FLASHBACK, 2011: “If You Try To Take Our Firearms, We Will Kill You.”

FLASHBACK, 2011: “If You Try To Take Our Firearms, We Will Kill You.”

If you carry guns or not (it’s your choice). But, I know for a fact that an armed society is a polite society. I lived in Salinas, Central CA. And, I lived in NYC. Both states are gun-controlled and the crime is chaotic. Where I live now in Northern AZ, everyone carries and there is hardly any crime. It’s simple: The criminals and the violent know they can be shot if they cause criminal issues. It’s really that simple. We don’t walk around worried here. In NYC and in Cali, you are worried all the time because the criminals have guns and you do not and you could be murdered in a drive by, or robbed, raped, etc.

At any rate:

This was written in 2011 on “Coach is right” and linked by the “Free Republic” “If you try to take our firearmswe will kill you.”

I posted this again because the CommieCrats need to understand that they are pushing men over the edge and many people could be killed if they don’t stop their insanity.



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  1. They will come for those guns. The commie crats will bring this nation down sooner or later. This nation is wicked in all kinds of ways.

  2. I, personally am not a big gun person. I just assume use a bat. But, what these CommieCrat devils are doing to people who want to defend themselves is awful and evil

  3. The Lord told me one very loud in my bedroom while I used to have a 12 gauge shot gun to defend my home He said; no weapons! I looked around like someone yelled at me from the living room but it was very loud. I said to the Lord that I will not shoot to kill that I will shoot down to the legs (you know not on anyone’s chest). So I decided to sell it back to a pawn shop. I don’t own any guns. I got what it look like a police baton but a retractable one. I don’t remember what it is called. I bought it a long time ago. But anyway, no protection here because our Lord don’t want me to have any.

  4. My husband has his guns and Im the obedient wife.
    Everyone has different convictions and I respect yours totally.
    I, personally — am just not ‘into’ guns.

  5. Its simple. We have a God given right to defend with firearms or a bat. We have the right to breathe. We have the right to go to work or shop or take a walk. People only need in unison to say No to the commie crats. Whats so sickening is the power to stop tyranny is in peoples hands but they just sit on them. Anglo nations like canada, u.k. australia and recently n.zealand all disarmed with no more than mouthing off. Two decades ago israel citizens were disarmed. If you work or live in judea or samaria or jerusalem you can get a gun but thats it. Since galilee is half arab might i get a gun? Never asked or applied. Might get a stun gun. Note that most arabs keep hidden guns but jews dont. Always wondered in a big war with all the troops on the borders, how can jews defend against armed arabs inside? Will find out.
    Am on the negative thought that america will disarm just like all others. Big mouths but no action. Disarming is by thousands daily but one here and one there all across the nation. Its been ongoing. When a house is swatted to take arms from a good family does the neighbors come help the swats back off or battle them? If no, then america will be disarmed. Do you fight the swats out numbering you 40 to 2 or 3 with kids inside? No, you surrender. And we havent seen nothing yet. Some boast of their well defended ranch. No problemo for helicopter gunships. Govt also has weapons like phasers like on star trek with settings like stun, kill or burn. Wait till they get used. Then there is chemical spray from air or noise weapons etc. They can be in theory defeated but it takes all together.. it wont happen. At most, some pockets will hold out together.
    And if they coming to take your arms and you to a fema camp and you cant win, talk to Jesus and resist to death is best option.
    Death is better than a fema camp or a jab or a family split apart. Pray to Father in Jesus name and then pick ones actions.

  6. It’s sure good the USA is corrupt because if it was not, then there would be a lot of people in jail now. 😀

    BREAKING: Bombshell Presentation Reveals Identities Of Maricopa County Election Employees Who Deleted Files From Election Server BEFORE Maricopa County Audit
    By Jordan Conradson
    Published July 31, 2022

    We The People AZ Alliance hosted an election security forum in Maricopa County on Saturday, featuring testimony from expert witnesses and state legislators.

    This informational hearing, moderated by investigative journalist Lara Logan, presented evidence of fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election and addressed the concerns in the 2022 elections.

    The hearing also featured a bombshell testimony revealing exactly who in Maricopa County deleted subpoenaed 2020 Election files before delivery to Arizona Senate auditors. The County was clearly hiding something.

    As we reported earlier, Lara dropped a bomb on stage, revealing that the Biden regime is now giving social security numbers to illegals at the border.

    Election investigator Matt Vanbibber also shared his discoveries from the Maricopa County Elections Department’s public footage. He finally revealed the identities of individuals who illegally deleted elections files from the Elections Management Server in April 2021.

