People Who Have NOT Been Raided:

People Who Have NOT Been Raided

By Kid Rock:

Kid Rock is the voice of reason…

People who haven’t been raided

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Jeffrey Epstein’s clients
  • Hunter Biden
  • Ray Epps
  • John & Tony Podesta
  • Perkins Coie
  • Marc Elias
  • Andrew McCabe
  • Larry Nassar DC pipe bomber
  • Awan Brothers
  • Antifa, BLM
  • Sandy Berger
  • Bill Clinton
  • Eric Swalwell
  • Diana Feinstein Contractors using NSA database

AND, The most EVIL war-monger and trouble-maker that has ever existed:


17 thoughts on “People Who Have NOT Been Raided:

  1. Hey how’s gettr web. Is it a “truth” website? I have heard about it but not tried.

  2. 10-4. So so true. But in my humble o-pinion, the father of the jab trumpy, his support has been sagging and persecuting him might be done to rally back some supporters he lost as i do believe actor trump is part of the deep state.

  3. I know he was and still is all part of the vaccine roll out.
    But, I believe that the ‘deep state’ hates him.

    I wasnt a huge Trump person. By May 2017, he had not gotten rid of ONE operative.
    So, I left the ‘camp’.

    However – What they did to him yesterday was wrong.

  4. Those agents who raided Mar-A-Lago are going to prison when the surprise raid on the Capitol goes down. Prophet Timothy Dixon did say that he saw a number of FBI Agents getting arrested along with many Democrats and RINOs.

    On a side note, I followed you on Gettr just after I saw your link. You’ll see my vintage 59 Ford Pickup with a rented camper top on my profile

  5. “***turn the camera away, turn the camera upwards***.”

    Lebanese TV captures Islamic Jihad rocket misfire live, averts camera
    “Please, turn the camera away, turn the camera upwards,” Mayadeen TV correspondent says after the rocket impacted in a Gaza neighborhood.

    (August 9, 2022 / JNS) During a live broadcast on Aug. 7, Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV caught a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket misfiring and coming down in a Gaza neighborhood. The correspondent can be heard telling the cameraman to avert the camera.

    The correspondent can be heard in the video, a translated version of which was posted by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Monday, stating that rockets are being launched toward the sea, “maybe towards the gas fields.”

    One of the rockets can then be seen straying off course, veering away from the coastline and impacting in a populated area.

    A few moments later, a voice is heard instructing the cameraman, who followed the missile’s course, to “please, turn the camera away, turn the camera upwards.”

    The presenter then attempts to continue the broadcast, saying, “Yes, Ahmad, apparently rockets were launched towards the sea.”

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    According to the Israeli military, during the three days of fighting between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists that began on August 5, the Gaza-based terror group launched some 1,100 rockets at Israel, 200 of which fell inside the Gaza Strip.

    Of the 990 that crossed into Israel, Israel’s Iron Dome air-defense system intercepted 380 that would have come down in populated areas; a success rate of 96%, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

    More Palestinian noncombatants were killed by misfired PIJ rockets than by Israeli strikes, according to the IDF. Thirty-five Palestinians, 11 of them non-combatants, were killed by Israeli airstrikes during “Operation Breaking Dawn,” while 15 Gaza civilians were killed by failed PIJ rockets, according to IDF figures.

  6. NRSC celeb thinks Obama may be anti-Christ, ‘sooooo evil’
    By BEN SMITH 10/28/2008 01:45 PM EDT

    Jonathan Martin noted with some amusement a new video from the NRSC video featuring celebrities you may not have heard of, plus Pat Boone in a swimming pool, attacking Al Franken.

    A reader adds an odd note: One of those “celebs,” Victoria Jackson, a Saturday Night Live vet (though no Franken admirer) voices rather strong feelings about Barack Obama on her website:

    I don’t want a political label, but Obama bears traits that resemble the anti- Christ and I’m scared to death that un- educated people will ignorantly vote him into office.

    You see, what bothers me most, besides being a Communist, and a racist (Obama writes in his book, From Dreams of My Father, “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and and animosity against my (white) mother’s race.”) (Obama’s “religion” of the last 20 years is Black Liberation Theology. What is that? “It is simply Marxism dressed up in Christian rhetoric. But unlike traditional Marxism, Black Liberation Theology emphasizes race rather than class. It’s leading theorist is James Cone who says Jesus was black, African-Americans are the chosen people, and whites are the devil. Cone says, “What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world.” The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor), is that he is a LIAR. He pretends to be a Christian and he incriminates himself everytime he speaks about Christianity. To lie about being a believer in Christ is very dangerous. Lightning could strike him at any minute! But seriously, he doesn’t have a clue what the Bible says and yet he pretends to be a church- going Christian to win votes. That is sooooo evil.

  7. EVERY ONE of the bastards listed above needs to be in ALCATRAZ! YEA I DO MEAN ALCATRAZ!

  8. Forget Epstein, This Could Bring The Whole Case Down – Judge Who Reportedly Signed Off On Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Anti-Trump Social Media Posts And They Are Not Looking Good
    August 10, 2022

    The Florida magistrate judge who reportedly signed off on the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s home allegedly disparaged the former president and shared “woke” content on what appears to be his personal Facebook page.

  9. Maybe it’s time to make a blog here that’s anti-Antichrist Pauli. I mean really anti-Antichrist.
    Tell anyone refusing to name Obama by name and using fake names, won’t be allowed to post.
    Time to move on and NOT LOOK BACK NOW PAULI. Apocalypse-time now.

  10. Don’t want people pooh poohing your claim that Obama’s the Antichrist. They’re always one step behind you and at everything you say, they chomp at the bit like mules/asses that won’t go forward. You got to beat them to make them take one single step and they curse you for it. They’re the worst students in the classroom and the laziest brats of the damn bunch (plus they’re probably liars and cheaters: they’re working as undercover psyops for Obama as OBOTS.).

  11. They’ll ALL find out soon enuf!
    Im surprised nobody sees it yet -only a select few – even though he fulfills EVERY passage

  12. Yes, the truth will explode like lightning in broad daylight. But too late at that point.
    Why’s no one talking about the main topic which is Obama’s birth certificate and the fact that on the same day as Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago, the Illinois Lottery drew 666. Technically he’s the Antichrist and there’s no possible doubt about that. Are people at gab men or weaklings? Women or macho men?
    Thank You Democrats. You Just Made Trump the Biggest Martyr in History. Next, Trump Should Announce for President Today. Now. This Second. Stick It Right in Democrats’ Face.

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    This wasn’t about any crime. There was no crime. This is about one thing: stopping Trump from running again. Because this time he’s learned his lesson- Trump has publicly vowed to go after the DC Swamp and fire unaccountable government officials. The Deep State and DC Swamp is desperate to stop Trump at all costs.

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