I hope Arizonans get justice but I know very well that the Beast System is in control now.


  1. Once was a show called Cops in spokane washington. With the jobama junta in control, i keep hearing that tune from cops; what you gonna do when they come for you? Theys a coming. Be ready.

  2. Pauli,

    You replied to one of my posts on my blog, and I replied back. You’ll need to read the full reply there.

    I will say this, so that others can help you get some relief from the attacks that the Prince of Darkness bombed your spirit with. We have some disagreements over a certain soul. In my case, I got told to claim what came out of the mouth and declare it a win for our side. The Lord wants you to know there is rest coming your way. You have gotten severe beat downs in the Spirit Realm, and the Angels are headed your way to comfort you. Be of good cheer my sister! Hashem has heard your cries and has sent you a huge army of Angels.

    The so called False Prophecies you supposedly heard were stolen by the enemy, but not before they came about in the Spirit Realm. The Pelosi word is one of them, stolen in the natural, but not in the Spirit. Pelosi is dead in the Spirit Realm and will not be redeemed when she passes on the night set for her to pass. Before she leaves, the sins of her family are about to get exposed publicly.

    About Arizona: the Lord asked me to ask you to declare the win and that the cheating get exposed. YES, you heard that there is cheating! KARI LAKE WON! DECLARE IT IN THE SPIRIT REALM, MY SISTER! DECLARE IT! DON’T DOUBT IT!!! DECLARE IT!!! Satan is trying to steal the victory. He won’t!

    About some of the others: in some of the elections, NEITHER CANDIDATE on the ballot is supposed to take the seat. The one who stole the seat was the one who cheated. The other who was on the ballot is either not supposed to be in the seat at this time, or is not to be in office, depending on which election it is. In these cases, the Grand Illusion will be short lived.

    (On a side note, perhaps the words of a Styx song might be quite prophetic at this moment.)

    While I was writing a few paragraphs back, the Spirit showed me your deep sorrows you’ve been feeling in your spirit. He wanted you to know a huge army of Angels are by your side awaiting to comfort you and carry out orders fit to advancing victory.

    My great sister, I am not a prophet, but I have been gifted with words of knowledge to be spread at times to those who need encouragement, or to guide me in what to believe in the Spirit and to pray for. Some of what we are seeing is being blocked by a mirage sent by Satan to steal the victory declared in the Spirit realm. The RED WAVE happened in the Spirit Realm. We will see the spiritual bloodshed coming to pass in the natural, only in a way we don’t expect at this moment. What that will appear like a walk back from a so called failed fake prophecy will be actually a clarification or clue of what is to actually come.

  3. Satan has only attacked my head with a migraine.
    America is under Gods judgment.. so I am at peace with that since HE is righteous.

    As for Julie: Shes a false prophet.
    Charles is King. False Julie prophecy.
    Netanyahu didnt win the 2021 election as she predicted, he lost it.
    Pelosi didn’t die before midterms.
    Trump didnt come back in 2021 as she said the “Lord sayeth”
    Gavin Newsome is still the governor, Green said he would be removed.

    I wont ever agree with you on Julie Green, false prophet. Some of the others you admire are OK with me.
    And, it DOES matter what I discern in my spirit. But, I am absolutely NOT at liberty to explain my own ministry because the calling I am in requires extreme humility.

    As for Kari Lake…
    I pray she sues and wins but I am fully aware that the beast system is in control now.

    I pray people get free of the delusion of Julie Green.

    Other than that: Have a lovely day. 🙂

  4. Gavin Newsom did not win the seat. His party stole it for him. Pelosi’s spirit died before the midterms. While she is physically alive, her eternity is dead set to the Lake Of Fire. God gave her one last chance, and she threw it into the Lake Of Fire. Timothy Dixon and Robin Bullock saw Pelosi as a dead woman in the Spirit realm more than a year ago.

