Doctor REFUSES to take on a VAXXED patient

Doctor REFUSES to take on a VAXXED patient

Can’t say I blame the doctor.. The vaxxed are walking time bombs. One never knows what a spiked protein’d person is carrying around:

6 thoughts on “Doctor REFUSES to take on a VAXXED patient

  1. Plenty of poked doctors she can go to. Smart responsible doc here. This young thing has the smarts of AOC.

  2. I find this really ironic. My children are totally unvaxed. Do you know how hard it is to get any doctor to accept them as patients because of their vaccination status? Doctors have been refusing to treat patients that aren’t update on typical vaccines for years. Despite having phenomenal insurance, we had to pay out of pocket for them to see the only doctor who would accept them. That doctor doesn’t take insurance.

    It is quite interesting that a specialist wouldn’t see this woman who is now rife with chronic health issues. The doctor doesn’t want to be blamed for not being able to “fix” her. Basically, “Sorry. There is nothing I can do for you now.” I wonder if this woman was one of the many who believed that anyone who refused to “do the right thing” and “protect others” by getting the shabby jabby, should be denied health care and left to die. How the tables have turned.

  3. YUP! I wondeed if SEX with vaxed unvaxed would be harmful. Maybe worse than HIV or AIDS! NO worry lol. Not planning on testing that one!

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