Election2022: Commie Shenanigans, Nationwide. SatanCrats CANT Win Without Massive Voter Fraud. Since 1948-Truman & LBJ

Election2022: Commie Shenanigans, Nationwide. SatanCrats CANT Win Without Massive Voter Fraud. Since 1948-Truman & LBJ.

Since at least 1948, the SatanCrat party has been stealing elections. It’s how they roll. That’s how they ‘win’. They can’t win with true Americans. Sure, they can win the illegal occupiers because they promise them endless free chit. Come to America, take whitey’s money! “Reparations” for minorities!

I digress… Since 1948:

NOW this:

Ballots missing: Ballots Have Now Gone Missing After Dominion Voting Machine Disaster

Maricopa County β€œPrinter Issue” Affected Roughly 17,000 Ballots

Kari Lake Delivers Good News for Republicans Who are Closely Watching Arizona Race

Banana Republic: Arizona Election Results Delayed Until After Weekend, Maricopa Officials Say . . .

Democrat Communist history: The ’48 Presidential election: “Dewey defeats Truman!” The evening edition (in those days, there were usually 3 editions for each newspaper everyday), the evening edition, the late night edition and the five star final. The evening edition said: “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!” – they made the headline half the front page. But, votes came in the middle of the night almost exclusively for Truman – so the REAL headline ended up: “Truman defeats Dewey”…..but, did he?

18 thoughts on “Election2022: Commie Shenanigans, Nationwide. SatanCrats CANT Win Without Massive Voter Fraud. Since 1948-Truman & LBJ

  1. We chat again, Mad Jewess πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„! But the 1948 election was stolen only for LBJ, the one who restarted the corruption that Woody Wilson started shortly after the turn of the 20th Century. Woody Willy started it, FDR intensified it, Truman delayed it, then LBJ restarted it after Truman left office. Kennedy tried to stop it; GHWB & Johnson blew JFK in the head, then restarted the clown show. Reagan stepped on the brakes after Peanutbutterbrain humiliated the USA. Team Crooked Hildebeest and Slimy Bubba opened the doors for 0 the swamp nest monster.

    The circus, however, forgot to anchor their tent down securely. They’re in for a shock, soon.

    You need to see this, when you have a 2 hour time frame, Pauli. I don’t normally comment, but I got prompted to write something down before posting the link today.


  2. It is a selection. I opt for life of a true anarchist which is a libertarion on steroids which is Gods original govt with judges like samuel, but the people want a govt. No problemo as Jesus will be the govt soon enough.

  3. And its ACCEPTED as a legit ELECTION! Nobody DOES anything about it to STOP IT! THATS what PISSES ME OFF! Whats the point of US VOTING????

  4. I got word that the true military has things on record. When the machines change the vote, it gets recorded of being tampered with. And God has a reason of why the Machine is named Dominion.

  5. myfoxmystere: You have probably seen this video. It is an interview with Roger Stone where he talks about the assassination of JFK. He says that LBJ had JFK assassinated. JFK wanted to withdraw all advisors out of Vietnam in 1964. According to Roger Stone, LBJ was the “water carrier” for the military-industrial complex. Under LBJ, the U.S. involvement in Vietnam greatly escalated. Here is the video:

    LBJ and the Killing of JFK with Roger Stone

  6. myfoxmystere: You have some of the funniest names for politicians. “Peanutbutterbrain” and “Slimy Bubba”. Now we have Brain Dead, the fake president and his vice resident The Whore. This is from Bishop Larry Gaiters who calls T.D. Jakes “T.D. Snakes”: Gaiters said that Kamela Harris slept and sucked her way to the top.

    You talked about Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton & his Satanic wife and Barack Obama. You can throw in Bush 1 and Bush 2. All of these people were controlled by the Globalists or the Deep Staters. The Federal Reserve came into being in 1913 during Wilson’s Presidency. One of the Rothschilds once said that, if you control the money supply of a nation, you control that nation.

    The Globalists (World Economic Forum, Soros, the Rothschilds and others) want to control everything: it is slavery. The Lord created individuals with free will. The Lord created the nations. Each individual has a unique personality; each nation has a unique personality: there is great beauty in the variety of God’s creation. Many people and many nations dependent on the Lord God of Heaven and earth. The Satanic Globalists don’t want free will, free speech, free & fair elections: they want to control everything about us, it is absolutely Satanic. Satan is a control freak.

