Leftists Predicting A “BLUE WAVE” On Tiktok. The Fix Is In:

Leftists Predicting A “BLUE WAVE” On Tiktok. The Fix Is In:

I said this some weeks ago that the CommieCrats will steal the rest of the elections. They walked scot free from a Presidential election after they frauded the people. Nothing will stop them now.

Here is my post. (Alas, YT took it down:) Don’t Hope In A ‘Red Wave’ This Election.

Im telling you again:


Hope in God.

11 thoughts on “Leftists Predicting A “BLUE WAVE” On Tiktok. The Fix Is In:

  1. Do you have the original video you posted on U2be? If you do, I suggest opening a Rumble account and posting every censored video there, and post any new video you post to U2be onto Rumble as well. A number of your followers will likely follow you on Rumble as well. If you notice when I post links to Elijah Streams, I post both U2be and Rumble links whenever they simulcast them on both. There are days they only do Rumble because of the Commies at U2be poop their gay thong panties.

  2. TIC TOK HICKORY DOCK is a SMALL amount of USA MAJORITY! Im not afraid of TIC TOK

  3. OH I know. They know its the ONLY way they can win. AINT GONNA WORK NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!

  4. I just dont have the time to post em all! There are SO MANY on Tiktok. I’ll pray about it, ok?

  5. Part of the big problem is that our nation has trusted in man for far too long. We hope in a “red wave” or getting “our man” into office. Look at the state of our nation! Legalizing killing of babies in the womb and beyond, as some states are passing laws saying you can kill your baby for up to 28 days after they are born. The blood of the innocent cry out! The lack of justice in our nation. Releasing violent criminals. The unchecked elitist global child trafficking that goes on in our nation. I could go on and on and on. It states in the Bible that IF the people fear HaSHem and obey him, then they AND their King who reigns over them will follow the LORD. (1 Samuel 12:14 If you will fear the LORD and serve Him, and listen to His voice and not rebel against the command of the LORD, then both you and the king who reigns over you will follow the LORD your God.) IF. Follow that out to the end. IF you (the people) do NOT fear the LORD and serve him – then not only the people but also their leaders will not follow the LORD. They will have wicked leaders. We have in power who we have in power because of the wickedness and unrepentant state of the people in this nation. It is time to let go of the hope in voting in a messiah-man who will “fix” everything. The person who will come on the scene and appear to do that globally will be the anti-Christ. It is time to let the chips fall where they may. Pray the LORD’s will be done and follow Him. Read. Pray. Live in righteousness. Read the Bible.

  6. ONE Extreme Outlier Poll Shows Kari Lake “Mysteriously” Behind
    83 views Aug 2, 2022 Poll after poll after poll has shown that Kari Lake leading Karrin Taylor Robson by wide margins in the Arizona gubernatorial primary race yet ONE recent very outlier Emerson College poll has Robson leading by a point. Politico immediately jumped on that outlier poll and hyped it to the exclusion of all the others contrasting sharply with it. Hmmmm….. And how do you think this could be? Can you solve the “mystery?”

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