My Former Narcissist Friend, James – Who Wanted To Be A Prophet Of God:

I’ll call him James..

James was a narcissist. (He is dead now, RIP) Everything was always about James. James was a ‘me, myself and I’ person. He could be a happy, jovial person, filled with pi$$ and vinegar. Charisma like you can’t believe. An excellent, theatrical performer.. But, the moods he would succumb to were breathtakingly ugly. He stayed with me for 6 months. Most of the time, when he woke up in the morning, he was ‘in a mood’. This foul demeaner was an everyday thing.

James was convinced that he was supposed to be a prophet of God. I told James: ‘J, you would have known of this type of call early on. You have other gifts that I believe God uses’. James would just say: “I AM SUPPOSED TO BE A PROPHET!”

One night, he was over my house. He asked me (desperately) “Can you pray for me to be a prophet?” Sure, J., I said. Sure. So, I prayed for him to be a prophet and to understand this call. It’s really a lonely call. Read the books of the Prophets. It’s full of agony, affliction, pain, loneliness, rejection, persecution, not being listened to, ignored and even in some nations-death..etc.

After the prayer:

J would take up his pen daily on Facebook and write words he believed came from the Lord. I would glance at his page. Nobody ‘liked’ his posts. He would upload videos and nobody watched them. He would upload songs he sang and nobody cared. Nobody gave much feedback on any of his accounts. His phone stopped ringing, (it ended up lost) his wife divorced him, he ended up with no money, no car, no Iphone – nothing–in the middle of the south somewhere.

One day, we were chatting on the tele some time later. He said “Pauli, I am so depressed. All of these things have happened to me. Nobody gives a damn about anything I have to say. They just ignore me. I have no friends, I live alone. I don’t know where my next meal is coming from. I hate this, Pauli.”

I sighed on the telephone… Got quiet. Then told J: “J….You’re the one who wanted to be a prophet

J was killed in an accident a few months later after he married his new wife of 2 months.


The true prophetic call is serious. It needs to be taken serious. It’s not a joke and I’m sad that online ‘prophets’ are a dime a dozen now, preaching words of emptiness as they cash in on paypal accounts from monetized Youtube and Rumble videos. Imagine: these ‘prophets’ get paid as they fill you with meaningless mumbo jumbo that do not benefit the soul one iota. Prophets never got paid throughout history but they sure do get paid now. Big money for the FREE Gospel and word of God.

6 thoughts on “My Former Narcissist Friend, James – Who Wanted To Be A Prophet Of God:

  1. Havent found any prophets in scripture that asked fot it. Many even ran from it at first.

  2. Obama is the False Man of Peace aka the False Prophet.

    He’s no Christ. Barry the ANTI CHRIST NOT CHRIST NO.


    It’s all caving in on Satan Obama.

    4 European MPs are calling for President of European Commission’s resignation

    This may hit in hours now.

    Pass this on massively and make an article plz.

  3. My bad Pauli, I heard about this in the news by another channel. I didn’t send the right video.

    This is that same MP (Christian Teres of Romania) calling for the resignation that he demanded just four days ago.

    this is the big speech.

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