    Control is the opposite of faith. Control freaks have no faith in God. They control people through fear and terror: look at how Stalin ruled the Soviet Union with an iron fist: that is how Satan rules. Control freaks reject God and don’t know the power of God. They fight against God. The Lord lets them win a few battles to make them feel good about themselves; they become prideful and arrogant. The Lord then exposes them and then the Lord wipes them off the face of the earth for the whole world to see. But this all takes time. God’s timing is not our timing.

    When you fight against the Lord, eventually the Presence of God grinds you into powder. Here is a very good interview with Clif High. Clif High says that the World Economic Forum is falling apart. They are falling apart because they fight against the Lord.

    World Economic Forum – A Failing Criminal Organization – Clif High

  7. LOL TIM SHEY! I know what your saying. Its just that, and I know its the term used ALL the time, but she slept with….. He slept with…..LMAO Its a pet peeve of mine. If it WAS just for SLEEP, ….Jesus was born in a barn….Cows, sheep, goats….LOL. but ppl SLEEPING with someone is harmless. I wonder who ever came up with that DESCRIPTION OF SEX? Not saying anything against you Tim. Yea its the commonly used term for sex. Im just sharing my thought on it. For humor. You had the other one right. Sucked….So many call it blowing…LOL

  8. About LBJ in 1948. After LBJ stole the 1948 Senate election in 1948 (I think he won by 87 votes), everybody called him “Landslide Lyndon”. There is a book by Robert Caro, MEANS OF ASCENT that deals with the 1948 Senate race between LBJ and Governor Coke Stevenson. I didn’t read the whole book. I read the chapter about the rise of Coke Stevenson which was fascinating. Stevenson was self-taught, raised on a ranch, was a very popular Governor of Texas. I think in his last race for governor, he got 80% of the popular vote. Stevenson was a conservative Democrat and Johnson was a liberal Democrat. Back then, there were no Republicans in the Deep South–only Democrats.

    I think it is always interesting looking at the Hand of God in history and politics. The Lord puts people in power whoever He wants. The Lord has vessels created for honor and vessels created for dishonor and destruction.

    Bobby Kennedy described LBJ as a wild animal. There is a story that I heard that said that, when LBJ was a teenager, he beat a mule to death on the main street of his hometown in Texas. I think I heard a story that LBJ had his sister killed because her lifestyle was an embarrassment to him being a Senator. After the 1948 Election, LBJ rose to power very quickly and became one of the most powerful senators in the 1950s.

    Back to Coke Stevenson. Very popular governor of Texas; conservative values. I would think that he would have been a perfect representation of Texas in the U.S. Senate. Maybe the Lord wanted to preserve and protect Stevenson from that glorified snake pit called the U.S. Senate (some people call the Senate the most powerful club on the planet). After the 1948 race, Stevenson retired to his ranch and lived out the rest of his life, his reputation intact.

    So why the rise of LBJ? I believe the Lord created LBJ as a vessel of dishonor and destruction. Many people believe that LBJ helped to assassinate JFK. I believe LBJ and George H.W. Bush helped plan the assassination. LBJ became President and escalated the conflict in Vietnam. LBJ will be forever tied to the Vietnam Conflict, which was a bloody quagmire for the United States, and paralyzed our foreign policy for a number of years.

    The Vietnam Conflict happened for a reason. We were fighting against Communism–which was good–but I also think the Vietnam Conflict was God’s judgment on the United States. Pastor John Hagee once preached a sermon on the Vietnam War. He said that the Vietnam War happened because the U.S. turned its back on the Jewish people of Europe in the 1940s. Hagee had scriptures and documents that were very compelling.

    People who knew LBJ said that he always felt illegitimate. He stole the 1948 election; he became President because JFK was killed. LBJ was the PERFECT SCAPEGOAT for the Vietnam Conflict. I use the word “scapegoat” intentionally. The Jewish people in Germany were scapegoats for the problems that beset Germany after World War I. LBJ’s political career ended in dishonor. The Lord’s memory is absolutely perfect: Haman hung from his own gallows: LBJ did not run for re-election because of the Vietnam Conflict (a war which he escalated). Or else you could say that the Vietnam War KILLED LBJ–a war that JFK tried to prevent.

    God is on His throne. He has Satan on a very tight leash. Glory to God in the Highest!

  9. That’s pretty cool. I did a little research on Robert Caro. For his senior thesis at Princeton, he wrote a 235-page paper on Ernest Hemingway. That’s incredible! A senior thesis?! That’s not a paper–that’s a book! I thought that was so funny. The longest paper I wrote in college was a ten-page paper on John Milton.


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