    This data was deleted before the voting machines were delivered to Senate auditors in compliance with a subpoena.

    Federal law requires these files to be kept for 22 months.

    Maricopa County officials previously admitted that these files were “deleted” in a Congressional hearing but later walked it back and said that the files were “archived.”

    This was one of the many law violations discovered by the Arizona audit and other Maricopa County’s 2020 Election investigations.

    The Gateway Pundit previously reported on footage of the individuals deleting the files, but their identities were redacted from the public to maintain confidentiality.

    On Saturday, it was revealed by Vanbibber that Maricopa County election Database Administrator Brian Ramirez was granted unauthorized entry to the server room on multiple occasions, and he deleted the files.

    Ramirez does not have the required credentials to access the server room. However, Vanbibber discovered that he falsely used the identities of individuals who were authorized access.

    Vanbibber matched the server room entry logs to the video footage and found Brian Ramirez using others’ cards to access the room.

    Vanbibber: So basically, you have Brian entering the server room, and remember I told you he does not have badge access. We The People actually collected server room logs from Maricopa. So I went through all this video footage and matched it with the logs. What you see is Brian has Passarelli’s card in the server room, and he also has Charles Cooley’s badge as well.

    Logan: So, Brian is accessing the server room using the identities and cards of other people.

    Maricopa County policies also require two people in the server room whenever someone is using the keyboard video monitor, however, Brian was alone on multiple occasions.

    In the photo below, Ramirez is alone in the server room, violating County elections policy. The Gateway Pundit previously reported on this violation by an unidentified individual.

    Vanbibber then played the video of Brian Ramirez accessing the server room after he was let in by Assistant Elections Director Kristi Passarelli, at the same time that the server logs were deleted.

    Ramirez was also alone in the server room again.

    Vanbibber: Here she is letting Brian into the server room at that time, and here he is getting on the console. And then you guys know the rest of the history.

    These individuals must resign and be prosecuted before the 2022 elections.


  7. Arizona Patriots Hold Drop Box Tailgate Parties to Protect Free and Fair Elections
    thegatewaypundit.com ^ | 7/22/22 | Joe Hoft
    Posted on 01/08/2022 19:18:43 by cotton1706

    Americans were shocked to see the amount of corruption in the 2020 election. One of the most significant areas of fraud and corruption was the ballot drop boxes that were used all across the country.

    The Supreme Court in Wisconsin recently decided that drop boxes are illegal in the state.

    They should never have been used in the 2020 Election but they were.

    This past year the movie 2000 Mules was released. Footage in this movie showed dozens of individuals dropping off ballots in drop boxes way beyond the permitted legal limits in their states.

    In an effort to prevent fraudulent activity in the upcoming primaries across the nation, individuals are holding drop box tailgate parties. The patriots are watching over the drop boxes . They are preventing mules from stealing the election this time around.

    This was reported on Truth Social.


  8. Day of Atonement, Pauli!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, Ukraine has a Nazi problem, and its name is Andrej Melnyk
    BY DAVID P. GOLDMAN JUL 03, 2022 2:20 PM ET

