Housing Crash Begins And Its Worse Than You Think

Housing Crash Begins And Its Worse Than You Think

Submitted by David Ben Moshe

Is the housing bubble finally popping? $250K homes were selling for $900K. Looks like a repeat worse than 2008 is coming. The Fed keeps raising the rate.

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  1. WOW, I Blame it on the Left-Wing Liberal DmoncRATS and the Joe Robinette Biden and his REGIME!!!

    Happy Shabbat Shalom ( Peaceful Sabbath ) Everyone!! Also, Happy Shavua Tov ( Good Week ) Everyone!! 💕 Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone!!

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  2. Feds poking all holes, seller, buyer, renter. Dollar up as euro & pound worse but soon dollar crashes. 2023 is the year of oy vey or woe woe woe. But, have a great sabbath and weekend.

  3. The Elder of Ziyon, Jewish Studies, & Me — jewish philosophy place

    “Elder of Ziyon” is the nom de web of a rightwing activist. He’s including here yours truly in this piece about [1] real and imagined anti-Zionsts in Jewish Studies, [2] rightwing religious Zionists and provocative prayer in East Jeruslem and on the Temple Mount. 759 more words

    The Elder of Ziyon, Jewish Studies, & Me — jewish philosophy place

    Yo your’s truly, Zionism accomplished in just short of 50 years what rabbinic Judaism failed to do in some 2000 years! What utter arrogance, Jews in g’lut cannot even keep the commandments! Go read the 1st Mishna of גיטין. Why do g’lut Jewry require all this bureaucratic red tape to write and give a get? The לא לשמה Reshonim argued that the problem lay in the Soferim who wrote the get. What a טיפש פשט! Why? Because the Gemara of כיתובות (marriage contracts, only rabbinic) has no such worry or doubt concerning the Soferim writing the ketubah of a kallah bride.

    Why do Jews in g’lut, why even in the days of Moshe the prophet could g’lut Israel ie the Wilderness Generation whom rabbi Akiva charges – has no portion in the world to Come. Why do g’lut Jewry of all generations have the inability to keep and do the commandments in g’lut? G’lut Jewry lost the wisdom to do mitzvot לשמה. The Wilderness generation did not keep the commandments. The Torah in g’lut exists only as a vision of what’s possible to achieve in the oath sworn lands.

    Simple question, a really basic question: What separates Torah commandments from Torah Law? You pathetic g’lut Jews do not have the least bit of a clue. Simple comparison, a really basic comparison: The apostle Paul, co-founder of Xtianity, declared that Goyim have no obligation to keep the Law! Paul denounced Goyim performing brit melah on their children! What “Law” did Paul refer to?

    Jewish law … obviously?! Religious rhetoric compares to Obama’s political rhetoric of “Change” in the 2008 election cycle! What distinguishes classic Jewish law from Roman Law? The difference between common law from statute law!!! How does the Torah refer to common law? Answer: the Oral Torah.

    What Hebrew term from the Written Torah refers to the Torah sh’baal peh? G’lut Jews, their ignorance and sloppy scholarship compares to the Moshiach narishkeit of Chabad! משנה תורה, the name of the Book of דברים, defines common law/torah sh’baal peh\ in Hebrew. Moshe did not write the closing verses of the Book of דברים, he taught this Book baal peh to Israel. The anointing of Aaron as Moshiach, this mitzva דאורייתא, the prophet Shmuel anointed king Shaul and king David as Moshiach, based upon the יסוד of this Torah precedent!

    The g’lut Reshon, the Rambam, named his assimilated halachic code Mishna Torah. That רשע did not know that משנה תורה means common law. He based his code abomination upon Roman/Greek and Arabic statute law! The Romans, nor the Greeks, nor the Arabs: they never accepted the Sinai revelation of the Torah. The שם השם not found in any Bible or Koran.

