Lesson Of The ROSE & It’s Thorns

Lesson Of The ROSE & It’s Thorns

They say ‘every Rose has its thorn’

But, there is a deeper story to the Rose.

What the Spirit showed me about the Rose:

The Rose does not grow without these ugly, little insects called ‘aphids’ growing with it. These nasty little aphids EAT the Rose! Every single Rose is appointed aphids. NO Rose comes into the earth WITHOUT being attacked by nasty little aphids.

Do not we ALL have nasty aphids in our own lives…..?

People who sell Roses protect them from aphids.

See, when we have a friendship with the LORD, he gives us all of the tools we need to retain beauty & wisdom of the spirit.

He gives us the word, complete with armor to array ourselves for our own set of aphids (troubles).

The Rose is a beautiful flower with a deep, rich scent. Its thorns are a PROTECTION against elements on the earth. NO Rose comes to this earth without its shield called the thorn.

It’s petals are used in Weddings and other beautiful events. Roses are used for large gathering more than any other flower.

Because the Rose is a strong flower.

It is not only beautiful as it is in its splendor, growing…..It can be beautiful for many days after it is picked.

No other flower is admired the way the Rose is.

The ROSE is beautiful BECAUSE of its thorns, not despite. AND: Because the thorns can hurt the aphids & other elements…..this is the SOLE reason why the petals stay beautiful:

……………….. because of the thorns.

-Pauli Dee, 2017

TMJ/PAR February 18, 2022

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