A Newly Hired American Airlines Jet Pilot Collapsed Just After Takeoff In Chicago On Saturday Night (Probably Vaxxed)

A Newly Hired American Airlines Jet Pilot Collapsed Just After Takeoff In Chicago On Saturday Night (Probably Vaxxed)

My mind had to numb itself months back because all I see and read is death.

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  1. Jewish Oral Torah law goes by the Hebrew of משנה תורה. This term means “Common Law”. What separates Torah commandments from Torah Law/משנה תורה. A basic fundamental that neither Jesus nor Paul correctly understood.

    Paul, for example, opposed brit melah/circumcision. He also declared that Goyim were not under the Law. But his religious rhetoric/propaganda – it “conveniently” (half-truth), failed to distinguish the difference between Jewish Common Law from Roman statute law. Big ‘mistake’ made on purpose.

    Jesus struggled with the Pharisee concepts of Shabbat mitzvot observances. The Pharisees, (Greek translation of P’rushim. P’rushim means separated; like a person separates t’rumah and tithes.), they serve as the forerunners of the rabbis found in Talmudic Torah common law codification. Jesus, like Paul, clearly did not understand the logic system which defines the whole of משנה תורה, also known as the Book of דברים, the Oral Torah Common Law. Why?

    Shabbat observance centers upon not doing מלאכה, translated as “work”. The Talmud of tractate Shabbat defines מלאכה as not doing the 39 principal labors required to build the Mishkan in the days of Moshe the prophet. Jesus clearly failed to grasp that the Oral Torah functions as a logic system format which compares commandments as precedents to determine law.

    The logic by which the sages compared Torah commandment precedents to other Torah commandments to determine the Law, known as middot. Based upon the revelation of the 13 tohor middot at Horev. This logic system stands as the יסוד/foundation\ of making logical דיוקים/logical inferences.

    The RambaN, his introduction to his commentary to the Chumash/5 Books of the Torah\, refers to the kabbalah of white fire on black fire. This metaphor of kabbalah compares to taking a picture with film. Such a pre-computer Age picture has a negative. From that negative, it’s possible to make duplicate pictures. Making the logical דיוק goes by the term of reference known as משל\נמשל or parable/moral. That’s how the whole of the Oral Torah/משנה תורה logic system interprets the k’vanna of the Written Torah.

    The Written Torah contains commandments. The Oral Torah employs commandments as legal precedents to derive Torah common law. Roman statute law has no such logic system format as Jewish common law. Roman law relies upon the logic formats established by the ancient Greek philosophers, Plato, Aristotle and others.

    The Rambam’s halachic code, known by the perverse name as משנה תורה, learns halacha by Roman statute law rather than Jewish common law. A fundamental mistake copied by the Tur and Shulkan Aruch Roman statute law codifications of Talmudic common law. The Apostle Paul, not alone in making the gross error of assimilating and embracing the culture and customs established by the Roman and Greek empires.

    The Opening commandment of the Sinai revelation: the thesis statement to the entire Torah! Jesus clearly did not learn this most basic fundamental; he confused the commandment to love as the greatest of the commandments.

    The Talmud of tractate Baba Kama/First Gate\ teaches the משל of hanging a mountain by a hair. The דיוק, the נמשל of this משל, hanging a mountain by a hair: all the other 612 Written Torah commandments depend upon obeying the 1st Sinai commandment. What defines the 1st Sinai commandment? Doing the other commandments לשמה.

    Herein distinguishes the vision of Law Moshe received outside the land of Israel, from the actual practice of Law as justice within the oath sworn lands. Observance of Torah commandments לשמה, the 1st Sinai commandment a person can only do them within the oath sworn lands. Hence the revelation of the Torah at Sinai/Horev exists as only a prophetic vision of mussar, and not a historical fact.

    In the Name of the 1st Sinai Commandment, includes a reference of the deliverance from Egypt. The mitzva of shabbat too expresses this identical k’vanna. (Do not know a simple translation for this extremely abstract term, other than the “dedication of tohor middot”. But that’s a completely different discussion).

