This Is For Geir

Hi Geir,

I wanted to write this especially for you. First off: I thank you for being here with me for a few years now. Secondly: I really appreciate that you are a Buddhist person who also believes in the Bible and believes that Barack Hussein Obama is the son of perdition, the Anti-Christ. Not many see this. It has been hidden from the wise, Matthew 11: 25: “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

Of course we both know that there are many extensions of the son of perdition, Anti-Christ like Fauci, Schwab, Hillary, etc..

YOU saw he was/is the son of perdition, AntiChrist in 2008 when the lotto – quick – pick was drawn in Obama’s home state of Illinois a few hours after he was elected in. I did too. It is very hard to see something when most do not see it. It’s a gift, Geir. A gift from above. God just picked some to see it and some not. I don’t know why.

I really thank you for ‘sticking up’ for me and by me as we have seen and believed the same issue. People have not really ‘stuck up’ for me in my life and that has been grievous because most of the time, I ‘stuck up’ for the people’ who didn’t ‘stick up’ for me. But, you stick up for me and I really am grateful for that.

Thirdly: Nothing will change the fact that Obama is the son of perdition and the head of the beast system. So, these folk will have to deal with it when the time comes.

I just wanted to thank you for sticking by me. God bless you.


Revelation 13: 18 Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.” 

Revelation 13:18 states that if one is wise and has an understanding to count the number of the beast, which is also the number of a man, the number comes to 666.

7 thoughts on “This Is For Geir

  1. Whats so odd is as a bible beliving jew in Christ is that i have more in common with buddhist Geir than i do with the very long winded rabbi.

  2. Geir’s a good guy! I feel the SAME as you, SNT. SAME!
    Also regarding so many “Christians” who are just not ‘with it’

  3. 6, 60 or 600$

    That’s the whole Islam-loving Leftists gambit. It’s leering at us to our faces.

    You’re coming out clearly Pauli, just as you’ve always done but this time you’re dragging the others out with you.

    Your message is ringing clearer and clearer, and much more than ever.

    We’re getting to the end days and it’ll be determining at that time to have said what needed to be said and revealed what needed to be revealed so that no one can ignore the truth.

    Pauli, do you and David know *Rashid al-Din*?

    There’s a story of a Christian savior in Asia who’ll save the Christians of the world: Prester John.

    There are many candidates for the role in history and among them, one prominent is Mongol king Hulagu Khan.

    Rashid al-Din was his Grand Vizier (or Prime Minister.)

    But do you know that Rashid was a Jew? He wrote Hulagu and his dynasty’s history which he widened to include the world history starting from Adam and Eve.

    So a Jew wrote the first world history.

    That history is littered with fake information (but a fake info to reveal the truth? Superman also hide under a fake identity to do good for people. So.) and one of those fake items is that Hulagu corresponds to the world savior of the Tibetan text of Kalachakra.

    Pauli, this is too long for just one post. Can I write a text to you about Rashid al-Din, the Jew who wrote the story of the Christian Messiah in a mysterious and secretive manner under the story of the mythological and hidden Kingdom of Shambhala?

    You cut and paste and make an article? David could publish it in a Jewish magazine. It’s very massive big news because it corresponds to the Jewish Macchiach too. Rashid al-Din would be a major person of world history and totally unknown the general public although he’s well-known and world-acclaimed by the scientific community and scholars. al-Din is the only source for most of the ancient history preceding and following the Mongols. He’s the perfect candidate to reveal the Macchiach of Jews. Even if that Macchiach, overlapped with Jesus and the Buddhist Savior.

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