focus upon teaching משנה תורה common law like as did Rabbi Yechuda the Prince, author of the Mishna.

    Another distant precedent: כא: א – כא Justice in matters of Torts damages dedicates holy to HaShem that the Courts make fair restitution for damages inflicted. Dedicated most Holy to HaShem, the commitment to make atonement for murder bloodshed within the borders of the Jewish state. This obligation defines the sanctification of the Federal Sanhedrin court system – most holy to HaShem.

    The mitzvah דאורייתא of קידושין, respecting the oaths sworn by males, that should a conflict erupt which ruptures that קידושין union, that the males who swear the קידושין oath, that they do not profane that sworn oath, like as happens in the public חילול השם of Agunah; disinheriting the first born son, or children to despise the honor of their parents – all qualify as toldoth of Capital Crimes cases.

    Cities of Refuge, meaning the establishment of small Sanhedrin Federal Courtrooms outside the current borders of the Jewish state, can only occur when Jews have reconquered and rule the Jewish Republic. Expanding the borders of the Jewish state, like as did king David, who conquered Damascus, likewise requires extending the Federal authority of the Federal Sanhedrin court through the establishment of additional Cities of Refuge – meaning small Sanhedrin Federal courts.

    A slightly distant precedent: כד: יד – כה: טז. Other toldoth cases which qualify as Capital Crimes cases within the jurisdiction of the Sanhedrin Federal courts: Employers who withhold salaries from day laborers. And racial perversion of court justice aimed to protect the convert, orphan and widow from legal injustice.

    This includes policing the corners of the field etc. Only a Sanhedrin court can impose lashes. No Torts courts have this mandate of justice. The mitzvah of Yibum too comes within the jurisdiction of the Sanhedrin Federal courts. In like manner, no Tort court has a mandate to amputate the hand of a man’s wife. Businesses which cheat the public, pharmaceutical and military industries come immediately to mind, they publicly promise X but give Y instead, this public disgrace too falls within the domain of the Sanhedrin Federal courts to hold public State investments accountable.

    Corruption in Government comes first by way of State bureaucratic employees who have no accountability to the public. The Sanhedrin courts have a mandate to police corrupt connections between Corporate monopoly interests and the revolving swinging doors of Federal bureaucratic agencies. Central Government debt threatens the lives and freedom of future born generations. Therefore the Great Sanhedrin has the mandate to dismantle Federal government bureaucracies and return this regulatory authority back to the States of the Republic.

    A distant precedent: לא:א – ו. The nations whom Israel utterly obliterated from off the oath sworn lands. Those nations, like Europe, practiced cruel injustice and oppression to the people of the land. The Romans, for example, developed a cruel genius how to prolong the torture of their victims before death.

    A distant precedent: לא: יד – ל. Before Moshe passed, he taught Israel a song which told of terrible g’lut because the Yatzir Ha’Rah within our hearts shall seduce our people to rebel and abandon lateral courtroom common law justice. Turning our wonderful land into a place of chaos and anarchy. A place similar to European disgraceful oppression. A horrid place of dishonor, a people who have no shame. May the repulsive acrid smell of the Shoah stench never leave the nostrils of our generations.

    An exact precise precedent: לג: א – יב. Justice the אש דת of our people. This אש דת compares to אש ברית of בראשית. Herein summarizes the holiness of the mitzvah of shabbat.

    The kabbalah of יחזקאל teaches an exact precise mussar: ה: י – יז. The repugnant abomination vision of fathers eating their sons and sons eating their fathers; the vision of the destruction of Israel; how the small remnant of our people descends unto the Nazi hell of g’lut, which burns our tortured corpses as a barbecue unto Heaven, a tumah crucified christ, perverse korban.

    Another precise and exact vision, Jews pray that HaShem shall heal us from our Yatzir Ha’Rah: ט: ד – יא. HaShem save my people from the tumah disgrace – comparable to the Goyim, who deny the Shoah. May the stench of the death camp furnaces forever remain within the nostrils of my people, such that when we rule Israel that courtroom justice sanctifies your Name.

    A distant precedent: יג: כ – יד: ה. The vision of avodah zarah preached and practiced by the assimilated Yatzir Ha’Rah within our hearts. A precise exact prophetic mussar precedent: כג: כב – לד. Justice defeats the cruel barbarian armies who by their proud imperialism justify their greed for power, their attempts to invade Israel, from distant lands abroad. Woe to my people when our leaders chase the seduction of wealth and power at the expense of the dignity and freedom of our people. Herein explains the prophetic mussar vision of keeping and honoring the mitzvah of Shabbat.

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  7. Country star John Rich’s single hits No. 1 after Truth Social release

    A country music star shunned so-called “woke” record labels and released a song directly to Donald Trump’s social media app Truth Social and video-sharing site Rumble — catapulting it to No. 1 in the world on the Apple iTunes song chart.

    John Rich, the Nashville-based musician and one-half of the duo “Big and Rich,” released his latest song, “Progress,” on Friday.

    Truth Social and Rumble have emerged as alternatives to mainstream sites such as Twitter and YouTube, which have been accused of stifling free speech from conservatives.

    Rich, an unabashed conservative, saw his song outperform those by hit-makers such as Billie Eilish, Kate Bush, and Lizzo.

    “Here I am with no record label, no publisher, no marketing deal,” Rich told Just the News.

    “I just got a song that speaks to a lot of people, and Truth and Rumble pushed it out there. And man, I’m really proud of what we did today.”

    The song’s lyrics are overtly political.

    “There’s a hole in this country where its heart used to be, And Old Glory’s divided, on fire in the street…They say Building Back Better will make America great…If that’s a wave of the future, all I’ve got to say,” read the first verse.

    “They invite the whole world to come live in our land…And leave our countrymen dying in Afghanistan…They say let go of Jesus and let government save…You can have back your freedoms if you do what we say.”…

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