Mexicans Upset Because Americans Are “Invading” Mexico City, Mexico:

Mexicans Upset Because Americans Are “Invading” Mexico City, Mexico:

Well, well, well…. They’re upset? How ’bout when they come here in the 25 millions? I guess Mexico is getting a taste of their own medicine..

I lived in a town in California that was once a home to Arkies and Okies. They moved to Salinas during the dust bowl. They pioneered the land. Salinas was not a populated city. However, when the Hispanic Marxists were thru with it, the Okie/Arkie white population dwindled down to a mere 25%.

As some people say…’Karma…’

4 thoughts on “Mexicans Upset Because Americans Are “Invading” Mexico City, Mexico:

  1. Long time ago local kansas reported there were 10000 chinese in a small town. Think it was liberal or maybe dodge city. Then a bit later national news reported 10000 chinese visa expired chinese were missing. I wondered if they were unfindable being in one spot? Might be a million missing now.
    Dont mind new peoples coming if legal but build your own areas and dont subdue others areas.

  2. I find this incredibly funny. They won’t want Americans coming in a changing their culture. Bwahahahaha. How the worm as turned.

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