    The Torah commands: do not do מלאכה on Shabbat. How did the Talmud interpret the meaning of the term מלאכה? Torah logic functions by means of making דיוקים/logical inferences. Tractate Shabbat teaches the משל of the 39 principal labors required to build the Mishkan/Tabernacle of the Congregation.

    But the deliverance from Egyptian slavery, directly addressed in the 1st Sinai commandment, refers to a completely different set of מלאכה … the מלאכה by which Par’o enslaved Jews to make bricks to build his cities!

    The term שבת can mean 7th day. But the דיוק on the word שבת also, something like a pun has two or more different words which sound alike, (((foul and fowl for example. The word fowl has one meaning for Odor and another meaning for baseball))), shabbat also means “week”. To keep shabbat entails a dedication.

    The idea of a sacrifice burnt offering dedicated upon an altar – too most essentially entails the act of swearing a Torah oath. A brit Jew, (cannot cut a brit without swearing a Torah oath), commits to not doing forbidden work on the day of Shabbat, as a משל to not doing forbidden work on the week of Shabbat נמשל!

    Meaning a brit Jew dedicates not doing any of the 39 forbidden labors required to build the Mishkan on the day of Shabbat, a משל. As a compound dedication to not doing the מלאכה of slavery of the rest of the days of the week/known also by the name שבת, the נמשל or the דיוק which defines the k’vanna of keeping and observing the mitzva of shabbat.

    Jesus did not understand this basic fundamental of shabbat observance. Shabbat exists as both a single day and also the whole week in one word. To keep shabbat means that a person commits to not doing forbidden labors on the rest of the days of the week, such as theft, oppression – such as slander, violence – such as murder or rape, and perversion of courtroom justice, the remembrance of Egyptian slavery … during the rest of the days of the shabbat week!

    Because the church fathers relied upon Greek logic and denied the Oral Torah logic system, they erroneously assumed that shabbat existed as a single day of the week. The church does not stand alone in this huge error, the Rambam, Tur, and Shulkan Aruch made the identical mistake, they too assimilated to Roman statute law and abandoned Jewish common law.

    The Jewish concept of Moshiach. Jewish common law/משנה תורה\ this law legal system stands upon precedents. The concept of Moshiach/messiah, a powerful commandment. What Torah precedent defines the anointing by the prophet Shmuel/Samuel\ of both Shaul and David as Moshiach?

    The New Testament failed to ask this basic, fundamental question. A big ooops mistake. Moshe anointed the House of Aaron as Moshiach! The prophet Isaiah teaches a huge mussar interpretation of the Written Torah: No Torah commandment to offer sacrifices!!!!So, what explains the anointing of the House of Aaron as Moshiach and the 3rd Book of the Written Torah???

    The concept of the Mishkan – דיוק – teaches the נמשל of ruling the oath sworn lands of conquered Canaan with righteous lateral Sanhedrin courtrooms. These courtrooms function through Common law and not Statute law. British courts compare to ancient Israeli courts in that both legal systems function by way of common law. French and German courts function by way of Roman statute law.

    The British Parliament, whatever law it passes, defines the Constitution of the British nation-state. American law by contrast has a written Constitution. Hence the US Supreme Court can and has overruled laws passed by Congress and the President. It can and has disqualified law passed by the other 2 Branches of the Constitutional American government.

    The Supreme Court can and has negated some of those laws and declared them unconstitutional. British courts cannot overrule a law passed by Parliament. Because a law of Parliament defines the Constitution which British courts must uphold.

    British common law stands upon legal precedents as does ancient Israeli משנה תורה common law. But the 5th Book of the Torah, דברים, empowers Sanhedrin courtrooms with the additional power known as ‘legislative review’.

    The Sanhedrin courts like the US Supreme Court can declare a law passed by the Government/the king\ as unconstitutional. But more than the enfranchisement of the American Supreme Court. The Sanhedrin courts have the mandate to rewrite a disqualified Unconstitutional law passed by both Houses of Congress and supported by the Executive branch of the Government.

    The Sanhedrin lateral common law court has the power to define the original intent of the Torah Constitution. The Sanhedrin courts not only interpret, but they can also turn and impose their reinterpreted qualified-law upon the nation as a whole — the power, intent and purpose of ‘legislative review’!!

