Now, It’s BANDAID VACCINES For Your Wrist….(666)…It’s All Here

Now, It’s BANDAID VACCINES For Your Wrist…(666) It’s All Here

I’m telling ya all… We ARE on the cusp of the complete mark of the beast tat/vax/chip. Nothing is going to get ‘better’. If you are listening to false predictors telling you “Trump is gonna come back and save us”.. I’m telling you, straight up:



The only one who was, who is, who is to come & save us is Jesus of Nazareth/Yeshua Ben Yosef.


3 thoughts on “Now, It’s BANDAID VACCINES For Your Wrist….(666)…It’s All Here

  1. Getting closer everyday. Can’t you just see that technology used to attach the mark? Apply a little patch. In minutes it is embedded in/on the skin. Come Yeshua!!!

  2. I will say to those who say that Trump is coming back to save us this one thing: make sure you’re not making Donald Trump your idol. God does have plans for Trump to come back, as prophets have said. However, these prophets also warned people to guard their hearts and not make him I to their personal idol. The prophets clearly stated Jesus is the only one to be worshipped.

    What we are seeing is a prototype of what will happen when the real Anti Christ comes. We are to take every measure to follow God’s guidance and not follow the advice of Government. God has been showing us a prototype for now. However, not everything needed to be fulfilled to usher in the Anti Christ has been fulfilled yet. Satan is trying to steal the timeline right now, and we must fight back hard, diligently and perhaps brutally if needed. I have no doubt that at the very least, we are getting exposed to a prototype of what will happen just before the 1000 years of peace. But, be ready!

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