The Glory Of The Lord Is Manifesting In Wonderful Ways Lately…& Not So Good Ways..

The Glory Of The Lord Is Manifesting In Wonderful Ways Lately…& Not So Good Ways..

Isn’t this something else?

There is more here: Some strange warning signs from the sky of the coming apocalypse! Get ready and be prepared because something BIG is about to happen!

4 thoughts on “The Glory Of The Lord Is Manifesting In Wonderful Ways Lately…& Not So Good Ways..

  1. Years ago, I was hitchhiking in Arizona and ended up in Phoenix. I looked at the sky and this huge dust storm was rolling into the area. I walked to this construction jobsite and found this huge concrete culvert to crawl into. I stayed inside that culvert for at least half an hour through the dust storm. It was really awe inspiring. I thought it was Biblical.

    All of these disasters, floods, weather phenomenon can be overwhelming. I believe the Lord is reminding us to put our trust in Him and not in man-made structures. That would be physical man-made buildings and man-made organizations like church organizations or government organizations. The Lord can deliver us from disasters or in disasters–man-made organizations cannot.

    One huge man-made disaster is the CCP in China. I saw this video of these people in two cities in China that were in lockdown. They couldn’t leave their apartments and couldn’t get food. They are being starved to death. How much longer will the Lord put up with the CCP and the WEF? Maybe it is God’s wrath on China for releasing a man-made virus onto the whole world that put the whole world into lockdown and destroyed peoples’ lives and economies. The Lord sees everything.

  2. The Lord reminded me about something yesterday 10/11/2022 when I heard an exploding sound of Thunder and lightning near my home in Northwest Orange County at 4:45 PM. I live about 3-4 miles northeast of the Los Alamitos Armed Forces Base. On Sunday Afternoon, that wicked child sniffing anal clown from DC flew over my city to land at the Los Alamitos AFB. As we all know, that senile pants pooping pervert jackal does the opposite of what God tells him to do. That bald farting perverted gas bag warmonger stank up my city while flying over it to get to the neighboring city’s AFB to stir up trouble. The Lord then prompted me to look at some texts that I sent to my cousin, sister and brother last year, on the Friday after that flatulent bald dingleberry flew in to Long Beach regional airport on the previous Tuesday to rally the brain dead Newsom booty lickers to stop the recall. That following Friday night, a quake shook the Newport-Inglewood fault line in the neighboring city of Carson California, where there are plenty of oil refineries in the City and the surrounding cities of Domiinguez Hills, Torrance, Gardena and the edge of Long Beach. I knew the Carson quake was a warning last year because of that stinky bald thief coming to the aid of Gaffing Nuisance. And that same flatulent warlock puppet of Satan came to cast his demonic spells at the AFB in Los Alamitos and Seal Beach California’s Naval Weapons Station. That lightning strike was another warning issued by God to get us awake and fighting for our future.

  3. Yes, it can be overwhelming, that is so true. For me, personally – ever since the first ‘woe’ (Covid plandemic/lockdowns/vax, etc), I have not been overwhelmed!
    But, yes, people are distressed.
    The Lord will cover us if we trust in him 😀

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