    Talmudic common law, for example employs the prophetic mussar instruction contained within the Aggadic portions of the Talmud to accomplish ‘legislative review’ of the halachic precedents the Gemarah employs to interpret the intent of a Mishna which the Gemara reviews.

    Therefore, the משל of the Mishkan, as found in the 2nd Book of the Written Torah teaches a נמשל — the establishment franchise within the Sanhedrin Federal lateral common law courtrooms of legislative review!!!

    King Shlomo made a big oops mistake when he ignored the mussar which the prophet Natan commanded. When he decided to ignore the prophet Natan and built the 1st Temple, rather than establish the Sanhedrin courts legislative review authority across his kingdom. The last mitzva achieved by Moshe before he passed, he built three of the Cities of Refuge. The Cities of Refuge contain Small Sanhedrin Courts which try Capital Crimes Cases.

    Hence, based upon the context of this Torah precedent commandment, the prophet Isaiah later commanded the mussar, that Israel never received any commandment within the Torah to dedicate sacrifices!!!! The concept known as “Beit HaMikdash” only serves as the משל to the Federal Sanhedrin Court system נמשל.

    Righteous judicial Sanhedrin courtroom rulings which fairly compensate victims for damages inflicted, these tohor judicial rulings have the power to manifest and transform the Torah Sinai vision unto Torah historical facts.

    The New Testament presents the messiah story of Jesus as a sacrifice. Another ooops huge mistake. Torah faith centers upon the obligation to conquer the land of Canaan and thereafter rule this land with righteous common law courtroom justice!!! A radically different concept of faith than that preached by Xtians and Muslims theological Creeds and Dogmas.

    The prophet Shmuel cannot add or subtract from the Torah commandments. Just as Moshe anointed the House of Aaron to make oath dedications through the משל medium of sacrifices, to rule the conquered lands of Canaan with: נמשל righteous lateral common law courtrooms, so too the anointing of Shaul and later David follow the parameters established by this Torah precedent. Moshe anointing the House of Aaron as Moshiach/messiah. The mitzva of Moshiach — the establishment of the Sanhedrin Federal Court franchise.

    A Torah תוכחה
    The fact that Shmuel/Samuel anointed David, following the failure of Shaul, to establish the Torah as the Constitution of the Republic, that Goyim fail to this day to understand the “k’vanna” of the mitzva of the Moshiach … based upon the Torah precedent of Moshe anointing the House of Aaron, the mitzva of the Moshiach — to accomplish the exact same purpose.The New Testament authors of those Books did not have the least bit of a clue of the Torah commandment known as Moshiach. For example: those Goyim writers did not know how the Torah defines the term, Prophet. Neither the New Testament nor the Muslim Koran has the least bit of a clue how the Torah defines this key term: Prophet.

    Proof: the Gospels and other Books of that genre they all assumed that Jesus “fulfilled the words of the prophets”. Total apples and oranges mistake. Prophecy commands mussar. Prophets do not predict future events. Mystics, like as in the Book of Daniel predict the future. Prophets command mussar. Mussar applies to all bnai brit Israel born in all generations applicable to myself as a Jew just as much as to the people whom the prophets commanded their תוכחה. This verb translates as “rebuke”.

    The sages of the Talmud teach that they did not know how to give a תוכחה. Why not? You, as a Catholic, accurately view my communications with you as a תוכחה. What the sages could not rebuke as I am doing with you??? Therefore, the translation “rebuke”, not the accurate understanding of the term. Now to employ the language of your imaginary man: when casting seeds some fall upon rocks or unfertile ground, and other seeds fall upon fertile ground. Your god taught a משל. What’s the נמשל/moral of that metaphor?

