THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD! GOD Is Destroying The Media! CNN Removes Commie DON LEMON Off Prime time:

THIS IS THE LORD. GOD Is Destroying The Media! CNN Takes Commie Jerk DON LEMON Off Prime time:

All this clown talked about was ‘racist this and racist that.’ That’s all these Commies care about and use as a tool to shut up opposition: “THATS RACIST!”

CNN’s left-wing, Communist, agitator and host Don Lemon will end his primetime show, “Don Lemon Tonight,” and move to mornings the network announced.

Last year, the Lord put it strongly on my heart along with the commenters here to pray that the media would be destroyed. Thank you LORD, YOU can do ANYTHING! Prayers For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media

The spirit of the LORD showed our blog friend, TIM SHEY in 2015 that: The Lord Will Judge the Media!

Thank you, Lord for removing these creeps. Let the next batch of Commies shrivel up also, in Jesus/Yeshua’s mighty name

Both are gone, Halleluyah:

This fatty is gone also:

If GOD can destroy the satanic, EVIL media….that seemed to be un-movable & unstoppable…


Thank you LORD for dealing with YOUR enemies.

Here are our posts on God’s destruction of the media: Search

PS: God did not deal with these phony liars because of Trump. It’s because they are liars and were liars long before Trump. It’s just their time to fall and its AMAZING watching it!


17 thoughts on “THIS IS THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD! GOD Is Destroying The Media! CNN Removes Commie DON LEMON Off Prime time:

  1. Here is a great video of Don Lemon and Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Don Lemon comes across and a complete weasel and Sheriff Clarke is right on target.

    Don Lemon and Sheriff David Clarke

  2. The prophecy that Fireman Mark Taylor had of the media starting to agree with Trump is coming to pass right now. It is the same prophetic word you had, Pauli, only with other details that God chose to give to him as another piece of the big picture.

  3. Isnt Taylor the one who saw Trump as Prez in 2010 or something? I dont watch any of these people except on occasion

  4. Ive heard of Taylor. I was just noting to FoxStere that I think he was the 1 who saw Trump becoming Pres?

  5. Yes Pauli, he is the one who saw Trump following 0bama. He got the revelation one day in 2011 when he saw Trump on TV speaking and got the thought that he was hearing the voice of the next President annointed and appointed by God. Taylor wondered why he saw Mitt Romney running instead in 2012, and thought he made a mistake in prophecy. In 2015, God told him to pull out the Trump prophecy he had written down on paper, then told Taylor that America wasn’t ready for Trump in 2012, so He waited.

    We are currently waiting for a 2 part prophecy to be fully fulfilled: 2 will be taken and 3 will be shaken. This is the prophecy where 2 former Presidents die, then 3 remaining ones pay for their dirty deeds in one way or another. Part 1 was HW being taken. Part 2 will go in effect when Former President Jimmy Carter dies (he is 97…time is soon). From there, Clinton, 0bama and Bush are not safe from being investigated and 2 of the 3 will face court martials. I suspect W will be the one who just gets by without being arrested and court martialed.

    Biden does not count as a President, as he is a fake invading occupier of the White House. And just now, a prophet on 444 news had a dream on Biden dying a horrific death, symbolicly.

  6. *********
    Islam-loving woke Leftists are racist as hell (just shipped off all immigrants from Massachusetts, in 48 hours flat and used the dammed Army to do so too.).
    But they don’t want us saying Obama’s the Antichrist.
    They can’t stand that.
    They’re holding on for dear life because once they lose their grip, they’ll fall into hell-fire and TMJ and I are the only ones saying it at TMJ-blog so the world’s holding it’s breath because they know when they breath out, they’ll fall into hell-fire for ALL ETERNITY with Satan, Beelzebub, Obama the Devil aka Satan-in-Person.

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