Singer, “BRANDY” Norwood: “Don’t Play With your Life, Get Vaxxed”, Suffers Seizure

Singer, “BRANDY” Norwood: “Don’t Play With your Life, Get Vaxxed”, Suffers Seizure

I feel bad for her. But, I really am so thankful to God I didn’t get that vaccine. What can I say? Prayers for her? Most die. I pray she wakes up and starts sharing the truth about this poison.

Brandy Hospitalized for Possible Seizure After Medical Incident at L.A. Home

Sources with direct knowledge tell us it’s believed Brandy suffered a seizure, and she was taken to a local hospital. brandy norwood.

This happened to a Theater actress: Theater Actress Collapses in Studio After Her Performance on Live TV (VIDEO)

5 thoughts on “Singer, “BRANDY” Norwood: “Don’t Play With your Life, Get Vaxxed”, Suffers Seizure

  1. I do feel badly about those who were suckered into this. The elderly. The simpletons. Those coerced. The think is most people did zero due diligence or research at all. They simply opened wide to gobble down the constant fear porn from the governmental media propaganda complex. They did nothing to engage their brains and are suffering for it.

  2. Billy Gates will hang from a meat hook in Hell just like his idol Adolf Hitler. Quite sad, and I hope there are enough prayers sent out to get Gates to repent before he takes a dirt nap in Fire Lake.

  3. Sad but 2 steps to avoid this. 1-love God. 2-read Gods book over and over asking for understanding instead of some pastors opinion now often corrupted and then understanding comes on what to do or not do. Sad as foolish people can be very good people.

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