Remember John Podesta & That Screaming Boy?

Remember John Podesta & That Screaming Boy?

I remember this… It is said that this video was ‘leaked’ re. John Podesta.. and his possible violent pedophile practices…Watch the whole video to the end and determine for yourself..


If this is/was the truth and this is John Podesta...

I have no words except may the LORD our God destroy this evil.

NYT: Biden, Remaking Climate Team, Picks John Podesta to Guide Spending

Mr. Podesta, a Democratic stalwart, will oversee $370 billion in clean energy investments. Gina McCarthy, the president’s domestic climate adviser, is stepping down. John Podesta was a top adviser to President Barack Obama, chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton.

5 thoughts on “Remember John Podesta & That Screaming Boy?

  1. When God strikes back with Isaiah 63 in full force, Podesta’s gander will be burnt to a crisp.

  2. I remember when that first came out. Made me sick to my stomach. LORD purge the evil from this nation!

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