Charles Became King Of England The SECOND His Mother Died. A False “Prophecy” Said He “Wouldn’t Be King/Wear The Crown”

Charles Became King Of England The SECOND His Mother Died. A False “Prophecy” Said He “Wouldn’t Be King/Wear The Crown”

Not too long ago, an NAR ‘prophet’ named “Julie Green” (1 of the higher-up echelon “Q” operatives/prophets/apostles or possibly even “Q” ‘him/herself’) said that ‘Charles would never wear the crown.’

The very second that Charles’ mother, the Queen of England perished, Charles became the King. That’s how it works in England. The ‘coronation’ in May is only a traditional ceremony for pomp: which is just a stately or splendid display; splendormagnificence. It’s not an inauguration.

Ugly, snotty Charlie IS THE KING of England. Since Sept 22, 2022.

Sorry to disappoint you…

Many of “NAR” “Q” ‘prophecy’ followers insist that Charles is not ‘crowned’ yet, so he is not wearing the crown and hasn’t been ‘crowned’. Lol…. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous to those of us who understand monarchy and political appointments but I don’t expect the “Q/NAR/Prophet/Apostle” followers to understand these things… Kinda comical tho… 🙂

The “Q”/NAR ‘prophet’ also stated that Prince Charles murdered his Mother:

Like any skilled fortune teller, Green kept the outlandish prediction vague and difficult to disprove. But the “prophet,” overplayed her hand. She also insisted that there would be a move of God to foil the power-hungry Charles: “He will never get the crown he killed for” “From what the Lord was showing me, [Charles] will actually have his mother murdered.”  (a Left wing rag I wont link, you can search)

Also was said in this ‘prophecy’ is that Andrew, the kiddie-diddler ‘took the fall’ for Charles. No, Andrew took the fall for himself. Charles was an adulterer. Everyone knew this.

Now, frankly, I don’t give a hoot n holler about Charles or his Mother. I don’t give them a second thought. IMO, they were/are or became Globalist shills. If Charles was ‘taken out’ by Putin or even God himself , I wouldnt even care.

The problem here is this ‘prophecy’ and what I have been posting about recently: The Dallas Cowboys Will Be In the News”. “X Marks The Spot Will Be In Your News” This Is Considered “Prophecy” In Certain Circles These are NOT prophecies from the Lord. And, this person is NOT a Prophet. A prophet does not post videos daily to make money from Rumble. Or Youtube. A Prophet comes out of a ‘hiding place’ away from people and gives a word every so often that is usually: “Repent” or a proclamation of the word which is coming to pass. Or, perhaps a heavy duty vision or dream from the Spirit of the LORD. True prophets of God are alone because God MAKES them alone. You can always ask Tim Shey, lone prophetic MAN of God who had a spiritual walk: A Hitchhiking Journey Across America

We take the anointing of a true prophet VERY serious on this blog. And, we will defend the TRUE Prophets and the true prophetic calling.

It’s high time sane minds woke up to this group of nutty females and goofy guys who are calling themselves ‘prophets and apostles’. My God, people….. We’re on the brink of WW3. Its time for sober minds, not itching ears, giddy girls and lonely women vying for silly predictive gibberish like “X MARKS THE SPOT” ‘will be in your news’, sayeth God, thru Green.. Or the so-called Tulsi ‘prophecy’, (Gabbard, the WEF lackey) departing the DEMS which we all knew would happen...

Yes, this (below) is how it actually happens in England with Kings/Queens. They inherit the throne AND crown immediately.

Prince Charles is now King Charles III. Here’s what to know … Sep 15, 2022 — Prince Charles is now King Charles III. Here’s what to know about UK’s new monarch. … After more than 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s steady ..

Queen Elizabeth II has been laid to rest at Windsor Castle, following a state funeral at Westminster Abbey. She has been succeeded as the UK’s monarch by her son, King Charles III. Sep 20, 2022

PS: I DO agree with this Green girl- that the AntiChrist is Barack Obama.

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  1. Winner winner, chicken dinner! Prophets call for repentance and teshuva. They warn of curses and judgments coming due to sin and disobedience. That said – this is all fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. False prophets who claim Yeshua/Jesus is Messiah leading people astray. People with itching ears promoting teachers who will tell them what they want to hear.

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