Alex Jones Sued! 49.3 MILLION USD For His OPINION. David Wheeler, The Sandy Hook FBI Sniper, ‘Victim’ Father & Actor Must Be Giggling

Alex Jones, Sued! 49.3 MILLION USD For His OPINION. David Wheeler, The Sandy Hook, FBI Sniper, ‘Victim’s’ Father & Actor Must Be Giggling

Let’s not pull any punches here. Alex Jones is sued for 49.1 MILLION USD merely for:

#1. Having a differing opinion over Sandy Hoax, oops… I mean Hook. #2. Being a person who searches out all matters & performs these searches in a boisterous way.

I digress….Nancy Pelosi and her husband are Inside traders (everyone knows this), but they go scot free.

At any rate…Alex Jones must pay. He is a ‘right winger’ (the Communist label for traditional Americans who are fighting against the Democrat, Communist assault against America.)

David Wheeler is a triple threat!

Wheeler was a supposed victim’s father. But, he was also a member of the ‘FBI Sniper, swat-team’ at the alleged Sandy Hook shooting. Can someone explain how that happened? David Wheeler was also a professional actor in the movie FAITHFUL, released in 2001. Francine Wheeler (his wife) is a TV actor in the Dream Jam Band and the animated film, Mutant Aliens.

Watch the below video below or stay stupid…. or continue to fight these rotten, demonic, Satan-Crats.

That video above WILL blow your mind if you haven’t seen it.

We here, do not know what really happened at Sandy Hook. We do not believe the ‘official story’ and have determined that Communist, Satan-crats just want our guns and they’ll stop at nothing to take them – even ‘set up’ shootings to scare the public exactly as William Cooper told us in his book, Behold a Pale horse:

Hurry up and get in character, Robbie Parker, (another supposed victim’s father):

Pray for Alex Jones.

8 thoughts on “Alex Jones Sued! 49.3 MILLION USD For His OPINION. David Wheeler, The Sandy Hook FBI Sniper, ‘Victim’ Father & Actor Must Be Giggling

  1. It’s telling when we know almost everything about Uvalde Robb Elementary yet virtually nothing about SH.

    SH=search Gene Rosen’s various “stories” of what happened to him that day. Also note, he was a retired FEMA employee. Hmmmmmmm……………..

  2. Lots of headlines says 49.3 million dollars. Thats the suit not what was the final of 4.3 million dollar he has to pay. Alex is not guilty of anything and should pay nothing. Hes right the corrupt courts will get us all soon enough. But i hate to see alex under such pressure that he now lies to us saying kids died there to keep his rear being burnt to a crisp.

  3. The video above that got deleted was called “Arming Ukraine”, a CBS report. Damning for the West and Zelensky. Only 30% of arms get to the right people. Wow!

  4. I took 2 screenshots while reading your post and watching his body language on the video stream. I wonder how much the Deep State paid him for that clown show.

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