    Contrast the Hannukah story against the Rambam’s abomination perversion of the classic halachic codes: the B’hag, Rif, and Rosh. Hannukah occurred in Israel. The Tzeddukim sons of Aaron, like Rambam, they too had assimilated; they embraced alien Greek cultures and customs. This Torah violation, this negative commandment, not to copy or duplicate the manners, customs, and practices of Goyim, assimilated g’lut Jewry living today, likewise violates. We bear full responsibility for the Shoah. Assimilation the First Cause of avoda zarah. Antisemitism, a curse consequent of tuma worship of avoda zarah by the Jewish people, both in g’lut and even within eretz Israel.

    The P’rushim won a bitterly fought Civil War against the Tzeddukim cohen aristocrats, within the borders of eretz Israel. Some Jews living within the oath sworn lands possess the wisdom of keeping the Torah לשמה. Oral Torah represents a kabbalah logic system format, based upon the Horev 13 tohor middot revelation precedent. Rabbi Yishmael based his rabbinic 13 middot of logic upon this identical Torah precedent. The framers of the Siddur organized the Amida prayer in a 3 + 13 + 3 Order…613. The tefilla of the 6 Yom Tovim + shabbot shines as the light of the Menorah within the Mishkan משל metaphor. The נמשל of the Mishkan metaphor משל, the lateral Sanhedrin common law court system. The Order of the Written Torah contains 54 Parshaot. 13 X 4 (לשמה) = 52 + two Crowns of the Torah – blessings and curse responsibility. When antisemitism confronts Jewish faith, we must address our assimilation and intermarriage issues which tempts g’lut Jewry in all Ages and generations.

    The P’rushim lit the lights of Hannukah משל with the Torah dedication (The B’hag argues that lighting the lights of Hannukah – a mitzva from the Torah. Hannukah like the words of the Shemone Esrei, clearly rabbinic in origin. The B’hag argued that swearing a Torah oath, while standing before a sefer torah qualifies as a mitzva from the Torah. The reasoning for the Rambam who likewise holds that tefillah qualifies as a mitzva from the Torah remains unclear), נמשל to only interpret the k’vanna of the Written Torah through the משנה תורה Book of דברים and later prophets who based their mussar commandments upon the 13 tohor middot sh’itta of logic.

    It seems to me that another proof that tefillah qualifies as a mitzva from the torah, if tefillah stands in the place of korbanot, then tefillah requires a ודוי. The language of סחל לנו does not qualify as a ודוי. Hence in שמע קולינו a person has the option to add a rabbinic ודוי — חטאנו פשענו. The Gemarah of Yoma discusses this subject in the dispute between the ודוי of Rabbi Meir as opposed by the ודוי of the sages.

    What does a person dedicate holy to HaShem as a ודוי דאורייתא? Affixing (make your tefillah from a fixed מקום. The term מקום qualifies as a רמז to the שם השם. Therefore, affixing a specif tohor midda pronoun to a specific Parshat shevuah, scholars learn the Torah in order to define the k’vanna of tohor middot. Thereafter these scholars can dedicate their עולם הבא future born social behaviours and interactions with other Jews based upon the dedication of Torah defined tohor middot. Therefore, the Order of tefillah affixes 13 middle blessings to the 13 tohor middot.), defined tohor middot to the 13 middle blessings, based upon the presumption that blessing qualify as toldoth of oaths. The name Amida serves as a רמז to this k’vanna. According to Midrash, the language “therefore”, a רמז to swearing an oath. And according to the B’hag tefillah qualifies as a mitzva דאורייתא through swearing a Torah oath.

    The P’rushim dedicated the Hannukah menorah lights. “Therefore” lights with the נמשל k’vanna to interpret the Written Torah only with the Oral Torah משנה תורה precedent commandments. The definition of Oral Torah common law, and how to use Torah commandments as precedents, the mitzva דאורייתא k’vanna of the Hannukah lights according to the B’hag.

    Contrast g’lut Rambam. That רשע did not even know the meaning of משנה תורה. He arrogantly named his assimilated Roman/Greek\Arabic statute law code by the name: “Common Law”. The B’hag, Rif and Rosh codes of halacha always begin, they open with a Mishna. Why? Because all posok halachot that they thereafter include within their codes, these halachot, they serve as precedents by which the readers can interpret the expansive/depth language of the Mishna. The Gemara precedent halachot, they serve as the correct way to learn the Talmud. However, all the rabbinic commentaries following the Rambam Civil War, they by stark contrast learn the halachic codes based strictly upon the assimilated Rambam sh’itta of statute law rather than common law.