    The human heart. The language of “seeds” משל refers to a תוכחה. These seeds if they fall upon ‘fertile ground’, a heart willing to accept this תוכחה and permit those seeds to spout within the Yatzir of that heart. Rabbi Yechuda Ha’Nasi, the head of the Great Sanhedrin referred to the משנה תורה misspelling of the word heart, in a Mishna known as ברכות/blessings. The word heart spelled לב in Hebrew. But the Book of דברים errs and spells the commandment to love השם with all your לבבך/all your heart! Why לבב?Rabbi Yechuda concluded that the precedent by which to understand this “mystery” (Xtian theology just loves a mystery), the opening word of the Torah בראשית/In the beginning. However, this word contains a רמז, words within words. ב’ ראשית which means 2 beginnings; interestingly enough the Creation stories contain 2 Creation stories. Rabbi Yechuda in the Mishna of ברכות teaches a tremendous chiddush/a new idea\.

    He teaches that the miztva to accept the Yoke of Heaven upon the heart requires both the Good and Evil Inclinations, based upon the precedent of the knowledge of ‘good and evil. That the church its complete and total failure to understand that Torah stands upon Common Law, an incredibly incompetent error of faith.Returning to the inability of the sages of the Talmud to give a תוכחה rebuke now makes complete and total sense, when viewed within the larger contexts of how Rabbi Yechuda understood the human heart. The stony infertile ground in the Jesus metaphor refers to the Yatzir Ha’rah whereas the fertile ground in this same Jesus משל, assuming that Jesus in fact spoke to a Jewish audience, refers to the Yatzir Ha’Tov!!! LOL

    The church leaders despised the Jews and therefore they could not and did not understand the intent of their god. LOL.Proof to the pudding — in the eating. Xtians do not learn Hebrew. The church makes a study of Greek as its primary tool to understand the Gospels. Agape love defines the term love for Xtians. But the Hebrew definition for love means: ownership. A man cannot and does not love that which he does not own. In Jewish marriage a man has to acquire his wife. This mitzva קידושין Goyim do not know much less understand.

    If a man has to acquire his wife, what makes her any different from a slave or a whore? The latter case Yechuda and Tamar, serves as a precedent. The mitzva of Tahorat Ha’Biet, the woman going to the mikveh, which you admitted you knew nothing about, central to the mitzva of קידושין. This mitzva stands upon the Torah precedent (Common Law) of the brit cut between the pieces. There Avram had no children. He cut that oath brit upon his future born/soul\ seed/O’lam Ha’bah\world to come/.

    The church absurd notions of Heaven and Hell … puff up in smoke … neither exists. Impossible to “fulfill the words of the prophets”. Why? Because prophets, as opposed and contrasted by mystics, they command mussar. Mussar, by definition — applicable to all generations of bnai brit Israel. Predicting the ‘End of Times’ applies only to the generation who experiences the terrible Gog and Magog war. A fundamental distinction between a Torah prophet from a Torah mystic, like Daniel.

  2. Didnt pilots always fall down. That must be pilot jet lag, thats it. Am sure as biden has a brain.

  3. Daniel was captive in Babylon.
    Jews were captive & ALREADY and in repentance.

    Im always here commanding ‘Mussar’ and Im not a prophet. Just a humble blogger.

  4. The Gemara of M’gillah is incorrect.

    Daniel Chapter 7:
    16 And I heard the voice of a man between the banks of Ulai, who called, and said: ‘Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision.’ 17 So he came near where I stood; and when he came, I was terrified, and fell upon my face; but he said unto me:

    ‘Understand, O son of man; for the vision belongeth to the time of the end.’

    PROPHECY of END ages.

  5. Prophets lived in Israel. Moshe did not live in Israel. Daniel like Moshe lived in g’lut. Moshe died in g’lut. What separates g’lut for the oath sworn lands? Jews in g’lut cannot do mitzvot. This learns from the brit melah Yehoshua did on the children of the Wilderness generation. In g’lut the Torah exists only as a vision of mussar. Whereas in Israel Torah can created historical realities and facts. Daniels mysticism, a vision of future events.

  6. Mysticism addresses the end of times. Prophets mussar applies equally to all generations of the chosen Cohen nation. This mussar applies to Jews in the land and the Jews in g’lut. Prophesy like the revelation of the Torah at Sinai – a vision, not a historical fact.

  7. Whoever speaks out against Jesus better be careful. Jesus is Yeshua, The Word, The One who became a man in order to redeem Jews first, then the others who had faith in Him and believe.

