Twitter Was A Haven For Leftist Vessels Of Dishonor To Stifle The Truth & Now It Is On Lockdown Because Of Mass Resignations Of Left wing Beasts:

Twitter Was A Haven For Leftist Vessels Of Dishonor To Stifle The Truth & Now It Is On Lockdown Because Of Mass Resignations Of Left wing Beasts:


God killed Twitter, we prayed for it: Praying For The Absolute Destruction Of Facebook, Twitter & The Media 

That being said.. The Elon Musk Twitter buyout proves that Twitter was a CommieCrat haven: Twitter On Lock Out After Mass Resignation Exodus; Operations At Risk. The vessels of dishonor, (Leftists) staged a mass walkout. Leftists are always assisting in their own suicides.

A strongarm of the beast system has been destroyed. With any luck, we will see the absolute destruction of the bird called Twitter. A hated bird. A filthy bird filled with propaganda, pornography, child trafficking, shady politics global control & more.

After Twitter stifled the truth, the most evil, wicked things arose. .

I went to rejoin Twitter and God had me kicked off. Good. Im glad.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Was A Haven For Leftist Vessels Of Dishonor To Stifle The Truth & Now It Is On Lockdown Because Of Mass Resignations Of Left wing Beasts:

  1. I never got kicked off Twitter, but I did get jailed once, until I told them what I said was a figure of speech (tar and feathered). They knew that I had leverage when I pointed it out, and restored me quickly.

    I hope that those who are on God’s side end up knocking out the evil ones on Twitter. I’m one who leans toward restoration in this case, rather than complete destruction.

  2. I guess Im mean. Id love to see it gone.
    They suspended my account 6X. I was once the Queen supreme on Twitter.
    Then, they suspended me indefinitely

  3. No, you are not mean, Pauli! The Lord has given me the impression that you are spiritually tired at this moment, and need a rest in His Arms for this time. You are a Spiritual Eagle who has been in flight, warning others. I am a Spiritual Lion in this season, on a hunt to go after the jackals. While you rest, I am on a Spiritual Hunt, stalking the jackals.

    As I have said earlier, I am not a prophet, but I am gifted with a word of knowledge gifting, to be used only when someone needs it or when some group of people need it. Just so you know, I never take words of a person as 100% gospel truth when it is declared a prophecy. I won’t speak against it either. I will seek wisdom, and ask if it’s supposed to come to pass, that it does. I also pray that if it’s a warning to be prayed against to stop evil so that a person or a number of people can repent of a given sin, I ask the Lord that it be stalled or stopped. Some so called false prophecies were given out so that those involved would be prayed over and spared for another chance to repent.

    Pauli, Satan is highly afraid of you, for God has made you very powerful. What I am being told is this: Satan is trying to get you highly worked up and worn down. I recognize this because Satan tried to pull that tactic on me when I was quite young, and kept succeeding for quite a while, until God strengthened me through others. You will be refreshed as you see great things starting to happen soon.

    Satan is particularly trying to get you worked up over Julie Green. The Lord is telling me this, and wants you to best rest assured He is working on something. He is not giving me details, but is telling me to follow His lead. It seems crazy, but craziness is nothing new for me. I’m going for the ride at this moment. I had a tendency to drive my family crazy when my folks were alive. My folks were not believers throughout their lives; my dad, however at the end came to know Jesus. My mother was the first to pass. I don’t know if she changed her mind at the last second of her life, and came to Christ in time, but I suspect she begged that others in our family would come to know Jesus. My dad, on the other hand, when he was single, had another Japanese buddy who knew the Lord. His buddy prayed that he would have a blessed long life and that he would come to know Jesus personally. God had that blessing blossom at the end of my dad’s life. I got to see God’s mercy with that.

    We’re in for a big adventure, Pauli. I hope you’re getting some spiritual rest that you really need to ride this through. Some things you will see are not what you expect to see, and they were not shown to you previously in your dreams, for a reason.

  4. Ok, I prayed about this last night, Fox.
    And, I RARELY use this phrase but the Lord gave it to me regarding this:

    We have to agree to disagree 🙂

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