    The Rambam threw rabbinic Judaism under the bus, completely off the דרך/path of faith. Rather than prioritize the obligation to rule the land through just common law courts, the Rambam code prioritized belief in God and religion. The Rambam code ripped the fabric of Talmudic common law completely apart when his code organized halachot into religious subjects rather than learning the k’vanna of the language of the Mishna through comparative Gemara precedents. The Rambam perversion of the Torah effectively established the modern religion of traditional Judaism. He divorced the Aggadita from the Halacha and did not even give the Aggadita her get! Aggadita through דרוש\פשט interprets the mussar of prophetic commandments. The Talmud weaves this prophetic mussar by way of רמז/סוד into all halachic portions which interpret the expansive language of any given Mishna.

    He ignored the Talmudic instruction which taught, when confronted by theologians and Creed belief tyrants, train your tongue to say: “I do not know”. He ignored the Mishna which teaches: such persons who ponder that which rests above them, or beneath them, or behind them … better for such fools – never born. Avoda zarah prioritizes personal belief in Creed theology speculations like Koran monotheism or Xtian Triune mystery. Monotheism violates the 2nd Sinai commandment. Religious prioritization of theology and Creed declarations, this avoda zarah described through the error that God created the Sun, stars, and planets, but Man worships these creations also as other Gods.

    The Baali Tosafot, their commentary learned the Talmud by way of precedents learned from off the dof. The Gemara learns the Mishna by precedents from other sources within the Shas Mishna! The Baali Tosafot quote the Rambam only twice in the whole of their Sha’s commentary. Both times the Baali Tosafot disputed against the ruling of the Rambam. In 1230s Rambam’s code and Arabic/Greek assimilated philosophy, burned in Spain. In 1242 the Goyim burned all the Gemarah’s of France at Paris. This strongly suggests that a majority of the Baali Tosafot supported the נידוי placed upon the Rambam by the Court of Rabbeinu Yonah. Alas solid proof does not exist because about 60 years later, the king of France expelled all Jews. This disaster permanently destroyed and uprooted the Rashi/Tosafot common law sh’itta of learning the Talmud.

    Rashi’s commentary to the Chumash teaches the פרדס kabbalah how to weave the warp/weft halacha/aggadita fabric into one unified cloth. By contrast Rashi’s commentary to the Talmud serves to teach young students how to correctly read a page of Gemara. Rashi organized this convoluted sh’itta of learning because he did not want to teach the Goyim how to correctly learn the Talmud. Post the Rambam Civil War, Yeshiva students who relied exclusively upon the Rashi’s Talmud commentary failed to learn the Talmud as Common Law. The “damned Yankee” assimilated rabbinic “carpet baggers” failed to teach the Baali Tosafot commentary as a sh’itta of common law. Despite the fact that Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi named his Mishna based upon the משנה תורה of the Oral Torah Book of דברים. All super-commentaries made on the Rashi Chumash commentary, they all fail to grasp that Rashi’s Chumash commentary taught Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס kabbalah by which Rav Ashi, Rav Ravina, and the Sovarim organized and edited the Sha’s Bavli.

    How does common law work as its own unique sh’itta of Law? Common law functions by means of making a logical comparative Case/Rule study of similar but Judicial rulings. The Gemara compares Tosefta cases with Mishnaic cases or its logic measures the language of one Mishna with that of another. Common law halacha resembles the scholarship made upon the Aggadita which compares the mussar commanded by the Torah with the mussar commanded by the later prophets. The Talmud weaves the masoret of these two different sources together like the warp/weft as does a loom. This wisdom thus makes a depth analysis of Torah law – common law.

