An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

The murderous, butt-puke Leftists are going insane over a former slave cabin which is currently being rented out by a patron on AirBnB. They are outraged over this but not outraged over homosexual militants who are teaching little children how to be tiny drag queens. They’re NOT outraged over 65 plus million little babies being snuffed out and murdered by abortion. The Leftists support Nazi’s in Ukraine and Jihadists in the Arab Muslim countries. But, they are super upset over an old, reformed slave cabin. SICKENING.

Leftists are the vessels of destruction that Paul the Apostle talked about.

Leftists are here to DESTROY and very little else.

10 thoughts on “An AIRBNB “Slave Cabin” Inflames Leftist, Baby-Murdering Sodomites & Psychopaths:

  1. U.n. hq built on old animal slaughter yard. Vatican built on top a cemetary. U.n. jerusalem h.q built on spot judas hung himself on a tree and why that spot was empty till u.n. showed up. So at least the slave cabin upgraded in a positive way for a change.

  2. Sister, you have a way with words. When I read “butt plucked” 🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 couldn’t stop laughing.

  3. RC: Ive been HOLDING BACK for like 3 years! So many other Christians used to get really angry with me bec I cursed and used vulgar language. But, I couldnt help it! These people are SO EVIL!! It made me MAD. Hence, the name “The Mad Jewess”
    God WANTS me to tell these EVIL reprobates OFF!

  4. I understand that these evil people made you mad for what they are doing and you are releasing it in your website. Remember that their day is coming. We will come back as a bride with the Lord and with Him this whole earth will be cleaned! (Rev.19:19) Our Lord has judged this world because people are walking away from the word of God committing apostasy rejecting the truth of His word and I hope people start to wake up and turn their lives to the Lord while the church still here. 😊🙌

  5. Not sure about the spot where Judas hung himself. I heard the lot is empty and marked as a landmark for tourists to see.

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  7. “Get over it. You’re fine”. Love it. There is so much evil in the world and the lefties want to moan over someone renovating an old slave cabin as an air BNB? We really have had it too good for too long…

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