Well, WHY Did Anti-Christ Obama Weaponize The IRS Then And NOW? Didn’t The IRS Apologize For The ABUSE OF POWER?

Well, WHY Did Anti-Christ Obama Weaponize The IRS Then And NOW?

The Devil, CommieCrats are screaming about how Trump supporters are comparing the raid at his home in Florida: Senate Candidate Slammed for Comparing Obama and AOC to Trump Raid


“Imagine the backlash if while he was in office, Trump had Obama’s home raided and AOC’s phone seized,” Republican Mark Meuser tweeted.

  • At any rate – My question is this: If Joe Biden is the one ‘running the White house’, please advise me of why he is using the SAME tactics as Obama?

  • During the Obama Administration, the Internal Revenue Service discriminated against conservative organizations by making them wait for years just to gain tax-exempt status. At the same time, other groups received the same status in a very short period of time, such as a satanic group which received nonprofit status in only ten days. [1][2]  In 2017, the Trump Administration ended the scandal by settling with the affected organizations and apologizing,[3]  but it still declined to prosecute IRS official Lois Lerner for her major role in the scandal.[4]

IRS Apologizes For Aggressive Scrutiny Of Conservative Groups:

In a legal settlement that still awaits a federal judge’s approval, the IRS “expresses its sincere apology” for mistreating a conservative organization called Linchpins of Liberty — along with 40 other conservative groups — in their applications for tax-exempt status.

An APOLOGY is an admission of wrong-doing. So, why is Joe-BAMA repeating this offense??

Why wasn’t Obama held accountable? Why didn’t the DOJ and the FBI break into the AntiChrist, Obama’s mansion?

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  1. If you look at the history of how Nixon got persecuted for Watergate and how Trump is being attacked, there is a common thread in it: Hillary Clinton.

  2. Crooked Hildebeest hates Republicans and has a 50+ year history of doing illegal acts to destroy those she hates.

  3. Another thing I forgot: Jill Bidet is another one of the whores of Babylon. She humped Merrick Garland before he ordered the FBI to ransack and destroy Mar-A-Lago. When I saw The Elijah Streams on August 4th with Amanda Grace, she had the prophetic word on Jill at about 14:40~14:50 into the video. It’s on Rumble under Elijah Streams. I just put 2+2 together, as she is gracious and cautious not to risk making an accusation that the enemy will lie about.

  4. Hug Pauli,
    I feel we (and I) have to make way for God or heaven (as you say), and be humble and just relay heaven’s miracles. No need for any personal input, just put heaven in the driver’s seat an go with that.
    Isn’t it marvelous? Heaven sent us 666. Is that lucky or what? How blessed are we to have seen that in our lifetime. Yes, it’s a once-only event, even in the last 4000 years of recorded Biblical events, it’s a once-only event.

    The great thing, is that when heaven sends us 666 as a warning it means it’s Jesus’ Second Coming, so how happy and rewarded are we?

    We should go out and dance on the streets to show our joy says the Bible. I mean we’re talking Revelation here, we’re talking Apocalypse, and Second Coming. I mean we’re talking Jesus Christ here!!!

    This is the big one Pauli. When Jesus comes I’m sure it’s also our Buddhist day of liberation too. To me it’s all one same thing.

    Make an article and I’ll comment it.

    You can use this as text in part or parcel of it- (if or not you want to).

    Trump has powers: his, Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump Barry is a Circuit Judge, he should get papers to launch a massive raid on Obama’s mansion in Kalorama in DC (adress: Belmont Road NW) to find the birth certificate and Obama’s medical certificate if he has AIDS and/or small-pox. Bust him for being the Antichrist and Satan-in-Person, black, a hustler, a Chicago criminal, and undocumented alien, a coked-up drug-addict homosexual.

  5. SAY WHAT? Obama Took 30 Million Documents From White House…FBI Never Raided Any of His Mansions
    Aug 11, 2022

    Democrats are defending the unprecedented raid on Trump’s home. They claim President Trump “violated” the law by taking documents with him from the White House.

    Can Democrats explain why they didn’t do this to Obama—even though he took millions of documents with him?
    Will they break into Obama’s “mansion” in Martha’s Vineyard?”


  6. Imagine that Antichrist Obama takes down Trump.

    Imagine that we don’t know what the future holds in store for us.

    Imagine it’s all a great mystery.

    Well, we know that in the end the Antichrist will be defeated and we know that, because it says so in the Bible!!!

  7. Obama’s only notable quality is his ability to wreak wanton destruction on the world, a bit like cannibal dictator Idi Amin Dada of Uganda.

    The difference is Obama’s in the White House.

    And Obama used the vaccine to wipe out most of Humanity.

    Amin Dada didn’t succeed in doing such crimes as Obama, but give any black half a chance and they’ll wipe out all trace of human beings on Earth.

  8. EXCLUSIVE: National Archives and Media Caught in Another Lie – Evidence Shows Obama Did Have Classified Docs in the 33 Million Pages He Took with Him When He Left Office
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 8/1382022 | Joe Hoft

    The establishment media is now insisting that Barack Hussein Obama did not keep classified documents and take them with him after he left the White House.

    The Gateway Pundit can now confirm that this is a blatant lie. There were documents Obama had in his possession when he left the White House.

    President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!”


  9. Obama’ll fall of his own sins. He’s a malignant narcissist. They mess around with everybody they meet. They have to pay for it at the end and that destroys them, such as Obama will face when he has to explain his lies.

  10. Correct. I listen to a podcast (David Knight) who calls our current prez O-biden. He says Ovomit is the real one running the show. And of course Trump declined to prosecute Lerner, or investigate Ovomit, or the DOJ that sat under him, because Trump is part of the problem. I know people want to make him a savior of sorts, but he did not go after evil at all. He allowed us to be locked down, and pushed the jab. But I digress.

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