Uptick In False “Prophets”. (If They’re NOT Preaching Repentance, SHUN THEM)

Uptick In False “Prophets”. (If They’re NOT Preaching Repentance, SHUN THEM)

I’ve noticed this myself all over tiktok and also, I’ve heard, on Instagram.

If a person is NOT preaching that this nation and people, (and basically the west in general) need to repent.. I have to say to you: SHUN THEM. I don’t care WHAT they are saying. If they’re not talking about our demise, SHUN them. If there is NO CONVICTION, shun them.

Satan can say a LOT of things to a person who operates in spiritism. He can even make it LOOK like prophecy. But, this is harming the true prophetic people of the Lord from THEIR reveal.

Recently, I came across a channel of a person who is a ‘new’ (so-called) Prophet. The person said a LOT of things about countries, things in the news – but nothing about conviction or repentance. If the ‘prophet’ is talking about all sorts of issues but nothing about the fear of the LORD, just shun them. I don’t care HOW much you like them. Walk away, quietly. Accuse nobody. Politely say goodbye.


Be careful.

Be VERY careful.


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  1. Yes, amen.
    You should SEE it! Its unbelievable! All these ‘prophets’ now.
    Jesus warned about this!

  2. Amen! Yes. Time to shake the dust off. Messiah’s return is near. Even the Ultra Orthodox Jews are saying Messiah’s coming is imminent. Read what the WORD says about this time. If what the “prophet” is saying about these days does not match up – shake baby shake and move on.

  3. There arent many popular psychics out there now. Where did they all go? Think the psychics found more profit as false prophits.

  4. When some so called new Prophet comes on the scene, we all need to be aware and watch the track record of him or her. We’re given prophets to keep the nation’s from falling to Satan’s wiles before it’s the real time for the Anti Christ. 0bama is a foreshadow of what the Anti Christ will be when he really comes. At the same time, we’re all in the fight together, as Shepherds tending the flock of sheep. The Eagle has landed, and the Lion is now roaring at Satan.

  5. There’s a golden rule here. It’s a test to go on full alert: if they can’t say the words correctly “Obama’s the Antichrist” they’re zombies and come from hell.
    Vampires can’t look at a crucifix nor can they stand to see themselves in a mirror and zombies that support the Antichrist Satan, Lucifer, Obama, the Devil, can’t say “Obama’s the Antichrist” because they’re false christs and demons: look at me, I’m Buddhist and I can say it, no problemo,… “Obama’s the Antichrist”, “Obama’s the Antichrist”..see?… no problemo, I can say it and whistle while I’m doing it. I’m cool with Obama being the Antichrist. God’s speed to him, (heading to hell lol!) “Obama’s the Antichrist”, “Obama’s the Antichrist”, “Obama’s the Antichrist”, “Obama’s the Antichrist”, “Obama’s the Antichrist”, I can say it…yes, I say and say it over again… and I tell people to say it. So I’ve got my arse covered to go to heaven 150% guaranteed. And my place to sit to the right of God is reserved. My only special condition is that I “don’t turn back”Bible@ to Sodom, when the whiners come whine’n, regret’n they missed the bandwagon and got left by the side of the road: they grumble, mutter and stammer how “bad things are” and how sad it is that they didn’t stand up like the Bible said to stand up when the 2d Coming’s News came to them. No “Obumma” name is enough. Inorder to call Obama by his name it’s clearly OBAMA and not OBUMMA. That’s not the correct way of calling out Antichrist Obama /to call him Obumma. Some people don’t understand who Obumma is. Obama’s not called Obumma, he’s called OBAMA. Period. Deceiving people by passing off as a fighter of the Apocalypse alongside Pauli and me, but not daring call Obama by his name and instead calling him Obumma: is cowardly. Pauli and I are warriors of the Apocalypse and someone who can’t stand up tall and say Obama’s name: is NOT A WARRIOR on par with Pauli nor me. I’m not going to be put on the same standing as someone who’s in fact supporting Obama by calling him Obumma and is a support for Obama/ not an enemy of Obama. I’m a Warrior and not a coward. I won’t be put on the same level as a coward. That’s not what the Bible announced. The Bible said to leave Sodom behind and not look back. That’s what a Warrior does, he goes out and reveals the Antichrist to the world and doesn’t pause at false prophets that defend Obama. Obama’s name is NOT Obumma. That’s not how warriors go about beating Obama.

  6. A lot of unheard-of ‘predictors’ have just ‘shown up’ out of no where…WHERE did they come from?

    They predict a LOT of stuff that DOES actually come to pass but it is not really important– & for some reason, they almost always talk about TRUMP. They almost NEVER discuss the demise of the USA and how far in abomination and sin this nation has fallen.

    There is this predictor that ‘predicted’ some things about the media. Everyone acts like this person is the “Grand Poobah’.. LOTS of prophetic types have predicted the fall of the media LONG before anyone heard of this person

    I have to agree with “SaintsNoTaints”… I believe quite a FEW of these ‘prophets’ are actually former psychics.
    Why? Because they almost NEVER bring up what God is doing IN them and are still operating in a type psychic realm.
    They do not mention how God is FURIOUS with this earth.

    One of these predictors was predicting things on tiktok, (I think) and I got hit HARD with a red flag by the holy Spirit about it– “Be wary” is what I heard..

    They also hardly ever bring up repentance and they have NO conviction in them. They are just predicting things.
    So, in essence, they ARE false because they are taking attn OFF of God and ONTO themselves. THEIR name, THEIR ministry, etc..

    These ‘predictors’ are NOT, I repeat NOT preaching ANY repentance.
    Every prophet in the Bible preached repentance. Why are they not?

    I tend to agree with most of the prophetic type voices on 444 (save a few)

  7. More things about these PREDICTORS not prophets.

    1. There IS such a gift called ‘the word of knowledge’.
    2. Paul hopes that we ALL would prophesy.
    3. There is a HUGE difference in a person who operates in the word of knowledge and the OFFICE of a prophet.

    For eg:
    A predictor will say things like:
    “You’ll hear about England”

    OK…So, we’ve hear about England. AND?

    Or, something like this: ”You’ll hear about Sister Buckethead”

    OK….We heard about Sister Buckethead, AND?

    THAT is what is called a PREDICTION. It brings ZERO glory to the LORD. BUT, it DOES bring attn to the PREDICTOR.


  8. I had 1 interesting encounter on a so called “prophetic” blog. This so called Prophet used Disqus to moderate the blog. When I pointed out some prophecies are conditional and given so that we pray to stop something bad from happening, I got removed from the post. Apparently, I hit a nerve when I said that. When we get the word something is about to strike, it’s a heads up to pray for repentance so that we might stave off judgement that the Lord hates to deliver but must if we stay the course.

  9. I agree with that.
    We CAN pray and god will relinquish his judgments.

    Also, ‘we know in part, we prophecy in PART’.

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