Shocking Proof? D.O.D., FEDERAL AGENT: “We Murdered Michael Jackson” ??

Shocking Proof? D.O.D., FEDERAL AGENT: “We Murdered Michael Jackson” ??

I’m leaving it for you to decide what is transpiring after watching this video. This is supposedly a Fed agent from the D.O.D. who wants to come clean because he now has faith in God and wants to ‘do the right thing’.. He can ‘no longer live in sin’. He claims that he will ‘release every tape he has’.

Michael Jackson’s very last phone was supposedly being tapped.

You be the judge:

5 thoughts on “Shocking Proof? D.O.D., FEDERAL AGENT: “We Murdered Michael Jackson” ??

  1. This would not surprise me. MK Ultra did not stop. I have heard of this type of thing from others. Specifically the rise to power certain music groups/people being used for social engineering. Bringing in drugs to decimate the black communities. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have watched a number of videos by Isaac Kappy. Isaac Kappy knew a lot of inside information on Hollywood. Kappy said that Michael Jackson was “destroyed” by the media. Kappy also said that Michael Jackson hated Steven Spielberg. Kappy said that Spielberg is a pedophile. Maybe Jackson hated Spielberg because Spielberg was a pedophile.

    The Illuminati elite get their power from Satan. They get this power through child sacrifice, pedophilia, adrenochrome harvesting and who knows what else. The Illuminati Satanic Pedophiles are psychopaths and they will destroy anyone who gets in their way. But the Lord sees all that they do and their day of judgment is coming.

    “Pedophiles run the world.” –Stanley Kubrick

    Isaac Kappy names Hollywood pedophiles

  3. Prophet Kat Kerr saw Michael Jackson in Heaven. Prior to his death, he was about to speak out for Jesus on his tour. He was murdered from what God revealed. Jackson is performing in Heaven right now.

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