    This should have been a Monty Python sketch, along the lines of the “Dead Parrot” classic.
    Germany’s leading center-right newspaper Die Welt posted a banner headline at the top of its page last Friday evening just before Shabbat came in here in New York: “[Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andrej] Melnyk’s statement trivializes the Holocaust.” In a radio interview last week, Melnyk compared Ukrainian Nazi leader Stephan Bandera to Robin Hood and vehemently denied—in the face of massive historical documentation—that Bandera had helped to murder 800,000 Ukrainian Jews during World War II.” The Banderites also helped to murder between 40,000 and 100,000 Poles.
    Poland’s embassy to Berlin also denounced Melnyk’s statement.
    Yet there was barely a peep in the American press—I found a single passing mention in the Washington Post and nothing elsewhere—and not a word from any American Jewish organization.
    The incident was a top item in every major German news outlet, but unmentionable in the American media, not to mention polite company. Echo-chamber-driven group-think has achieved a new dimension of control.
    Israel’s embassy to Germany had declared: “The statements of the Ukrainian Ambassador are a distortion of the historical facts, a trivialization of the Holocaust and an insult to those who were murdered by Bandera and his people. The statements of the ambassador undermine not only the values that we all treasure, but also undermine the brave fight of the Ukrainian people to live in peace and with democratic values.”
    Holocaust denial is sadly endemic, but I can think of not a single instance in the past generation when a senior official of Western-allied country—let alone one that will receive $70 billion in aid from the United States—openly and unashamedly defended a perpetrator of genocide against Jews. Yet that is what Ukraine’s Ambassador Andrej Melnyk did vehemently and without shame.
    You have to see it to believe it.
    Melnyk said, “Not just for me, but for many, many Ukrainians, he personifies the freedom fighter…and of course a freedom fighter…There are now written laws for those who fight for freedom. Robin Hood is also respected by everyone, and he also did not work according to the law current at the time.”
    The astonished German interviewer said, “And you admit that he and his men were involved in the murder of 800,000 Jews?”
    “No, he was not involved,” said Melnyk
    The interviewer protested, “But it was his army. That’s what his men did. There is no doubt about that.”
    Melnyk retorted, “You say, ‘No doubt,’ but there is no evidence. He was not convicted.”
    “There is no evidence that he killed Jews with his own hands, but his men did!” the interviewer insisted. “He ordered the murder of 100,000 civilians.”
    “He did not give the order to exterminate Jews, insist,” Melnyk continued.
    The interviewer quoted leaflets distributed by Bandera’s to Ukrainians as the Germans marched in 1941: “People! You must know this. Muscovites (Russians), Poles, Ukrainians, Hungarians and Jews are your enemies. Destroy them! You must know this. Your Führer Stepan Bandera.”
    “It’s perfectly and completely obvious!,” the interviewer intoned.
    Melnyk replied frostily, “I’m not going to tell you today that I’m distancing myself from it. That is all.”
    There is an enormous literature on Bandera’s involvement in the Holocaust. Interested readers might start here.
    Even more astonishing: The Ukraine foreign ministry’s spokesman Oleg Nikolenko declared, “The words of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk, expressed in an interview with a German journalist, are his personal opinion and do not reflect the position of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.” In any civilized country, Holocaust denial would be instant grounds for dismissal and exclusion from decent society. Not so in Ukraine: Melnyk’s outrage is merely his “personal opinion,” and by implication a legitimate personal opinion. The Ukrainian government in 2007 erected a monument to Bandera in Kyiv. He’s still too popular for the Zelensky government to denounce.
    But surely the government of the United States, with its concern for human rights all over the world, has some say in the matter after pledging $70 billion to Ukraine? Surely one can remonstrate with an ally, if our ally does something outrageous?
    I asked the State Department press office if it had anything to say, and received this reply via email: “We’d refer you to the Governments of Germany and Ukraine for any further comment.”
    And what of the Jewish organizations? “Andrej Melnyk” is akin to Amelek, Israel’s persecutor in the Book of Exodus, and the rabbinic name for all the entities who have sought to exterminate the Jews over millennia. One would think they would take a hint.
    But American Jewish organizations are keeping their heads down. The whole of the US body politic signed on to the great crusade against Putin. This has gone badly. After initial reverses the Russian army reverted to the meatgrinder tactics it knows best, and now appears to control the whole of the Donbass. Russia’s economy didn’t shrink by half, as Biden boasted it would in a April 4 tweet, but proved remarkably resilient. On the contrary: The economic blowback at the West worsened an already-intolerable inflation rate, and threatens to shut down large parts of the German economy, which depends on Russian natural gas. There is nothing to do about the collective humiliation of the institutions of American civil society except to close ranks and cover each other’s posteriors. It’s scandalous, embarrassing, tawdry and ridiculous all around.
    Heinrich Heine’s satirical verse comes to mind:
    It’s now a world turned upside down.
    It’s not the one we was in –
    The quail are using shotguns
    To kill hunters by the dozen!
    The cow has barbecued the cook,
    Kamala’s learned to smile;
    The Germans growl, but Jews stay mum
    At Holocaust denial!
    We went through the same exercise in national self-deception during the Iraq-Afghanistan wars, especially in 2008, when criticism of the short-lived Surge was grounds for expulsion from decent society. Everyone had signed onto the great crusade to make the world safe for democracy, everyone was complicit, and everyone stood to lose bigly at the exposure of our collective stupidity. Donald Trump had the brains and gumption to declare that the emperor had no clothes, and grateful Americans made him president. The outraged Establishment spent the next four years trying to frame him for “Russia collusion” or whatever.
    The Ukraine disaster is worse: If we are beaten by Russia’s capo di tutti capi with an economy the size of Texas, the humiliation will be all the greater. No one actually won in Iraq or Afghanistan; we were short 5,000 dead Americans and $6 trillion. But in this case, our strategic rivals will be the winners. The dudgeon of the defeated Establishment will be all the fiercer.
    As I wrote June 19, “Donald Trump is magnificently right about Ukraine.” For all his failings—and I have not hesitated to call attention to them—Trump is a realist who wants a good deal for the United States, and he has contempt for the utopians who will risk the American homeland to propagate their vision of a new world order.

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