Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama Had The FBI Raid Donald Trump’s Home In Mar-A-Lago

Barack Hussein Obama Had The FBI Raid Donald Trump’s Home In Mar-A-Lago

Barry, the Communist, antiChrist had the FBI go and harass Trump’s home at Mar-A Lago. Obama has had a chip on his shoulder against Trump since DJT said “Obama wasn’t born here“. There was no reason for this home raid – except to make an ‘example’ out of Trump.

There is NO way that I will call this administration: “The Biden Administration”. It isn’t. Diaper Joe farts and craps in public and can’t put a sentence together. This is OBAMA.

During the Obama years, I was an active blogger, in the top 1 and 2% of political blogs in the USA. I attacked Barry, non-stop for 8 years. I KNOW his tactics. Everything you see happening today was/is being perpetrated by Barack Hussein Obama, the antiChrist. You can smell the stench of Barry, the devil on a daily basis. All of the militant trannies, homo’s, Leftist, Communist-slobs, etc are out in full force because they know satan Obama will protect their filthy azzes.

Remember this?



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  1. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 There you go some puke 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. IDK if it was Obumma personally that did that to Trump…Definetely the DEM party! Obumma included. But I doubt it was just one guys decision! Obumma doesnt have control of FBI or DHS…..So there had to be more involved than just him.

  3. Merrick Garland is sucking 0bama’s penis. YEAH, I SAID THAT! It takes a sleazy cheese weenie to sink low and go after innocent people for sport.

  4. Something just occurred to me. On Thursday August 4, prophet Amanda Grace suddenly got a word while on Elijah Streams about Jill Biden sleeping with someone other than Joe. This is tied in with the sudden raid on Mar-A-Lago. Jill’s been sleeping with Garland to help 0bama hatch this plan.

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  6. The word Amanda Grace got while on Elijah Streams was that Jill Biden is sleeping with someone else other than Joe. My blog has the link to the Elijah Streams podcast. Amanda Grace had a podcast of her own the night before. I doubled the Elijah Streams podcast post and posted the link to the podcast on it as a bonus link. Timothy Dixon had a prophecy about a raid on the Capitol where he saw prominent Democrats, RINOs and a number of FBI Agents being taken into custody. It also showed Trump being restored, and Lauren Boebert was at his side. It turns out she later becomes his running mate in 2024. And Biden’s dead carcass was seen in a casket being removed from the White House.

  7. Today as I write this, it’s 8 minutes before Robin Bullock goes live on the Eleventh Hour. God is ready to expose Jill and Merrick’s affair. Those agents who raided Mar-A-Lago are marked spiritually to be taken out in the raid Timothy Dixon saw. Timothy Dixon just had a new prophecy yesterday. I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but will, later in the day.

  8. ANTICHRIST Obama in action, Geir.
    If the WORLD would wake up to this, then everything would make sense

  9. Yes, Pauli, you’re right we’re living in the Post-Satan world of political correctness.

  10. Perversion is pure now. There are a lot of people that say Obama’s the Antichrist. Have you thought you should maybe change the blog and turn it into an anti-Antichrist blog. Gather the troops of those who say Obama’s the Antichrist. Ready them for the Apocalypse when they’ll need to hit the ground running. I’m sure half your followers won’t follow you down that rabbit hole. You know, it’s like when you offer free cocktails and drinks at parties, everybody’s your friend. (Not when you run out of drinks to serve them. Nobody knows you next day when the hangover sets in.) I say go cold turkey and cut off the freeloaders right here and now. Why indulge the crowd? Ask them: “Who’s with me among you all? Speak up: “Either you’re with me or not.”

  11. I see how they pooh pooh what you say, not to mention me of course. You know we’re in the Fourth Dimension. Blasting into intercontinental space is a trip man. When I saw the Newsweek by Jewish Editor Lisa Miller, I had a moment of accounting and honestly muttered to myself: “Geir, you’re searching for the Apocalypse through the Buddhist Shambhala and Kalachakra, but this 666 mark is a Christian thingie, get out of Dodge while you still can man. the Christains will slaughter a Buddhist on sight anyways you’re just losing your precious time.” Know what I did Pauli, I slept upon it for a few weeks to a month and then I started trying to slip it into conversations. I learnt the ropes of end times prophecy and to filter out who is in on it and who’s not.

  12. Well, ppl can poo poo all they wish. I know Obama is the AC.
    Even the LORD gave me a dream where I was fighting him.

  13. I put off entering the arena for several weeks because I didn’t want more flak than I was usually getting from Christians, Buddhists and who not.
    By go after Obama’s curse of 666, I knew I’d have to face off with the Christians because they’d come at me saying they knew “better than me who was the Antichrist”.
    I knew Obama was supported by the Islam-loving Leftists, and they’d go crazy if they heard we said Obama’s the Antichrist;
    I knew we’d face off with Obama’s bots. I saw it’d be a glorious battle and we’d have to put everything which we can find in us into the righteous battle we have chosen.

  14. This is the last battle. It’s us or them. They want to make their god and savior Hell’s Satan the Antichrist win. We can’t let them do so, because we’ve opted out for a different set of values based upon the truth while they’re evil-based which means strangely enough, that they don’t have the option of the truth in their system of thinking. They suck big time and have been known to say on the record that Good is Evil and Evil is Good as strange as that may seem. But indeed bad as it is, these people took a page out of The Godfather. They’re playing in a “Godfather” episode that should be called: “Sitting to the Right of the Devil.” !!!!???****$$$$

  15. We’re going to have to take charge of all the vaxed people. We can’t just let them die in pain at home. We’ll have to organize the world with the non-vaxxed taking care of the sick vaxed. This is a brave new world Pauli, and we’ve got everything resting upon our shoulders to keep the world working.

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