Repent & Shun Soothsaying. Jeremiah 23:21

Shun soothsaying, Jeremiah 23:21

Im not feeling spectacular.. I have eye issues. I think its just allergies. So, Ive been kinda quiet the last couple of days.

Itching ears for prophecies that mean nothing, & bring no repentance:

6 thoughts on “Repent & Shun Soothsaying. Jeremiah 23:21

  1. On target exactly. The world is now deep do do. We smell it and it gets us dirty. But we dont have to get flushed away in it if we serve Jesus correctly.

  2. Babylon has fallen! The U.S. will end in a civil war as Lebanon did in the 70’s. Divided and evil until Christ returns in all of God’s glory. Thank you Pauli.

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