Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

Beware… Rated R: Sorta.

I’m going to be up front, honest and brutal… In my opinion, women shouldn’t even vote. We should have never gotten the right. Why? Because women (for the most part) care more about nesting, spending money, getting their periods and making men miserable. Screaming, ranting, crying, emotional basket cases that think only of their vagina’s.

Women are horrible bosses and most are power-mad, money-hungry gold-diggers. Men know this but they keep it to themselves. Other men that are emasculated exist purely as man’gina’s… they would gladly allow some freaked-out, nervous nelly to rule the roost because they’ve lost their cojones.

Women for thousands of years – until the 20th century – were nurtured by their Husbands because those poor fellas knew they were living with tragedy queens. Of course, those days, women didn’t work because men absolutely knew- without a shadow of a doubt – that women were (still are) insane, padded-cell material.

Now, women take governorship’s, seats in the Senate & Congress and the state goes to hell. Look no further than Feinstein, Pelosi, AOC, Hillary Clinton, Palin (YES, Palin – the bridge to no where and resigning as AK Gov), Whitmer, Hocul, Ilhag Omar, Kamala Harris, ETC…

Modern women care more about their so-called ‘reproductive rights’ than they do about inflation. They worship their privates more than food on the table. Chopping up baby is more important than mothering. Abortion is more important than a secure border. Vagina takes precedence over American tax dollars being sent to Ukraine.

Even in the BIBLE….When God refers to something evil and horrifying, he refers to a loose FEMALE: A WHORE.

Suck it up, girls!

We ain’t much!

5 thoughts on “Women In Arizona Care More For Their VAGINA’s Than Bad Policies

  1. This might get lots of flak.
    My thoughts; women are help mates to husbands but as stated in proverbs 31 a woman is to be valued, protected, loved and respected but not in charge.
    A wise decent woman will often get thru a decent man what they want anyway.
    Because of womens emotions given by God for good purpose can also make them easy prey for charlitans. Women fall for lies easier than men.
    In early america, women actually could vote in most places contrary to belief now. Voting required property ownership. As most family property was in mans name only the man could vote. Women that had property could vote. In those wholesome days husbands and wives votes would be alike anyway, so women votes would be
    redundant. Women just didnt run for office as they had other things in life to do of great value to their husband and children.
    Men and women are equal before God but have different purposes on this earth. This is my short version.

  2. Well I agree thats the case with many women. My EX included! But HEY Pelose bitch got FIRED! WOOT WOOT WOOT! Im listening to Trump speech! Awesome

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