Government Funding Bill To Include OVER 12 BILLION In New Ukraine Aid. Ukraine Is a LOSER. DUMP IT!

Government funding bill to include over $12 billion in new Ukraine aid

So far, we have sent 65 Billion to Ukraine after this 12 Billion more. You’d think that there would be some sort of return, right? Nope. Deal with it: God is AGAINST America and EU and for Russia.

God is BREAKING Europe & America thru Russia. It is what it is.

A government funding bill set for a Tuesday procedural vote in the Senate will include over $12 billion to help Ukraine continue fighting its bloody war against Russia, a source familiar with the matter told Fox News Digital.

The inclusion of the funding comes after President Biden requested $13.7 billion for Ukraine earlier this month. If the Senate bill passes, this latest tranche will bring the total funding for Ukraine approved by Congress up to approximately $65 billion.

Eff their Nazis In Ukraine.

Let them LOSE. BIG.


25 thoughts on “Government Funding Bill To Include OVER 12 BILLION In New Ukraine Aid. Ukraine Is a LOSER. DUMP IT!

  1. I have heard from others that “some” of the weapons are selling in the black market, and the money? 🤔 🤔 They are just distributing it now maybe preparing themselves before the tribulation,but just speculation on my part.

  2. Wouldnt be suprised if ukranians get to vote in nov elections by computer for jobama party.

  3. Its not about AIDE to Ukraine! Its about PAYING those in charge to KEEP QUIET. Hunter Biden! Thats MY opinion!

  4. God told Prophet Robin D. Bullock that Joe Biden does the exact opposite of what God tells him to do. Notice how everything Bidet does goes up in a huge failure seen and mocked by the world.

  5. God does tell Biden what to do, then Biden does just the opposite. As a result, God is about to take him out in a casket very soon.

  6. I forgot to mention in a recent prophecy this week, God also said 0bama is about to get punished as well. I think it was prophet Julie Green who said something in a His Glory TV short clip. And Gavin Newsom is also going to get judged soon. Word is out Newsom was seen visiting the White House late at night recently, several times. Julie Green was not at liberty to give out full details yet.

  7. Vile. We are at war with Russia. Or at least the globalist cabal is. We are the ones keeping this bloody war going. With all the funding. With all the weapons. It is because of us there is no peace. Peace could have been brokered long ago. Our economy is on the verge of collapse, so they will take us to war.

  8. Julie Green isnt a prophet.
    She may get a word of wisdom at times but many of the things she has said are not truth.

    “Prince Charles wont be king”,
    (He IS the King of England.)

    “News from Scandinavia”
    (Scandinavia isnt a country)

    “News of billy Joel”,
    (Billy Joel has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything.)

    “News out of Moscow”
    (There is ALWAYS “news out of Moscow”)

    Green is more of a Christian psychic. There are many Christian type psychics on YT that sound exactly like her.

    I would agree with you that Robin Bullock is very gifted in the Lord with the word of wisdom.
    Mark Taylor is a prophetic type who prophesied of Trump’s winning and so did Kim Klement.

    Obama will not be punished until Jesus kills him at the mount of Olives

  9. In the 80’s, early 90’s, I went to the Rutherford’s school of Prophecy. I was part of their radio show “Witness to the truth”.
    They eventually retired because of age but it was a spirit filled, anointed school.
    In this school, we learned about the calling of a prophet. We learned about the gifts of prophecy verses a prophet.

    A prophet is not popular. Usually unknown. They are seldom admired or respected.
    Their words are unheeded and they are shunned. They are afflicted more than other people. They NEVER call themselves “Prophets”.
    They dont ‘make it big’.

    A real prophet has ONE message:
    Their whole life is centered around this message and it’s life is a life of submission complete to the Lord.
    Their words, or visions and dreams are centered around the destruction of the Lord upon nations that are rejecting God.

    The body of Christ is CONFUSING a prophet with a person who is gifted in the word of wisdom and knowledge.
    People who flow in the word of wisdom and knowledge are usually NOT prophets.
    Which is the case with many of modern day ‘prophets’. Theyre not prophets.

  10. I’ve seen my fair share of false prophets and other spiritual fakes too. I saw a fake healer who keeps on Popping up every so often, only to find himself getting popped off again by someone who remembers how he got caught being a Sneaky Pete.

  11. I dont know if some of these can be categorized as ‘false prophets’ because they’re not prophets.
    I think many DO have the gift of knowledge/wisdom but they are not sharpened.

    If these people would understand and acknowledge that they are operating in word of wisdom/knowledge, (and in these gifts, there IS room for err) then they would not be called ‘false prophets’.

  12. On Friday September 30, Julie Green just confirmed a word I’ve been hearing in the spirit but never released publicly: the whole Biden Family (Biden and ALL his blood relatives – children, grandchildren, brothers, sister and all their family members) will be either going to prison or get shaken up severely for aiding and abetting the 2020 election theft and the Cabal. I state it this way, though I believe if memory serves me correct that every family member is going to be arrested and taken to prison. And Joe Biden will die and be seen in a casket in the White House. Yes, every Biden Family member in Biden’s bloodline and their in laws will be going to prison, as I had heard in the spirit. I am not taking any pleasure in saying this, as God warned us about gloating with glee over this. If we laugh at the calamity, He will stop the punishment. I will pray for mercy upon the grandkids, nieces and nephews, that they are truly repentant and have a change of heart. They will likely face charges of treason.

  13. Biden is not THE problem. It is OBAMA. Biden cant wipe his ass correct.
    Who’s going to bring justice to them, Fox? Our FBI who locks up patriots? Or the Russians who will invade us?

  14. Well myfox… I WILL laugh if it happens, and GOD will laugh with me! But I DOUBT itll happen! And yes TMJ, we all need to be ready for NUKE WAR! Its more possible now than ever before in history! We have a WEAK leader who WANTS USA DESTROYED! Its the entire SOCIALIST PARTY

  15. Timothy Dixon had a prophecy earlier that he saw a raid upon DC with a huge number of Congress Reps, both Democrats and RINOs. Also, a number of corrupt FBI agents also got taken in during the surprise raid. Biden was seen lying in a casket in the Rotunda. Kamala Harris was amongst those arrested in the raid. Donald Trump got picked up and rushed to DC, not knowing what just happened.

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