  8. Rabbis do not like prophet daniels writings as daniel makes clear on 70 weeks prophesy when messish comes and had to con

  9. And had to come before rome destroyed jerusalem. That be Jesus !!! So daniel is persona non grata to most rabbis. They stick to daniel in lions den as far enough. Moskeer sure needs jesus. I pray a miracle that Jesus will speak to him.

  10. The Talmud serves as common law, based upon the relationship between דברים the 5th Book to the other 4 Books of the Torah common law. You want to reject the Torah, no surprise here … all Goyim reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, and you are no different.

  11. Prophets, command mussar, T’NaCH prophets do not predict the end of times. T’NaCH mystics predict the war of Gog and Magog. Just that simple.

  12. all Goyim reject the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, and you are no different

    WHO said we reject the Torah? You. Its just an accusation.
    You’re a BAD Rabbi, dumping all over Jews who arent like you and dont respect your fruit-loop version of prophets

  13. The vision of Gog/Magog from the prophet Yehezkel. Your personal does not change a thing pro or con. The Torah aint a belief system as Xtianity and Islam.

  14. Nope. Look into your bible translations, the Name of השם never once included in those bibles. That duplicates precisely the sin of the golden calf.

  15. No Daniel aint persona non grata to any rabbi. Ooops learn how to read. Daniel included in the Holy Writings of the T’NaCH. Ooops the Xtian bible translations destroyed the 3 divisions of the T’NaCH: Torah, Prophets, Holy Writings. The Book of Daniel in the same section together with the 150 Psalms, or the Book of Proverbs etc. A mystic aint a prophet. A lawyer aint a doctor… get over it.

  16. I didnt translate anything. Daniel being a prophet of the Lord is not a translation, it is a fact.

    You really need to learn how to agree to disagree with people.
    You need to learn the art of conversation without the putdowns.
    You CANNOT win people with your demeanor.

  17. [[[The religious leaders of Jesus’ time were actively trying to put Jesus into these sort of situations where they’d ask him something about the Law that was already firmly established within their belief system.]]]

    Torah common law rejects any and all belief systems, as equal to giving a bribe to a judge. When Israel left Egyptian slavery, they did not intend to worship god in a tent. Rather they accepted a vision as to how to rule the conquered land of Canaan with justice. A judge that has strong beliefs prior to hearing any Case/Law — that judge makes himself disqualified to rule on that Case before the court. Law and strongly held beliefs compare to oil and water — the two do not mix.

    [[[But Jesus would confound them with answers they weren’t expecting.]]]

    The Gospel stories of Jesus completely different than the literature known as the Talmud. A day and night difference — a complete understatement how the two contrasts from one another. Jesus did not understand Torah common law; he had no education in Torah common law whatsoever.

    His theology has nothing in common with Torah common law. Hence Jesus did not “confound” the Pharisees, he lived on a completely different Planet from the Pharisees who studied the Common Law legal system established by Moshe the Prophet.

    Torah Common Law has its roots in Yetro/Jethro, prior to the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, who rebuked Moshe when he alone ruled as a Court of Common Law all by himself alone. Torah Common Law requires legal experts who form a simple 3 Man Court… 1 judge to assume the role of Prosecuting Attorney, and an opposing judge to accept the role of Defence Attorney: these two opposing judges argue the Case of damages before the 3rd judge of the lateral common law court.

    Jesus proved as a false messiah because this basic fundamental of the mitzva of Moshiach, that imaginary mythical man did not know. Torah faith dead center rests upon Judicial justice to resolve disputes among the Jewish nation.

    The Talmud never brings the Name of HaShem because theology has nothing whatsoever to do with Case/Rule Common law.

    [[[He wasn’t “wrong” in saying that loving God and loving others was the greatest of commandments, he was saying that if you do those two things you’ve pretty much got everything else covered]]]

    No. The commandment to love can only function as a Torah precedent. Upon the 1st Sinai commandment hangs all the other Torah commandments, including the commandment “to love”. Jesus had no education in Torah faith at all.

    [[[ It wasn’t the expected answer but it also was an answer that would be difficult for the leaders to refute.]]]