    By the way, if this is of any relief to you, I do listen and heed your heads up and keep my eyes open. I adhere no allegiance to anyone other than Jesus. I am very well aware of knowing there are those who appear to look like shepherds, but are hyenas, jackals, wolves or whatever else you call them. There are also some who have gone down the wrong trail and need to be guided back to the highway to heaven.

    Yesterday mid morning, I did sense a huge burden when I got prompted to reply to you. Rest assured, whatever Satan tried to launch against you blew up in his whole carcass, making him reel in severe pain at that very moment. Whatever it was, it was a severely heavy burden that is known only between you and our Lord.

    What I sense for you at least in the near future is that you and your husband will be staying in Arizona for a while. You have a huge calling to protect it, with help from prophet friends on the West Coast, and Spirit Warrior friends particularly in California living near Sacramento.

    I did tell you of a few unusual things that happened when that pants pooping jackal dragged his carcass into California to aid and abet the election thefts both last year and about a month and a half ago? When the thief in the 0ffal 0ffice came to Long Beach California to help con libturds into selling their votes to Satan for a crumb of moldy bread on the day of the recall, the following Friday, a quake epicenter struck near an oil refinery in the neighboring city Carson.

    Recently on October 9th, AF 1 flew over my Orange County city to land at the military base next door in Los Alamitos California. The following Tuesday, a lightning strike hit near the AFB of all places, almost knocking out power in my area a few miles away from the Los Alamitos AFB. These were not ordinary events that just happened in the natural realm.

    It’s interesting how our Lord God works, isn’t it?

  5. Fox, come to reality: GIVEN IS GOING NO WHERE.

    If Julie was a REAL prophet, she should would have said:
    “My people, Gavin Newsome will NOT be removed. Look to ME”.
    That would have been a REAL prophecy.

    God has REAL prophets out there and there are saying NOTHING like this garbage.

  6. Pauli, I am following a lead that the Lord gave me. I know it does not look good, but rest assured, I am following it for a very good reason which does not make sense to you right now. God is doing something behind the scenes, and I am just following His lead right now. He is doing some kind of work that is covert to take out our enemy Satan. I am following through something that will make you very uncomfortable, probably boil inside, and scream. I need to keep it under wraps for now. God has His plans, and He is working on you know who’s Achilles’ Heel that is causing some problems. A part of that Achilles heel has been irritating you. I am at liberty to tell you this much, but not too much more. She has a weak spot where she is quick to jump to conclusions and miss what He is trying to tell her.

    I tend to do things in what appears to be crazy and harrowing at times. The Lord has told me in this season, you are a Spiritual Eagle needing some rest. I am a Spiritual Lion at this moment, on a hunt to go after the enemy in unconventional ways. I AM FOLLOWING A CRAZY LEAD FOR SURE! If I were to tell you what it is, it could blow the cover to Satan, as he is on a seriously desperate hunt at this moment.

    Pauli, go to the Elijah Streams post that I have for today (Kelsey O’Malley with Kim Robinson). I think there is something for you at around the 20 minute mark, give or take a few minutes from the mark. If I find something else, I will come back again and let you know.

  7. Pelosi’s house is under Gods calamity.

    That is what God showed me to speak out in May. Long before anyone said anything about Piglousi.
    Before May, the Lord gave me a dream that Piglousi was in a puddle of muck and mire.
    But, shes not dead. Shes not spiritually dead either. She has a wicked, evil spirit that is mocking toward the Lord. However, she still has time that she will cont’ with her big mouth.
    God has been merciful to the horrible wretch and it would be good if she would REPENT.

    Im not tired at all! Not even spiritually tired. I have had a week long migraine.

    As for Julie:
    Too many things she has been wrong about.
    She speaks presumptuously & God advises us to not trust in novices that are presumptuous.
    The problem is that she babbles on and on with predictions and some happen but most serious ones do not and this causes people to distrust. Prophets cannot be wrong over and over and over again. Its just the way it is. It waters down the call of a prophet.

    I can see one or 2 times wrong.. But over and over and over again – if she was in the prediction business, the business would be bankrupt.

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