CHEEZ-IT Goes Idiot Woke. Features “Snooki” & Rue Paul

CHEEZ-IT Goes Idiot Woke. Features “Snooki” & Rue Paul

Welp, there goes one of my snacks. G’bye. I can’t even remember all the snacks and foods I’ve banned off of my list of the freak show circus clowns.

Puke all over Cheez-Its

6 thoughts on “CHEEZ-IT Goes Idiot Woke. Features “Snooki” & Rue Paul

  1. Too many times i cant find any junk food as so much now taboo for many reasons to purchase. Been eating grapes and cheeze and stuff instead.
    That picture on cheezy should be smut and banned.

  2. Nabisco used to have one of their factories in Buena Park California, but left around 2016. Now I’m glad to see those nitwits gone from Orange County! I lost my appetite. RUPAUL? That queerturd freak? NASTY! And that media whore? Glorified street trash media whore.

    Yeah, I know, I’m not playing nice.

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