Protesters In #TAIWAN: “F**K OFF NANCY PELOSI”. God’s Calamity Is On Nancy Pelosi

Protesters In #TAIWAN: “F**K YOU, NANCY PELOSI”. God’s Calamity Is On Nancy Pelosi

Take a look at the anger of the Taiwanese.. We’re hated there, also. We’re hated everywhere because of these stinking CommieCrats and their GOP Pinko allies. We’re going to be attacked by many nations in our near future. Get prepared.

God’s Calamity Has Fallen On the House Of Pelosi. REPENT Nancy Pelosi, ASAP

I’ll be working on moving these to Rumble after this week. Try to bear with me – more important is getting info out.

11 thoughts on “Protesters In #TAIWAN: “F**K OFF NANCY PELOSI”. God’s Calamity Is On Nancy Pelosi

  1. When you get rumble going please let me know 😊 👍. I believe that was all staged, by that’s my opinion 😒😒

  2. Someone said she is a luciferian and believe she is. If she is much more than that I don’t know but on all this what’s going on obama is involved

  3. Probably you know this obama’s birthday is the 4th. If anything would happen then? Never know keeping eyes 👀 open.

  4. They are smart enough to know that our “leaders” (for that is what they call themselves) are evil and do not have their best interest at heart. That they can’t be trusted. They know there is a big difference between the original nation that was founded and the corrupt pedo, deep state thugs we have now.

  5. Have you seen the mess the CCP locked itself into? They’re raising hell in a ring of fire around Taiwan, but that’s suicidal for the poor CCP. The micro-chips are Taiwan’s crown-jewel and the CCP wants to lay hands on that because that’ll buy them Eternal Life (they’ll have an endless supply of chips for all their machines but they can’t make the chips themselves because the Taiwanese have rooted out the competition over the years and no Chinese are capable of rivaling with the Taiwanese expertise for micro-chips.). The CCP are so pissed and panicked that they’ve cut off the export of sand to Taiwan for molding the chips. But the CCP is on this suicidal death-course ever since the killer-viruses and Wuhan. Now with the Taiwan sand banning, the CCP is going one hill too far.There’s now way back from there,because banning sand for Taiwan is squelching world supply of micro-chips and it’s akin to WWIII and not a price CCP can afford. Have you studied CCP’s history? In the 20s, the Chinese wanted to put the English and French in a ghetto in Shanghai and forbid them entering China. So the English saw the trap and started selling opium to the Chinese so they could hook them on drugs and sell their opium coming from India into China. So we see that when the Chinese try to be mean, the English/West can go lower than that. If China bans sand from Taiwan, the US’ll supply Taiwan with sand and will cut off China from micro-chips. World’ll have machines while Chinese’ll be back to using mules+hand-drawn carts. We’ve reached the Great Day, People. It’s now. DAY ONE OF NO MORE SAND!

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