Vaxxed Nurse Commends The Unvaxxed: “They Were Right All Along, The Smart Ones.” Says She “Regrets It”

Vaxxed Nurse Commends The Unvaxxed: “They Were right All Along”. Says She “Regrets It”

I knew we were not wrong. HOW can we stand before the LORD with a change in our DNA? HOW? You’re another whole person!

I commend her for coming forward. It takes a lot of character to do what she is doing.
I feel sorry for her.


8 thoughts on “Vaxxed Nurse Commends The Unvaxxed: “They Were Right All Along, The Smart Ones.” Says She “Regrets It”

  1. How incredibly heartbreaking for her. Her only fault was believing what was being told by the talking heads of our national health science group. Sadly, sometimes we have to find things out the hard way. I watch her struggle for words. Being exhausted, and I think, there by for the grace of HaShem go I. Had I not nearly lost a child to vaccine injury 27 years ago – would I have fallen prey to the lies of the globalist propaganda machine? I will pray for her restoration to health, and a saving faith in Yeshua.

  2. The vaxxed are tracked. Just a number, now.
    I just look at a shot and run.
    Shots have scared me since I was 3 and was fed intravenously thru my fingers and feet because I had gastroenteritis. The PTSD has left me with an unreasonable fear. I praise GOD for that fear now!

  3. She didn’t commit blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, so she’s still got a chance!

  4. Here is an opinion. Is has to do with a jabbed person who regrets doing it.
    A guilty person is going to jail. Its assured, but the judge has leeway. She can get 7 years or end up with one week and one year probtion. Both are not nice but one is far better.
    Eternal life is for only the righteous that meet the standard. The rest do go to hellfire. Hellfire is eternally burning. As satan gets that. But dont confuse eternal hellfire with being there forever. Those in hell do not get eternal life. And their souls get destroyed in hell after their sentencing time is fulfilled. The ammount and nature of sins is what determines the time in hell. God said to only fear him that can destroy both body and soul. Hell is a consuming fire, meaning it burns something up outa existance. If ones sins are mild like a drop of water in a fire, its vaporized instantly and no suffering. If the sin is heavier like cardboard it will suffer a brief time. If sin like a granite rock, it may suffer for years. Get the picture. Hell is a place of suffering but also a place of cut off from God.
    So to the sorrowful jabbed once people. Sorry, you are going to hell. Your soul will be destroyed there. Thats your sentance. You cant undo that. Eternal life is lost to you. You will cease to exist, but once that happens pain will cease.
    So what can you do? Accept reality that sucks for you. What time you have left can determine if your sinload gets you to go poof like a drop of water and not burn for awhile. So speak up about the evil jab. You will get no reward but almost no suffering. What you cant prevent is cut off from God.
    Hellfire preachers, and we need more of them, dont like what i say as they think it weakens fear of hell. They are wrong. Hell means soul destruction for sure. And most do suffer for short to long time except the small sin water drops.
    Where do i get this? Its called reading comprehension. Not all on same reading comprehension levels shown by school tests.
    Its all in the bible! But one must comprehend the totality of all pertaining verses.

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