Brittney Griner Transferred To Labor Camp. (Prophetic Sign Of Brittney Griner)

Brittney Griner Transferred To Forced Labor Camp. (Prophetic Sign Of Brittney Griner)

Can’t say I feel sorry for this person because I don’t. She is everything WRONG in the nation. I wrote about how she is a prophetic sign to America – below.

She’s been transferred to a labor camp. Brittney Griner Transferred To Russian Forced Labor Camp

The Prophetic sign Of Brittney Griner

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  1. Brittney Griner probably came from a family of unbelievers, so the knowledge of God was not in her life. She was the best athlete in grade school, junior high school, high school and college. If she got stopped for speeding in her car, people looked the other way. If she got caught smoking weed in her dorm room, people looked the other way. She was taken care of because she was a star athlete. Instead of being corrected for bad behavior, she was coddled and spoiled. I am sure that her parents never spanked her.

    You have probably heard of the term “everyone loves a winner”. If a college football or basketball team is winning lots of games, if there are players that get in trouble with the law, at some schools, it is just swept under the rug. These players eventually think that they are God and think they can get away with anything. But eventually (because God sees everything) these people do run into the law and they cry and scream and put on a temper tantrum because they were never corrected by their parents when they were little.

    I met this guy who went to school at the University of Pittsburgh when the Pitt football team won the national title in 1976. Somebody called the cops on Tony Dorsett (he was the star halfback who won the Heisman Trophy that year) because they could smell marijuana coming from his apartment. The cops arrived at his apartment. Dorsett opened the door and all of this marijuana smoke poured out of his apartment. Dorsett said, “How can I help you boys?” The cops just walked away. Dorsett was the big man on campus and he couldn’t be touched. I am sure this happens everywhere.

    God bless Russia and the justice system in Russia.

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