Twisted Sister’s @deesnider: You ARE What You Claim To Hate, Sugarpop

@deesnider You ARE What You Claim To Hate, Sugarpop

I never liked Twisted Sister’s garbage ‘song’, “We’re not gonna take it”. It was a loud, unmusical, badly sung ‘tune’ of the 80’s. To me, it was always and still is just noise pollution. The wanna-be men who wrote it were ugly as sin and looked like demons…I digress….

  • It’s not the “MAGA” crowd, or the “Q” crowd that is suspending, censoring, banning, and removing voices from the social town hall known as the net.
  • It’s not the MAGA/Q folk locking people up for protesting.
  • It’s not the MAGA/Q’s who are targeting people for Swatting.
  • It’s not the MAGA/Q’s who are DOXING and shaming people into job loss for having a differing opinion.

They’re not the fascists. YOUR crowd is, Dee. So, keep living in your delusional land of denial just as Hitler and Stalin did. Soon, you’ll be approving of gassing people with ZyklonB and thinking it’s a great thing just because the MAGA/Q want their Constitution supported. That’s what YOU are fighting. Dee.

Lastly, DEE…The enemy to the world and this nation is YOU.

I look forward to the day that GOD destroys every last one of you.

Hug your trees in hell.


The Mad Jewess andfull’ Jew – David Ben Moshe


15 thoughts on “Twisted Sister’s @deesnider: You ARE What You Claim To Hate, Sugarpop

  1. The word MAGA is the fifth degree or the highest degree for satanic people, so for those people that continue to wear that “red MAGA cap” and not knowing that’s what it means.

  2. Sure but we know what they mean by their ‘m.a.g.a.’
    I never wore it. I thought it was silly.
    And the ‘maga’….I knew was never going to happen bec we’re Babylon 😦

  3. I feel bad that USA could not be restored but the fact is that 50% or more LOVE this abomination and sin!!!

  4. It will not be restored. People has turned away from God, and abortions, baby sacrifices, sodomites, now bestiality is about to become normal, etc. and apostasy is almost everywhere.

  5. And a lot of pastors out there are wolves wearing sheep’s clothing, and a lot of pastors are not teaching the word of God leading a lot of their congregation to be lost. People are depending of their pastors to tell them that they are saved and they are not. People have become lazy not studying the Bible for themselves. When the bride leaves in the near future, people will be at a loss. People want everything to go back to normal. They are going to want evil trump back in office and he is part of the globalist system listening to obama. In the US government are full of devil worshipers, lovers of money, backstabers, you name it. As you know, the demorats have sold this country to China, the economy is heading to the toilet, giving billions of dollars to Ukraine, etc. This country is done and as you know our Lord has had enough of babies being sacrificed to Moloch.

  6. Its a sad state of affairs we’re in RC.
    When Covid happen, I JUMPED into the bible more than ever!
    As for churches…..NO thx…no interest. They have NO holy spirit

  7. Mad that many old enough to remember dems were red and republicans were blue dont insist the colors go back correctly. The whole idea of conservative right being commie red is absurd in including commie red magician hats. The color switch was somewhere near 1980 as a social experiment to see how gullible were the people. It worked so well that many now easily pierced for satan. Please God may the end be real soon as it feels like we cant take it any more but we can as none given more than they can take if in tune to God.

  8. Demonic. That is always what I thought, even as a teen, when I saw their record jackets. Who cares what they say? They should go back to the rock they crawled out under.

  9. Oh yeah twisted alright. That Dee gets me. But what’s a has been like him know about restoring culture or fixing America? Hash tag eat me, Dee, you commie.

  10. These spawns of revolution now want to jettison themselves from what they created. We got their revolution alright. Red in the head. Who burned down Seattle and Minneapolis and never complained about it? And he does kind of have a resemblance to Rachael Levine, now that I think of it.

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