Grrr: Julie Green 5 FAILED Election “Prophecies” (This Makes Me INFURIATED)

Grrr: Julie Green 5 FAILED Election “Prophecies” (This Makes Me INFURIATED)

This absolutely infuriates me: That false prophets are out there and making these FALSE predictions in the name of OUR Lord/Hashem and his son, Jesus/Yeshua. You have NO idea how this angers me. And, I am SURE this angers the Lord as well. Think of all the sheep following this absolute charlatan. It makes me SICK!

If YOU are following this CLOWN act, stop it!

Stop blaspheming God!

3 thoughts on “Grrr: Julie Green 5 FAILED Election “Prophecies” (This Makes Me INFURIATED)

  1. It really is so incredibly sad, that rather than look at her false statements and saying, “This means she is a false prophet”, people twist and turn everything to try and make what she said true. Wake up people! She is blaspheming the LORD for her own personal gain.

  2. Trump’s a Biblical figure, fighting against evil through generations. There’s probably nothing he hasn’t had to endure, akin to the suffering of the Biblical “Tribulations”.
    He battled for Obama’s birth certificate, fell upon foul play with the Dominion machines and Biden, furthermore, he was mowed down once again in the 2022 mid-terms.
    But true to his legend, he bounces back and is unstoppable, now emerging from the Bible’s tribulations to reveal the Apocalypse like Moses crossing the Red Sea, with his Chosen People, and heading for the Promised Land and revealing that Obama’s the Antichrist.

    Trump on Obamas phony birth certificate

    Now Trump leaves all that behind and crosses the sea like Moses did, by revealing the Apocalypse that Obama’s the Antichrist-in-Person. He’s a black homosexual, a drug addict and a Chicago criminal.

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