    The 1st Sinai commandment, any child with a Torah education understands as the basis of all the other Torah commandments. Hence Jesus love is the greatest commandment so utterly and fundamentally wrong, as obvious as the nose on your face wrong. A five-year-old child would immediately recognize the error of this theological idolatry.

  18. Daniel never referred to himself as a prophet. The Book of Daniel included in the Holy Writings of the NaCH. These latter Books serve as a commentary to the Books of the Prophets like as does the Gemarah serve as a commentary to the 6 Orders of the Mishna.

  19. No prophet referred to being prophets. Prophets dont announce they are prophets. Gods POWER is seen in their lives

  20. Their mussar places the Books of the Prophets similar to the language of Moshe the Prophet. Far less so the Books of the Holy Writings. While the Chumash and Tehillem employ poetry, the former does so sparingly whereas the latter all poetry. Both Yeshaia and Yechezkel & Isaiah employ a bit of mysticism, such as the Chairot mysticism. But the vast majority of the Prophetic writings duplicate the Torah mussar style.

  21. Dont listen to people who say “I am a prophet”.
    I just walk away.
    Youtube ‘prophets’ are a dime a dozen.
    Used to believe in a few of them but theyre almost ALWAYS wrong.

    If its any consolation to you, this man we totally respect more than any teacher right now

  22. Not into ‘End of Days’ mysticism. Yes some “rabbis” into this sort of idle speculations but this rabbi aint part of that foreign crowd.

    The language of the 1st blessing of Kre’a Shma located twice within the first blessing prior to Kre’a Shma, תמיד מעשה בראשית. Herein establishes the Order of priority of how I learn the mitzva of Kre’a Shma. Meaning that Jews living outside the borders of Israel, those g’lut Jews cursed. They cannot do mitzvot even if they do mitzvot because they do not understand how to do mitzvot לשמה – the 1st Sinai commandment.

  23. I dont know. I felt terrible yesterday.

    But, what I meant about Rabbi Mizrachi is that I think he should be in Israel. I want my husband to sell the house here so he can be around Jewish men in Israel because thats how he grew up. My family was not religious at all. Just Crypto Jews with Catholic trappings.

  24. Making aliyah to Israel the best thing a Jew can do. It’s what separates the Wilderness generation who chose to die in g’lut from the generations who conquer the land with the dedication to rule this land with justice.

  25. The bible translations duplicate the golden calf. Just as Aaron translated the Name to אלהים so too the Bible translates the Name to Lord or the Koran translates the Name to Allah. The Name forbidden to pronounce b/c the Name – a Spirit and not a word. Perverting the Name into a word defines the sin of the golden calf avoda zarah.

  26. No, the NT is 3 testimonials about the life and death of Jesus from Nazareth.
    The book of Acts is a testimony of what happened after and the rest are letters written to synagogues and churches.

    No where in the NT does it say that people are supposed to forsake the Torah and the Tanakh at all. Christianity did that which is why I do not ascribe to Christianity.

    I consider myself a Bible reader in faith.

  27. Paul an agent provocateur sent to Rome to foment Civil War between Romans. Judah Maccabee employed a similar strategy against the Syrian Greeks. In that Jewish revolt the succeeded the Jews could not have defeated the Syrian Greeks had their society not collapsed into Civil War.

  28. The death sentence decreed upon Saul came from a Torts Court. A Torts Court does not have the legal authority to try Capital Crimes Cases, only a Sanhedrin Court could have tried Saul for avoda zarah.

    Why the mock trial and the staged stoning? Paul infiltrated the Xtians and undermined the influence of this new religion to entice Jews to join its ranks. In Damascus Paul preached the Law as invalid, specifically the mitzva of brit melah/circumcision. This alienated Jews permanently against Xtianity.

    Then he travelled to Rome and undermined the god authority of Ceasar by teaching Jesus the son of God, king of the Jews. Ceasar declared himself the son of God.

  29. Torah defines faith – Justice Justice pursue. Belief in God(s) the Talmud refers to theology as avoda zara. Man can achieve faith. Man cannot grasp the Gods. The Talmud teaches: when approached by a person who preaches theology, train your tongue to say: “I do not know”. A Mishna in Megilah instructs: The person who thinks about that which is above him,,, that which is beneath him,,, that which is behind him — better that such a person was never born into this world.

