LIVE Footage Of The Hudson River…. BOILING!

LIVE Footage Of The Hudson River…. BOILING!

The man in this video below suggests it might be the close by nuclear power plant. IT may also be a Volcano underneath?

Who knows….!!

Your guess is as good as mine:

PS: I am slowly switching over to Bitchute and Rumble.

9 thoughts on “LIVE Footage Of The Hudson River…. BOILING!

  1. I hope there is not lava slowly raising up. He is the water is close to a boiling point. There is no telling what’s going on under there 🤔🤔.

  2. There is a new prophecy from Amanda Grace about something about to go down in New York.

  3. There was a prophecy from Robin D. Bullock: 2 Governors will be taken out: part 1 was Andrew Cuomo. Bullock got the word Cuomo back in 2021 when he got the 2 Governor prophecy. When California went through the Recall Newsom election, some thought part 2 was being fulfilled. It wasn’t, as the election was stolen. Part 2 is coming with a scandal from Kathy Hochul. The boiling might be a sign.

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