Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Some really nice Thanksgiving Post Cards for you all.

I pray you all have a super Thanksgiving Day.

Cya Friday.

19 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. ♥ Hope you’re doing well. I havent been by your blog. Im sorry.
    I have a bad sleeping disorder & Im so tired from not sleeping correctly,

    Have a REALLY GREAT day tomorrow!

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you. My most favorite holiday as thanks God and people gather and no gifts needed. For zelensky he celebrates tanks giving. What a do do. Have great day

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Pauli! By the way, is Window Rock anywhere near you? The natives who live there are Prophetic, from what Robin D. Bullock mentioned on last Monday’s Elijah Streams. The post is on my site, if you wish to see the podcast and want a link to it.

  4. Happy thanksgiving everyone. Especially you Pauli! God BLESS US and the USA!!!!! Ill probably be spending it at home alone too but …..

  5. My Monday blog post on Cleveland Foxers to Elijah Streams on Rumble is the link to the podcast with Robin D. Bullock as guest. Also, my link to Tuesday’s Eleventh Hour is a link. On The Eleventh Hour, Robin D. Bullock follows up to what he said the day before on Elijah Streams. The Elijah Streams podcasts are on Rumble. It turns out U2be banned Elijah Streams over fake charges they trumped up to censor the truth from their viewers.

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