    The comparison made between the Rambam Civil War to the American Civil War, the רשעים won both conflicts. Just as the Rambam perversion switched common law to statute law; so too did the damned Yankee carpet baggers negate States Right – meaning the economic autonomy of the individual States forming the larger Union of the Republic. As did statute law divorce halacha from aggadita, relegating the latter to “women’s learning”, so too did the damned Yankee rabbis following the Rambam Civil War – which they totally ignore the impact and consequences the Jewish people suffered as a result of the failure to expel the Rambam comparable to Spinoza.

    Once Napoleon freed Yidden from the Ghetto war crimes, almost immediately sprung the chain of revolts collectively (conveniently) referred to as Reform Judaism – Yosef’s coat of many colors. The Founding Fathers of the American Republic of States, they did not originally envision the division of politics into two major political parties. Prior to the damned Yankee 17th Amendment, the State Legislatures appointed their Senators as their ambassadors to the other States within the Union. Congress designed to serve as a Federal public forum by which the representatives of each of the States could conduct diplomacy with the other States of the Union. The UN General Assembly in this sense patterns itself on the American Congress. The fundamental difference, States without diplomatic relations with other States, pretend UN “international law” compels countries which they hate to obey their UN majority Resolution dictates.

    Following the Confederate defeat, the damned Yankee government in Washington slowly changed and switched the narrative of America from a Republic to a Democracy. Washington ruled the States of the Union like State legislatures behave toward counties within a State. Big Brother terminated ‘intra-States’ economic autonomy within the States of the Union. Based on the principle that one foreign state does not interfere in the domestic internal affairs of other nation states. Perhaps the height of damned Yankee arrogance: the Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade ruling: Washington legalized its authority to regulate and control intra-State trade and commerce. This ruling overthrew and completely dismantled the Commerce Clause of the Constitution which recognized and validated intra-State economic autonomy.

    Post-Civil War, the Radical Republicans dismantled Lincoln’s Greenbacks in a similar fashion as did FDR’s Federal Reserve – following the fall of Wall Street in 1929. Both restricted and reduced the availability of US currency on the market. This decision concentrated wealth into the hands of the Robber Baron capitalist monopolies, and the collectivization of US farmlands on a scale to how Stalin terrorized the Ukraine during the same period. The Wilson government in 1913 dismantled Jacksonian free banking, established in 1825.

    The propaganda of the victorious Yankee government in Washington slowly switched the identity focus of America away from a Republic and toward a Democracy. This political agenda made a focus of radically expanding the voter franchise, known collectively as the “Rights Movement”. This nefarious perversion of the American Republic, Washington, in conjunction, illegally established the 4th Branch of the US Federal Government: the corporate lobby monopolies, together with a tremendously huge expansion of carpet bagger Federal bureaucracies. Herein Washington began to operate the Federal budget, based upon a huge ever growing National debt.

    Congress persons and Senators ceased to follow the guidelines established by their respective State legislatures. These bribed Federal elected officials presented Bills before Congress, which the corporate lobby monopolies themselves wrote. Negotiations between the States of the Union ceased. Virtually all diplomacy between the States of the Union the Congress in Washington dictated and decided. The State legislatures lost all say in which bills “their” Congressional spokespersons presented to Congress through Bill legislation. Congress now relegated diplomacy on Bills to hidden from debate through Congressional sub-committees. These sub-committees expanded the proposed Bill with all manner of pork corruption spending.

    By this means the corporate monopolies limited and drastically reduced any and all competition within the American marketplace. Lincoln, he viewed the States as something on par with counties within a State. The impact of Lincoln, how he perverted and destroyed the American Republic directly compares to the similar impact Rambam’s halachic code – how it established Roman statute law & the religion of modern rabbinic Judaism today.

  4. ‘The Elder of Ziyon’

    You dont care for him?
    He just ignores me.
    At least you dont ignore me.

  5. We knew it. I am surprised it has taken this long. I knew we overpaid for our acreage and house a year ago. Not horrifically. But probably $20-30K over what it should have gone for, what it was valued at before the lockdowns.. But because of where we bought our property, it is still considered cheap when going up against the national average price for the size of home and acreage.

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