    Belief in the Gods, above the pay scale of the human mind. Theology as avoda zarah proceeds to define God. The Trinity dogma or the declaration of strict Monotheism … both popular theologies. Monotheism, for example violates the 2nd Sinai commandment, not to worship other Gods. The inference of this commandment: Israel has an oath brit with the Name but with no other Gods. If no other Gods existed then the 2nd Commandment would exist in vain.

  30. Dude, Ive told you this before: Jesus never said “ I AM GOD “.
    He claimed that God is and was his father.
    He told people to believe in the Jewish God of Moses and Abraham.

    “No one is good, only the FATHER”. is what Jesus said
    Christianity is the one who says Jesus IS God.
    But Jesus didnt say he is or was God.

  31. You can think what you wish. Im just telling you that he didnt say the things that Christianity says.

  32. Torah does not exist as history. A person who contemplates on that which is behind him … meaning — a person who views Torah as history.

  33. Recently a Xtian couple deceived their way into the Jewish community. The husband actually became a rabbi. Then Jews discovered that they believed in the new testament. They got immediately expelled from the country.

  34. Yes, Ive read all of them many times.
    That being said: I love the books of the prophets the best.

  35. Well, they were wrong. They should have just been up front.
    Its not a good thing to be deceitful

  36. The New Testament does not discern between Jewish common law from Roman statute law. When Paul, for example: declared Goyim are not under the law … he did not distinguish between common law and statute law!

  37. Paul believed that the spirit of God wrote the laws in mens hearts if they believed in Jesus.
    He did not dissuade Jewish people to turn away from Jewish law and he advised that gentiles were not commanded to

  38. Now, why would I talk to people about MY beliefs when they ALREADY have their beliefs?
    I dont do that in regular life.
    People are old enough to know what they desire to believe.

  39. I only know that he didnt persuade non Jews to follow the law.
    Anyway, the Jewish law was not written for non Jews

  40. We used to have justice thru the court system here. We do not any longer. Ive spoken about this when called to be on a jury.
    America is a God forsaken country — totally.

  41. The Talmud – common law. If you understand how common law works, then it become easy to learn the Written Torah as common law.

  42. The Talmud employs halachot as precedents to learn common law. The Torah employs mitzvot as precedents to learn Torah common law.

  43. Lol. Its not fiction, its just testimonials. You’re thinking it is like a Torah.
    Its letters and testimonial.
    I have a good friend who is Orthodox Jewish and he was dumbfounded that the NT is not ‘a replacement for the Torah.’ He always thought it was.

    The only book that really stands out in total prophecy is “Revelation”

    I will have to read more into Jesus and the law.
    There are other testimonials and letters but the Catholics probably sealed them all up

  44. I told you I came from a family that were not religious. So, of course I am not learned on all of this and admit it

  45. Testimonials which call Jesus the messiah. Absolute hogwash. Moshiach learns from Moshe anointing Aaron as Moshiach.

    Xtianity replacement theology attempts to replace the T’NaCH with the New Testament! Thus they refer to the T’NaCH as the “Old Testament”.

  46. Yes, I am aware that Christians call the Torah and Tanakh “Old Testament”. This is WRONG. I agree that most denominations teach replacement theology and I believe this is WRONG also.
    This is why I am not interested in attending church.
    I do my own thing: Read the bible. I have Torah, Tanakh and the “New Testament”.

    Anyway, I just asked my husband about all this law questions (he went to Hebrew school)
    He said:
    “I don’t care, leave me be”

    Sorry 😦

  47. This Jesus saves narrative a complete and total non sequitur. Paul’s ‘Fall of Adam’ in the Garden, totally missed the point. The story of the expulsion of Man from the Garden of Eden comes to teach the concept of exile, known as g’lut. NOT that Man bears eternal guilt from Sin and needs a Messiah to save him from death. This absurd notion directly violates the Torah commandment that the Father shall not suffer death due to the Sins of his son; and that the Son shall not suffer death due to the Sins of his father!

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